Sevarge & 24K-Hold You

Sevarge & 24K-Hold You

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Sevarge makes the transition from veteran DJ to producer, teaming up with 24K for debut release ‘Hold You’ on Hedonistic Records. Its big room Techno with a melodic hook and oldskool credentials all the way here and we can’t get enough. The main drop is made for the lasers, a heated cauldron of atmospheric synths with the ‘wanna hold you’ vocal refrain and subtle Euro/Scottish Rave/Techno stabs. This epic stomp hits all the right buttons but you would expect that with the experience and passion shared by this duo. We know there is much more to come from Sevarge and this first foray into the world of house music production is a bold statement that justifiably carries itself with pride. We look forward to what comes next!!!


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