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Basement Freaks – A Quarter Of P

Basement Freaks

Basement Freaks let loose this short but ever so sweet mix of all things funky. The mix is to promote the forthcoming East Block Tour which is scheduled for this March. Check out the tunes and be sure to check out the shows if you’re in the neighbourhood.

FRI 13 – Mucha Lucha / Sarajevo
SAT14 – Monsun / Belgrade
WED18- Bar Fly / Arad
THU19 -Moszkva Cafe / Oradea
FRI 20 – Roxy / Vienna
SAT21 – Palac Acropolis / Prague

Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul Vol. 5

Monkey Boxing

Those funky folk over at have just unleashed Vol 5 of their Filthy Rhythm, Dirty Soul compilation series and its another fine selection of free, funked up treats. Hand selecting the very best downloads from the very best producers the bring us the cream of the crop from the last minute. Thats not all though we get our digital finger tips on exclusive cuts from Rocky Marsiano, Jason (Buba)King, Discobeta, Bruno Borlorne & Boogie Mike and Spark Arrester. If you are yet to check out the previous volumes then check the links at the bottom of the download page.


Basement Freaks – Sample Pack + Interview

bfreaks1 copy

Basement Freaks have been leaders of the Funky Bass scene for almost a decade with their bootlegs having set the benchmark for quality club rocking bizness. Just last month they released a phat as funk four track EP for free download over on the Ghetto Funk website. They have also been busy collaborating with other massive names like Stickybuds and Mustafa Akba and dropping remixes for some other top artists such as Trotter, Telephunken, Headson Groove, Funk Moguls, Nappy Riddem and Ursulla 1000. If that’s not enough, they have also just released their second studio album on Jalapeno Records, Funk From The Trunk, which can best be described as P-Funk party dynamite. Read our review HERE.

As a part of the Free Breaks Blog relaunch, the B’Freaks have made time in their busy schedule to not only give us an interview, but have graciously put together a sample pack! The pack is chock full of bad ass beats, low slung basslines, sizzling stabs  and some of the best funked up and disco samples your likely to find anywhere all for free! As an example I threw together this sample clip to showcase just a small portion of the goodies on offer and in all of five minutes, using only samples from the pack, I managed to get a number of top ideas taking shape, the quality of the pack is plain to hear.

The pack contains;


Bass Loops
1. Bass Guitar Loop 01 – 94.550 bpm
2. Bass Guitar Loop 02 – 105 bpm
3. Bass Guitar Loop 03 – 110 bpm

Funky Breaks Drum Loops
1. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 00 – 94.550 bpm
2. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 01 – 110 bpm
3. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 02 – 110 bpm
4. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 03 – 110 bpm
5. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 04 – 110 bpm
6. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 05 – 110 bpm
7. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 06 – 110 bpm
8. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 07 – 111 bpm
9. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 08 – 110 bpm
10. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 09 – 105 bpm
11. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 10 – 106 bpm
12. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 11 – 108 bpm
13. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 12 – 113 bpm
14. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 13 – 112 bpm
15. Freaky Breaks Drum Loop 14 – 100 bpm

Moombahton Drum Loops
1. Moombahton Beat 01 – 108 bpm
2. Moombahton Beat 02 – 108 bpm

Synth Bass Hits
1. Bass Hit 01
2. Bass Hit 02
3. Bass Hit 03

Synth Bass Loops
1. Wobble Bass Loop 01 – 110 bpm
2. Wobble Bass Loop 02 – 110 bpm
3. Synth Bass Loop 03 – 110 bpm


Funk Cuts
1. Seven various Blaxploitation sample cuts
2. Four various Block Party sample cuts
3. Four various Disco sample cuts
4. Nine various Funky Grooves sample cuts
5. Three various P-funk sample cuts

1. 26 various stabs sampled from Shaft


So here is the interview with Basement Freaks Georgios Fotiadis. Read through to the bottom of the page to grab your exclusive free download.

1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, for those that don’t know, who are you, what do you do and what style(s) of music do you play?

We are Basement Freaks from Thessaloniki/Greece based in Hamburg/Germany doing Funky Bass business for almost a decade now

2. Tell us a bit about what you’re working on now, any releases on the horizon?

Our 3rd full album and 2nd on Jalapeno Records is about to drop this May with the title “Funk From The Trunk” as also a 4 track free download EP on Ghetto Funk in April.

