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Bay B Kane – Future Destination Exit 6

Bay B Kane - Future Destination Exit 6 [Boomsha Recordings]

The true King of the Jungle music sound, Bay B Kane takes us to ‘Future Destination Exit 6′ on Boomsha Recordings.

Bay B Kane & JahKillin transport the riff from Russian Trance classic ‘Resurrection’ by PPK and place it in the perfect setting of a Future Jungle framework entitled ‘Don’t Ask Me Why’

‘Visions’ reminds how good a bluesy male vocal and mellow guitars and chords can sound to some 150BPM bombastic Jungle breakage

‘Clearly Obscured’ takes us on a timeless DnB voyage up and in between the clouds in the company of some BBK style boomin’ subs

‘Dimensions’ is the junglist soul of Future Destination Exit 6, sweet female vox and urban sounds sway over Future Jungle beats

But where this is a subtle soul there needs to be a bit of rage and that’s where ‘Overlock’ comes in. Fast, furious and assertive DnB that hits the spot hard.

From 1992 to 2017, a quarter of a century strong in the game and Bay B Kane maintains a sound that is strongly unique and instantly appealing. Another essential EP to add to that extensive back cat. Boomsha is now 5 years in the game and as a label, hasn’t missed a beat in terms of quality content. If you buy only one EP this week, make it this one and if you buy more than one EP, still ensure to get a copy of this!!!

Bay B Kane- Future Destination Exit 5 [Boomsha Recordings]


When the destination is as great as this, you won’t want to go back, the legend that is Bay B Kane returns to Boomsha Recordings with No5 in the ‘Future Destination’ series spanning 5 years, providing classic Future Jungle/Jungle tracks like ‘No Solar’ and ‘Diamonds In The Sky’ among countless others.

For this fifth instalment we are treated to some multi tempo jungle gems, the transcendental future soul of ‘Care For Me’ Ft Kyra, the fantastic voyage of ‘Fly With Me’, certified Future Jungle anthem ‘On Your Mind’ Ft Sam Serenader, dark and bassy party starter ‘Ghetto Yout’ and the timeless melodic jungle  of ‘F.Society’, file under Future Jungle classic, long may this journey continue

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Another classic reissue from Ruff Guidance Records, the year is 1995 and here on this EP is 8 95 style Bay B Kane rollers, from the bouncing 808 attack of ‘Gangstress’ and expertly sliced percussion of ‘Deep Jungle to the funky warp bass of ‘Jungle Levels’ and the deeper shades of ‘Mother Earth’, what you have here is 8 essential jungle weapons now available digitally for the first time.

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Ruff Guidance Records Presents Bay B Kane’s ‘The VIP Project’



Over the past year we have been treated with remastered classics from the vaults of Ruff Guidance, many moments in junglist time from Bay B Kane’s discography are now available digitally enabling us to appreciate those ground breaking pioneering gems that helped to shape and form the Jungle sound, we have in fact reviewed some of them here and on 17/07/15 a 10 track remix compilation will be released across all digital platforms and streaming sites, 8 artists representing some of the best and most upfront junglist sounds in 2015 are on remix duties, X E Dos, Sound Shifter, Cryogenics, Darkhalf, Curious, Rolling Paper, Nickynutz & Aitch. Tracks remixed include the timeless ‘Higher’ & ‘Multi Coloured Lasers’ and more recent tracks like ‘I’m Alive’ Massive props go out to everyone involved here from the legend Bay B Kane himself to the remixers and those working hard behind the scenes to bring these must have tunes into the digital realm, this LP is an absolute must!!!

Bay B Kane- Unreleased Jungle Gems Vol 1& 2 [Ruff Guidance Records]

BBK - Jungle Gems Vol 1

Going all the way back to 1990, Bay B Kane’s tunes have been the highlights of countless DJ  sets at all the big raves, a pioneering jungle producer famous for classics like ‘Hello Darkness’, ‘Quarter To Doom’ and ‘Good Good Sensi’. ‘Unreleased Jungle Gems Vol 1 & 2 bring together previously unreleased tracks from the vault and each one is truly a gem. From Vol 1 we get  the rolling bass of ‘Cupid VIP’, the dark gangsta rap style ‘Deja Vu’,  ‘Forcefield VIP’ with its bleepy timeless jungle vibes, ‘Get It’ uses chopped up vocal samples in a Hip Hop style and adds in booming sub bass and tight rhythms, ‘Serious’ is a trip to the darkside, dark rumbling subs, scary pads and vox, its all there, ‘The Death Star’ sounds very 92/93 along the lines of ‘Hello Darkness’ and is one of my favourite tracks on this compilation and Vol 1 closes with ‘Wickedest Man Alive’ which opens with a slow building half time intro before switching into some classic Bay Bkane, listen to clips here


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BBK - Jungle Gems Vol 2

Vol 2 features gems like ‘The Gun’, ruff bass and beats and some well known vox that will put a smile on your face, ‘Lovin You’ goes deep and minimal, ‘Just Breaks’ splices up classic breaks and hip hop style melodies while ‘History Of A people’ takes things even deeper into the jungle. ‘Urban Sunset’ is more classic BBK, cleverly manipulated vocal samples and heavy bass and amens, ‘Young And Beautiful’ is another deep soulful excursion with some quality breaks, finally, we close with the classic amen rinseout of ‘Pussy’ Check clips here

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