Meat Katie – I Was There (Remix Comp)


From Meat katie

“I’m giving these parts away so you can do some of your own interpretations of my ‘I Was There’ track, we (LOT49) are currently putting together a remix package so if you fancy being included I would appreciate if you would follow a few simple guidelines.

When you finish your remix message me a link here on soundcloud the remixes I am into I will let you know. (No response means I’m not feeling it).

Share the remix with your friends on FB Twitter Soundcloud or wherever to get their thoughts but do not give it away or at least not until the 9th Aug as we will not release music that has already been given away, so it would just be a shame if you missed out because you gave it away before then.

Any genre will be accepted.

DO NOT use the official artwork and try to pass your remix off as a commissioned remix (It’s not cool on any level you look a bit sad and you will burn in hell)

DO NOT spam my Facebook page (Seriously It won’t make me like it more ;-)

I look forward to hearing your remixes people”

   Meat Katie – ‘I Was There’ -PARTS (IMPORTANT!!! Please read description) by Meat Katie

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