New Twisted Tech House From Mark Zowie & An Acid Party Remix By Chris Prole!

Mark Zowie & Chris Prole Team Up For 'Motion & Movement' [Interview + New Music]

Mark Zowie drops new twisted tech house release and brings in his buddy from Acid606-61, Chris Prole, to bring the Acid party!  We were gifted with the chance to chat with Chris, you can read that below after checking out ‘Motion & Movement’ and buying a copy!!!

Chris Prole interview:

1. Can you take us through a VERY brief history of your music production work?
I’ve been producing now for over 15 years but mainly just as a creative hobby until a got chatting to an old school pal (Chris York) and we up a label together called Tweaking Tracks in 2013. The label didn’t really go anywhere but it gave us a platform to release a few of our early tracks. Since then I’ve really honed in on my productions and after originally having my track ‘Darkness’ signed to Brighton based motion records I now play a part in running the label, along with KONNEQT, MVMT and my own little brainchild label: Acid 606-61.

2. When musical inspiration is needed, where and to whom, do you turn?
Do you know what, that’s probably one of the hardest questions. Instead of a whom or a where; I think patience, perseverance and time are some of the biggest inspirations for me. Every producer knows what it feels like to have the dreaded creative block but being able to step away and give your mind some breathing space really does work wonders. It might take a couple of hours, maybe even a week or so but it definitely works. Better than churning out a half arsed piece of music that you’re not 100% satisfied with.

3. If you could work with any producer at the moment, who do you think you would pick?
I would love to work with the godfather of acid house himself: DJ Pierre. He is the original pioneer of acid and I would love to work alongside him and learn from his experience. Although I think I’d be in awe watching him work that I’d struggle with any input ha ha!

4. If you could categorise or pigeon hole your sound, what would it be?
Acid house meets techno, with dashings of old skool hardcore thrown in for good measure.

5. You’ve been dropped onto a desert island and you’re allowed to take 3 vinyl records and a turntable with you. Which do you pick and why?
Honestly, I really couldn’t chose! There is far too many classics that I would love and if I could only pick 3 then I’d always be annoyed that I hadn’t chosen something else ha ha!

6. How do you feel about this business we call music at the moment?
Well, working in the industry myself, I find it always exciting and yet challenging. There’s certainly never any boredom in it from whether you’re a producer or a label boss. Many argue that the music market is over saturated and the moment, but when was too much music ever a bad thing? From a label perspective, I have the great pleasure of listening to demos from producers and it’s one of the greatest feelings when you hear a gem of a track and you get to sign it.

7. So you’ve remixed a Mark Zowie track on his JULA imprint, how so?
Well, I’ve always been a fan of Marks productions. He is a super cool producer in my opinion with a unique and slick creative mind and his tracks ooze sexiness. I am also lucky enough to run distribution and label services for his JULA imprint through Motion Label Group. I was absolutely made up when he asked me to remix this track especially when he announced that he is a fan of my acid style.

8. What is your must have piece of studio equipment and why?
Absolutely my Roland TB-3. Although just a clone of the original 303, it stands up unbelievably against the true sound of the original. That said, I’ve just picked up myself a new Cyclone Analogic TT-303 MK2 which is fully analogue so we may have a contender on our hands for favourite 303 clone. Just need to find time to play with it more!

9. Any Live performance commitments or DJing to note coming up?
We just had the KONNEQT vs. Acid 606-61 Pre Pride Party in Brighton which was a great night to both host and play at. As for future booking, there’s nothing at the moment, as me and the missus are expecting our first baby in a few weeks so not sure what time I’ll have on my hands. Instead, I’m going back behind the scenes with the labels to push them further.

10. What do you see the future holding for PROLE (UK)?
There’s a lot more tracks on the horizon, but I’m keeping a bit quiet on that at the moment. You will have to wait and see/hear whats coming, but it’s VERY exciting. Watch this space

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