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Final exclusive for the day comes from the ghetto funk / bass music duo SkiiTour. After several years of successful productions individually and as ‘Livingstone & Canosis’ you will now find them producing tracks and DJing as SkiiTour. With plenty of experience under their respective belts, the collaboration can only bring good things. If their early tracks are anything to go by you can expect some very exciting music to be coming out of the SkiiTour camp soon.

Their track for us is an awesome, mid tempo reinterpretation of Dreams – This Isn’t House. The originals dubstep rhythms and bassline get chopped and skewed into a 115bpm groover. The SkiiTour guys chuck in loads of slick vocal cuts and effects and when the whole thing goes half-time in the middle, the entire dance floor is gonna go ballistic. This one is pure fire!

You can check out all their tracks that are available to buy over at Juno.

I caught up with the duo to find out a little bit more about what makes SkiiTour tick. Grab your free download at the bottom of the page.


1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, for those that don’t know, who are you, what
do you do and what style(s) of music do you play?

We are Tim Livingstone (Canadian/vegetarian) & Dave Rollie (New Zealander/carnivore) that hail from Whistler (North America’s largest ski resort) Since 2010 we have been making music, djing, and riding the mountain together. Originally we were called ‘Livingstone & Canosis’ but our name was changed without our input to ‘SkiiTour’. We play everything dance related. There is no genre we don’t touch. From super party funk to smooth disco house, bass driven glitch-hop to upbeat UK garage.

2. Tell us a bit about what you’re working on now, any releases on the horizon?

We have a mid-tempo disco EP that we have been working on for a while which should be coming out soon. Our 2 most recent tracks we have worked on are a soulful glitch-hop tune and a sample-free upbeat house/garage-style track.

3. What other artists have you been feeling recently, who are you currently championing in your DJ
We are loving Kill Paris and have been big fans of Dillon Francis for a while. Slynk always kills it. Justin Martin is amazing too as is Utku S. + all our friends from BC.

4. Which Club Nights do you play at regularly?
SkiiTour doesn’t host a regular club night but occasionally we host some one off show with our out of town friends.

5. Worst request whilst Djing?
Anything SkiiTour.

6. What are your best/worst DJ experiences?
Our set at Bass Coast Project last summer was pretty amazing. The stage was absolutely rammed for our set & we debuted a whole bunch of brand new tracks and everything went off. At the end of our set Timothy Wisdom grabbed the mic and christened us with our brand new name ‘SkiiTour’. We had no idea he was going to do this but when he did it again at our Shambhala set the next week we decided to roll with it.

7. What got you into electronic music? What made you choose your current style and sound?
Tim has been into electronic music since the mid-nineties when he started paying way too much for Underworld, Chemical Brothers, & Prodigy albums in the import section of his local record store. Dave got into electronic music from going to raves. Our style of sound is very fluid and is constantly changing to what ever makes us dance and feel inspired. We believe there are only 2 styles of music: Good & shit.


8. What do you get up to outside of music?
Snowboarding, watching cat videos, think about writing music.

9. What do you think it means to be a “successful” DJ or producer?
You don’t have to borrow money from your parents and people show up at your gigs & sing along to your songs.

10. What can we expect from you over the course of 2013 and beyond?
Expect everything. We are really trying to go everywhere with our sound. Branching way out of the ‘ghetto funk’ sound. Disco, Moombha. slowed down trance…… who knows really. See what comes out in the next year.



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Just in case you missed their last quality freebie, then get downloading the wicked edit of Oliver – Night Is On My Mind.

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