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Too Many T’s – 1992 pt. II – Accapella

Too Many T's Too Many T’s are back with another tongue in cheek hip hop / breaks crossover track and this time are offering the acapella for free download for all you producers out there. We have teamed up with “Britain’s answer to the Beastie Boys” to bring you this exclusive download link. Download the pella below, fire up your DAW of choice, create some crazy, funky, bass heavy masterpieces and send over to Too Many T’s for potential stardom and unlimited groupies.

“1992 Pt. II” is another no-holds-barred yet explosive tribute to the classic early nineties Hip Hop sound that the T’s love so much. Produced by Lumbering Giant (AKA Fly Si) and featuring cuts from none other than Featurecast, this follows on perfectly from 2013’s pt I which helped propel the duo into the limelight. Expect classic b-boy breaks, funky flute loops, golden era samples and slick scratches which combine to create one hell of a party hip hop track. Download the track below…

And the acapella…

Imagine This – Acapellas

Imagine This1


Imagine This has been supplying the funk and hip hop community with slick lyrics for some time now and can regularly be found spitting bars on glitch, ghetto funk and mid tempo jams.

He has recently been letting loose acapella versions of his vocals for free for all budding producers and seasoned veterans to use in the productions. Below you will find seven different pellas from fully released tracks that you can add to your music.

Whatever you do with them, forward to I.T. and you may get featured, reposted or maybe more. E-mail


Imagine This – Acapellas

Imagine This


Imagine This is a pioneering Palestinian Kiwi musician who effortlessly bridges the boundaries between genres. You will definitely recognise his vocals from countless ghetto funk and glitch hop tracks with his vocals recently appearing on THIS TASTY NUMBER.

He has let loose two of his slick vocal acapellas for you to do what you want with. Send over the results to his Facebook and you never know what might happen.


New York Rap Acapellas Part Two / Monster Sounds


Loopmasters and Monster Sounds are very proud to present a second part to the collection of freshest royalty free Rap Acapellas featuring some of the best MC’s in NYC!
Many times in the studio you hit a wall when making a tune. The need for an MC to take the track from being great to being a remembered banger is so simple but tricky if you don’t know any decent mic controllers.

Monster Sounds label bosses Aquasky / BlackNoise have been fortunate over the years to have befriended and associated with many great vocalists and here they continue in the successful Rap Acapella series bringing the authentic performances to your studio

New York Rap Acapellas is available now from the Loopmasters Store.

You can get your hands on 10 FREE VOCALS PLUS a DEMO TRACK by going to the Aquasky Monster Sounds Face Book and press ‘Like’

We also have a tasty mix from Nine Lives The Cat which showcases all of the rappers on the pack.

   New York rap accas Vol2 artist mixtape by Monster Sounds

1) LaLaLa (original)_ – NineLives The Cat
2) LaLaLa (NineLives VIP mix) – NineLives The Cat
3) Fuck Outta Here – Memberz Only
4) Put Em In a Bodybag – Johnny Nelson
5) Talk To Em – Lix Prolific
6) Skatin – Memberz Only
7) Holding On feat Gary King – Lix Prolific
8) Slap Slap Slap Pound Up Down Snap – Johnny Nelson vs The Deathset
9) Go HAM – NineLives The Cat


Under This – Breaks Assault Vol.2 [SAMPLE PACK]


Latvian breakers Under This have unleashed the second part of their sample pack series, Breaks Assault. This is a must for any producer, bedroom or proffesional alike and includes 150 high quality samples broken down into basslines, drumloops, FX & vocals, leads, tops & percussion. A lot of the breaks sample packs floating around contain half baked breakbeats with no real conviction and sometimes very little breakbeat. This one however is made by artists with a real passion for the scene and it stands out in their sounds. Hard hitting, authentic breaks, real quality basslines (no cheesy melodies) and very usuable vocals.

This is better than most of the paid for packs around at the moment and you can get this one for free, so what are you waiting for. Just make sure you check them out at

   Under This – Breaks Assault Vol.2 [SAMPLE PACK] – FREE D/L IN DESCRIPTION!!! by UnderThis


Stickybuds – Whalestep Remix Kit


I made this track a few years ago to poke fun out of theDubstep movement that took off here in Kelowna where I live… You have probably heard of Excision and Datsik, 2 massive dubstep producers and good friends of mine who live here in Kelowna with me. I bought a T-Shirt that said, “Dubstep Sounds like Whale Noises”… all the Dubstep kids loved it. That’s what started it.

When it was time to play a show at Jeff’s night Elevation I decided it was time to mock their genre a little bit, so I created this song as sheer entertainment for myself really.

I made this track in a day, and it’s supposed to be a joke, I didn’t really spend a lot of time on it. I was really surprised to see this track end up in about 50 Dubstep and breaks mixtapes and get caned all over the world. Jeff (Excision) even made a remix using the acapella, it’s become quite popular and sought after, and I think he will eventually release it on his label Rottun Rocrdings….

This tracks porpoise is to make you smile and have a laugh, so I hope you enjoy… It starts out at 88 BPM, then goes into 134 BPM back and fourth between half time and full time.



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