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Generation Jungle Vol 3 [Asbo Records]

Generation Jungle Vol 3 [Asbo Records]

Asbo Records just released the 48 track strong ‘Generation Jungle Vol 3′ That’s 38 solid classics from the Asbo back cat plus 10 brand new scorchers served up by the talented roster at Asbo HQ

Among the countless classic are a few of this writer’s absolute favourite DnB tracks stretching back 3-4 years. Tracks like Alias Unknown ‘Leda’ stand the test of time as if they came out yesterday. On the other side of the spectrum, new tunes like Dj Westy’s ‘Tune 4 Tune’ keep the true Jungle sound well and truly alive, maintaining all the elements of the original sound yet staying fresh and relevant 23 years on from those lighter blazing anthems. Hit play and check out a role call of the scenes finest with their finest musical wares!!!

Sterling Sound- Nameless (Asbo Records Free Tune)



Asbo Records have shared this killer free Jungle banger from Sterling Sound, warm soulful sounds and saxophone links set against a rugged Jungle break, grab this while it’s hot!!

Galvatron- Unorthodox EP


Its good to be unorthodox if your a producer called Galvatron with a new EP on Asbo Records. 3 tracks of junglist fire, our favourite being the circa 96 Hype/Pascal/Zinc style ‘Bite’

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Durban- Jungle Whore E.P [Asbo Records]



2 killer cuts from Durban, the title track begins with stuttering Ragga like stabs, diva vocals and chopped up amens before pulverising you with an old skool rasping bassline and even more tightly spliced breaks, ‘Its Gonna Get Nasty’ shows a menacing underbelly to the light reggae esque pads, a dark growling and ominous b line continues to make itself more apparent as the track moves on before shifting into 5th gear with deadly deep subs and thundering amens!!!


Dream Team – Stamina Remixes [ASBO RECORDS]


After the excellent Joker Project Vol One of 2013 and the newly remastered Joker back cat being made available via Asbo, things get taken to the next level with remixes of arguably one of the biggest tunes to come from the seminal Joker imprint ‘Stamina’ gets a brand new remix package with a line up of heavy hitters the likes of Aries, Stivs & Kelvin 373 who give it their own 2014 jungle flex, ragga jungle vibes from Kosine & Dialect, Jump Up from the mack daddy Jayline plus you get the VIP with added vocals from Ricky Tuff & Daddy Freddy, going from strength to strength and not once letting up, its clear 2015 is going to be another huge year for Asbo!!!

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Asbo Records serve up their first in a series of remix EPs and the gold standard remains, these guys don’t mess about!!!! 4 firing remixes, first up we have the seriously bass heavy remix of Jinx’s ‘Who Goes There’ by Sterling Sound, then the script is flipped as Jinx takes on Sterling Sound’s ‘Ladies Ting’ whose slinky intro gives away for some roling vibes and reverberating bass in that timeless jungle fashion!!! Next up, another Sterling Sound reworking, this time of Habitat’s ‘Around The Clock’, classic jungle breaks, hip hop and ragga samples, this one takes it back to 95 with a beast of a tearout track!!!! We finish up with Habitat’s remix of Sterling Sound’s ‘No Doubt’ going for the 2 step vibes a la Roni Size back in the day, another winner from the Asbo camp!!!!

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