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Hypho & Squane- Way Beyond Boundaries

Hypho & Squane- Way Beyond Boundaries

Hypho & Squane go ‘Way Beyond Boundaries’ with a new EP of collabs and remixes on 877.

The tracks on this EP should have a sub-genre named after them, is this bass? is it breaks? is it techno or jungle/DnB? We’re not sure but what we do know is the sounds here are truly unique and will most certainly rock your rave, house party or club night with ferocity!!!

Hostage – Dali EP


As a former art student, this writer likes a bit of Salvador Dali and clearly so does Hostage!!!! Twisting the boundaries of House, techno and electronica over the four tracks of his new ‘Dali EP’ on premiere bass imprint 877,  you can expect surreal soundscapes, pounding beats and treats aplenty for the ravers. A massive shout out goes out to Hostage who continues to keep things fresh with classy outings like this, hit play, hit buy and enjoy some tripped out goodness!!!

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