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Alwaan – Amaranth Purple EP

Amaranth Purple EP

Alwaan makes an indelible mark on the melodic techno sound with the ‘Amaranth Purple EP’

Alwaan is surely a true master of hypnotising and captivating strings. The dossier will state with certainty that ‘Amaranth Purple’ is thing of beauty that conveys through music the eye-catching brilliance of the plant that gives this tune it’s name

‘Deep Carmine’ evokes seas of the colour red with sweeping, majestic ambience perfect for an early hours setting or for simply getting lost into at a time, space and location of your choice

We’re very keen on making David Lynch references on here lately and it doesn’t seem out of place to mention the auterre artiste here. We’re sure he would love Alwaan’s ‘Amaranth Purple EP.’ We certainly do. Get it now via Eagervision Records

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