Stuart King- Late Night Obsessions

Stuart King- Late Night Obsessions

Stuart King has worked with seminal acts like Sunscreem over the decades and continues to make truly timeless house music like this fabulous new LP ‘Late Night Obsessions’

Stuart King’s new album is steeped and suffused with the good feels of classic 90’s House, Prog House & Electronica. Take ‘Vision’, an exotic slice of late night melodic techno/deep house. Or the mid 90’s Garage elegance of ‘Circle of Eight.’ Or even ‘Be Free(Feat. Kinnoha)’, a hypnotising rhythm with shades of the Rising High imprint trademark sound from back in the good ol’ days.

It keeps better and better with 80’s influenced Nu Disco like ‘Waiting’ and tough tribal Robert Owens esque grooves like ‘Take Your Time.’

‘Late Night Obsessions’ is a proper long player with intro, outro and natural progression, 14 tracks of essential sound design for dancing and/or home listening.

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