3. What other artists have you been feeling recently, who are you currently championing in your DJ sets?

Tom Booze, MrBird, Stickybuds and Slynk

4. Which Club Nights do you play at regularly?

Holding a monthly residency at the Moondoo Club in Hamburg

5. Worst request whilst DJing?

“Black music” i don’t understand the term

6. What are your best/worst DJ experiences?

Best at the Fractal Forest of Shambhala Festival 2011 don’t remember worst

7. What got you into electronic music? What made you choose your current style and sound?

been a musician in the 90’s got wings from what technology brought to us made possible to own a producing studio with a low budget, love for the music, blues was a standard influence during my whole musical journey

8. What do you get up to outside of music?

Chilling with my girlfriend

9. What do you think it means to be a “successful” DJ or producer?

To be played by other DJs and to please the people with the tunes you actually love

10. What can we expect from you over the course of 2013 and beyond?

Album release Tour in OZ & Asia

Do yourself a favour and pick up the new album Junk For The Trunk  HERE:

Also, whilst you wait for your download, why not check out is this wicked vid made by Maculate and Amp’l Beats for The B’Freaks latest funky freebie Booty Shackin available from their Soundcloud.




Basement Freaks – Funk From the Trunk – Album Review



Funk from the Trunk is the new full-length album from Greek groovers Basement Freaks.  Released on UK label Jalapeno, this 14-track funk fest steers clear of the wobbly bass, electro keys and tight A.Skillz-y drum sounds of most of the recent Ghetto Funk releases.

Instead, the overall sound is more on a classic funk tip.  Impeccably produced with lots of live instruments and guest rappers – with a definite nod to classic funk, this is an album proper.  Like the FK5 release recently, Funk From the Trunk is a solid listen, the whole way through.  Some work for a dance-floor, some are more on the chilled side.  All are worth a listen.


– Blues-y harmonica lines on “Blues Thang”.  Deep South funk vibes.

– Fab lyrical flows from Fort Knox Five collaborator Mustafa Akbar.  Especially on “Bedroom Stories”.  Has a real Friday vibe to it for some reason.  Great.

– Epic flute business on “The Calling”.  Definitely into epic flute funk.


Do your ears a favour and buy “Funk From The Trunk”, “10 Years of FK5″ and “BBP Remixed”.  Stick em all on shuffle on your iPod and get funked.  Then, play them in the dance.  Good times.

Stay tuned to Free Breaks Blog this Friday for a FREE super-special mega-treat sample pack from the Basement Freaks!


Basement Freaks – Booty Shackin

Basement Freaks


To celebrate the soon to be released “Funk From The Trunk” album on Jalapeno Records, Basement Freaks have produced this exclusive joint to give away! Taking the classic sounds of George Clinton and the P-funk era they put their own electronic funk twist on it and create a massive tune that just makes you wanna groove on down. Just try keeping still listening to this bad boy.

The album is released this coming Monday 13/05/13 and you can get another sneak peek of what to expect with Funk For Freaks, over on the Basement Freaks Soundcloud. Check back for our full review and album previews.

If that wasn’t enough Basement Freaks, we have an EXCLUSIVE sample pack from them, stacked full of loops, beats, bass, stabs, sample picks and obviously dripping with funk. That will be live  next Friday 17/05/13.

Check the awesome video by Maculate and Amp’l Beats

The Bamboos vs DJ Vadim – Golden Rock (Basement Freaks B-Boy Mash Up)


Basement Freaks have long been supplying free funked up breakbeat bombs that are guaranteed to rock a party and this latest effort, a mashup fusing elements of The Bamboos with DJ Vadim is a sure fire dance floor mover.


   The Bamboos vs Dj Vadim – Golden Rock (Basement Freaks B-Boy Mash Up) by Basement Freaks



Basement Freaks – Records In The Crate Remix Comp

Basement Freaks BootyFunk

Basement Freaks & Bombastic Jam in collaboration with Juno Download has started a remix competition today of the track “Records In The Crate” taken from Basement Freaks – Booty Funk ep on Bombastic Jam!
The winner get prices from Juno Download and also release on the label in the next months!
Get Involved


Get for Free Basement Freaks vs Stickybuds – Records In The Game (mush up)

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