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Beat Assassins – Crazy ft Alex Holmes

Beat Assassins - Crazy ft Alex Holmes

Beat Assassins have got us going ‘Crazy’ with their latest DnB banger ft Alex Holmes on vocals and a remix by SKMA!!!

Beat Assassins ‘Crazy’ ft Alex Holmes is a vocal DnB track that puts the pretenders to shame or in other words, shows them how it’s done. On the remix, SKMA cook up a warm recipe for summer festival raving. Don’t be crazy!!! get this tune right now!!!

Beat Assassins – See Ma Gun Go ft Miss Stylie

Beat Assassins - See Ma Gun Go ft Miss Stylie (Toronto is Broken Remix) [MOFO Recordings]

Beat Assassins – See Ma Gun Go ft Miss Stylie is what you get when you combine sterling bass meets DnB production (Beat Assassins), a sassy and memorable vocal (Miss Stylie) and a top talent on hand to up the ante with a classy remix  (Toronto is Broken). This intense heat is out now on Mofo Recordings, get right on it!!!

Beat Assassins- War Dem ft Miss Stylie (With Trei Remix) [Mofo Recordings]


Trei just dropped a MASSIVE remix of crossover Grime/DnB track ‘War Dem’ by Beat Assassins Ft Miss Stylie.

We’re sure Miss Stylie won’t mind the comparisons to Ms Dynamite/Mz Brat as are very evident in her smooth delivery of bars and her great singing voice.

Production wise, Beat Assassins fuel the fiyah bars with their signature energetic and tight canvas of melodic bass stabbage

As for this remix, it’s straight out of the blocks, loaded with an MMA glove of funky bass and stepping beats. This will light you up from the opening beats!!!

BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE on 3rd Oct / Release to all major digital stores on 14th Oct


Free Breaks Blog Sunday Top Picks #001

Free-Breaks-Blog-logo-with-black-background-and-with-name-819x1024 resized

Time for a Sunday round of big beats!!! For your Funky Breaks fix Rory Hoy Vs Kitten & The Hip have just the medicine with ‘Dirty Little Secret’ on Super Hi Fi Recordings. The Fort Knox Five remix of ‘Dirty Little Secret’ is No1 on our playlist.

And for the lovers of House Music we have plenty of goodies for your ears. The rising talent that is Chris Sammarco dazzles us with a dreamy slice of oldskool US House on the Kidology imprint, it’s called ‘I’m A Fool’ and we love it!

Black Tantra ‘Big Trouble’ on the We Jack imprint is a delightful number with summery pianos and husky vocals. Tough Love have a suitably tough number out with big whomps and twisted vocals called ‘Friday Night’. Rhythm Staircase ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ out on motion has a mid 90’s Tribal House thing going on with a hypnotic thud, Garage style beats and hypnotic horns.

When Skapes is in the joint you know the ‘Music’s Pumpin’ and it most certainly is on this nice thumping roller. And to get the warehouse party heaving is Glen Coombs on the excellent Criminal Hype imprint with the essential ‘Warehouse Jams EP’ featuring remixes from Leon & Vibe Killers.

Next up on our playlist is another great warehouse jam, namely Eyes Everywhere‘s ‘FiveO’ taken from the ‘Family & Friends Vol One’ compilation on Desert Hearts Records. Then from the warehouse to the Garage we go with Kindred Soul ‘She’s Got It’, quality classic UKG sounds out on Highly Swung Records.

Simma Black have some of their signature chugging Tech House out, this time Maur take the reigns with their ‘Nocturnal Volume EP. W.H.A.T.A.M.I spread the feelgood grooves with some bright and warm piano house called ‘Domino’ out on MVMT. On a deeper tip is the wonderful sounds of Black Coffee with ‘Buya’ remixed by Loco Dice out on Get Physical.

On DeFunkt Recordings, Stayin’ Low & Chinooq go in with big euphoric pianos just the way we love ‘em. Check out their ‘Al Fresco EP’, it’s a gem.  Kryder whip up a ravey storm with a stomping remix of Bob Sinclair ‘Someone Who Needs Me’ on Spinin‘. Fat! Records provide some ‘Late Night Chill’ with their new compilation featuring material of a laid back nature from their back cat plus some fresh new tracks too.

Staying in more of a chilled mood we have Oxen Butcher with their melodic ‘Chills EP’. and from chilled to Funky, Karmic Power Records funks us up with FunkyOne‘s ‘Behind The Love’. No18 on our top picks playlist is a huge collab between Lupe Fuentes & Todd Terry ‘Jack In The House’ out via In The Loop.

