Old Boots a.k.a Stevie B New Jungle Tracks

Old Boots a.k.a Stevie B New Jungle Tracks

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Old Boots is Stevie B also known as Snazzy Trax, known for his House & Garage tunes on his label of the same name. For the four tracks you can hear below, Stevie swaps the 4×4 beats for some back to 94′ breakbeats. ‘Just A Girl’ takes the sample used on M Beat’s ‘Style’ and reproduces it in its full glory over 5 minutes plus of junglistic breakage. ‘Pnominon One’ finds a place between the smooth Garage sounds of Snazzy Trax and the rudebwouy skank of Old Boots. Mellow chords with an undertone of House & Rave meet beats straight from the rainforest. Next up is the ‘Haunted’ remake of Sub Nation ‘Scottie’, noteworthy is the Star Trek siren which references the confusion a lot of old junglists experienced when first hearing ‘Scottie’, although the samples are from Evil Dead they voice shouting ‘Scottie’ sounds a lot like Captain Kirk who had a ship engineer known as Mr Scott. Old Boots pretty much revamps this Sub Nation into a Hip-Hop/Ragga flavoured roller with the samples intact.  Lastly ‘Sunny Dayz’ raids the retro 70s soul locker in Tom & Jerry style complete with Blowfly ‘Sesame Street’ breaks. Doin’ it oldskool and doin’ it proper!!! Stream the tracks below on his Soundcloud and show some love!!!

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