Our House Music picks draw to a close with some choice cuts from Project Soul on Exhilarated Recordings, the sparkling soulful vocal house of ‘Question My Love’ is a must for your ears. Layout & Maverik‘s ‘Hot For You’ buzzes with electrifying synths and tough beats. It’s out now on Substance.  Hoodrat‘s ‘Come Back EP’ on DeFunkt Recordings features the gorgeous Garagey groove ‘Love Me Because’ featured at No21 in our playlist.

JONO dons some shiny Techno boots for the dark pumping ‘Knocking On The Sky EP’ on DualOrbit Recordings, get your stomp on for this one!!!  Raveskool Recordings have only gone and released the best NuSkool Hardcore track of 2016. You can thank the talented duo of Monks & Mort for the rushin’ ‘ardcore of ‘Don’t You Want’, it’s massive!

Another incredibly talented artist, one we have tons of love for is Motivbreaks. He has a new EP out on VIM containing two lush tracks that combine 92 Rave, Breaks, House & Garage all in his signature haunting yet euphoric style.

On the mellow mid-tempo bass tip is Eliphante whose ‘Catching On’ gives Major Lazer a serious run for the money when it comes to downright catchy sounds. The Art aud imprint has the second of it’s ‘Secret Rave EPs’ out featuring oldskool hardcore style tracks by Anybody Anytime,  G-23 + RivetMylerTextasy who clearly loves the classic video game ‘Streets Of Rage’

We go into some futuristic Footwork and plenty of Drum & Bass kicking off with a great experimental track from Fekix‘s new EP on Good Street Records. Gradual & Impak have a huge EP for free up on Technique Recording‘s Soundcloud page. Beat Assassins ‘Deny’ opens with a striking intro leading into organ driven vocal DnB plus a remix from DJ Rap!

MC Fats has a brand new EP of awesome collabs with Alibi, Brother, Mini M, Squarewave & Serum continuing his excellent series of releases on his U Understand Me imprint. Caspar & Rusko team up for an EP of slickly produced cutting edge Grime/Bass music titled the ‘Fruity Loops EP’, it is of course fiyaah!!

Out on Rasta Vibez for lovers of Vinyl & Ragga Jungle, Mystic Pulse & Gunman provide the fiyah beats and vocals that will have crowds jumping! North Base‘s latest release is the stunning big room vocal DnB of ‘I Found You’ out on Audioporn. And we conclude this round-up with some deep ground breaking DnB from Ed:It, Handra & Mystic State on the cutting edge Addictive Behaviour label.

Enjoy what remains of your weekend. If you’re lovin the tunes we featured here they are all available to purchase from reputable online retailers. Give this post a share and let your friends know about the tunes!

Beat Assassins- Drop It Hard (FREE DOWNLOAD) [Mofo Recordings]


Beat Assassins ‘Drop It Hard’ With Their Latest Drum & Bass Banger!!!!

The basslines fizz, sizzle, bubble and warp nicely on this fresh new DnB banger from Beat Assassins ‘Drop It Hard’ Currently a free download so download a copy and drop it hard in the mix!!!!

Beat Assassins Ft SiFu Chan- Space Yardie [Mofo Recordings]

beat assassins review

Following up on the massive ‘The Raid’, Beat Assassins provide more DnB fiya with ‘Space Yardie’ Ft SiFu Chan, spaced out, banging and in two tasty mix varieties, also free to download, think of that scene at the end of Danny Boyles’ ‘Sunshine’ movie, so this is how it feels to dance in the midle of the sun!!!

Beat Assassins Interview Plus ‘Space Yardie’ Video Premiere

Beat Assassins resized


You started out DJ’ing at a DnB/Breakbeat night called ‘Mofo’, how did you go about setting up the event and how did you get into mixing?

I started Mofo in the mid nighties at The Borderline Club just off Charing Cross Road (London). The night was weekly and this was in the very early years of breaks. We gave The Plump DJs one of their very first booking. We had the Freestylers down and the Fingerlickin Crew. But we also used to play a lot of drum n bass.

At the time I was promoting at the Wag club on a Friday doing commercial events for money and I heard the Borderline was free on a Tuesday night. So I put a proposal in and they accepted it. To put on a weekly event like that in these times would be very difficult but back then students were always out partying because they weren’t in fear of having a massive debt at the end of their degree.

This was a time when DJs delivered their sets on two Technic turntables and a bag load of vinyl. Beat matching was a real skill back then and took time to learn. I knew a bit about mixing but I generally always gave myself the warm up slot and have a guest in. I would always stand behind them in the DJ box pretending to fiddle with the lights but really I was picking up DJ on tips. The result from this was I learned to mix really well on turntables and I’ve carried that through to today. I know DJs don’t consider mixing such a skill anymore but I do hear a difference in the way vinyl learn’t DJs perform. The Old skool guys still have an edge and I can always hear that in their mixing.  

Tell us a bit about Mofo Recordings, what was the ethos of the label?

In 2004 alongside my DJing career, I also worked as a music journalist. I established a free music magazine called Mofo (taken from the night I was running) that specialized in breakbeat electronic music. i.e  drum n Bass, electro, breaks, hip-hop and of course breakbeat. I started getting a lot of unsigned music sent to the magazine so I took the natural step of setting up a record label called Mofo Recordings which has released over 30 tracks to date.

The ethos when it started was to support good breaks that needed a platform. I released everything on vinyl and I loved the whole process of signing a track, getting it mastered, getting the test pressings back from the distributer. Designing the artwork, getting sleeves pressed, it was a real buzz. You were creating a product to sell in the shops. Now of course we are digital and internet based which does take some of the excitement out of running a label but I still really enjoy it. Today I just release my own tracks through Mofo Recordings I don’t think I’d have the time to make music and run a roster of artists.  

You have had a bit of a hiatus from making music, what made you step back and what got you back into making beats in 2016?

In 2006 I launched Beat Assassins with Joe Lenzie from Sigma. Beat Assassins became a fundamental part of the breakbeat scene winning various music awards and DJing at major music events around the world that included Australia, USA, Russia and European countries such as Spain and Germany. We released our tracks through my label Mofo Recordings, most of which went straight into the top 10 in the breakbeat charts in DJ Magazine & download sites such as  Beatport.

However By 2010 the Electronic music scene had changed so much with the introduction of dubstep alongside other exciting new genres such as fidget & bassline house, that Beat Assassins found ourselves no longer musically relevant. Our DJs booking started to dry up and we realised our style of breaks was no longer popular. So we decided to call it a day and go our own separate ways.

I didn’t actually take a step back from making music. In 2012 I started a Trap project with DJ Sai called Koshii. Our remix of Missy Elliot’s Get Ya Freek On went viral over the internet and our remix of Big Beat Bronson’s New Me reached number 3 in the Beatport charts. We also hosted a trap night called “Its A Trap” in Camden London coining the phrase “Camden Trap” whilst also DJing at a few larger events hosted by Basslaced.  Around this time I made a grime track called Back For Another One ft Hype Man Sage that made it onto “Youngers,” the famous Channel 4 comedy drama.

But Trap never took off that well in the UK and I soon got bored of writing trap tunes so I decided to get back to my roots and produce some drum n bass. I spent 2 yrs shut away in the studio making dnb whilst thinking of how to go about releasing my tracks. All my friends kept saying, “just do it under the name Beat Assassins.” It just made sense to do that plus I couldn’t think up a better name. So I rebranded and relaunched and here I am again.

Now you’re back and have recently released ‘The Raid’, tell us a bit about the inspiration behind that tune?

The Raid features a real live recording of the police busting an illegal rave. My friends were DJing whilst recording the party. They were recordings their set using external microphones to capture the sound of the crowd. Next thing they knew they were getting busted and got the whole thing on tape. I used to play the sound bite quite often on radio shows for a laugh but never actually thought of putting the sample in a track because the old Beat Assassins style was more block-party, booty-breaks. Now I’m doing drum n bass the sample felt right in a dnb roller. I love DJ Calide’s remix he did of The Raid, proper jump up filth.

Which brings us to your new track ‘Space Yardie’ with Sifu Chan, it’s quite unique and a great tune, can you talk us through how it came about?

Yes I guess it is quite unique and very quirky. I thought it was actually going to be too quirky for the drum n bass scene. That’s why I got the 1000DaysWasted Remix done especially for the Headz. However when I got the reactions back I was pleasantly surprised. The dnb scene got it and it put a smile people’s faces. A track called Space Yardie is hardly taking itself too seriously.

It all came together one night in the Beat Assassins studio. Sifu Chan was actually there to rap on a grime track I’d done. At the end of the session I was out getting the drinks in when Sifu happened to click on an old beat that was lying around on my hard drive. On returning I found Sifu at the mic chatting about, “a Space Yardie, a party and the North West streets.” I fell about laughing it was hilarious and it ended up as a track.

What’s in the pipeline for 2016?

Absolutely loads. I plan to put out a release every month this year. Next up is a track called Drop It Hard. It’s a straight up drum n bass banger that I’ve had great reactions to in the clubs. Then I’m releasing another track ft SiFu Chan called Ramm Out. Inch aka Nicky D’Silva is on the remix. I’ve already heard a clip and it sounded immense. I can’t wait to hear the finished remix. It’s gonna be sick!!
Later in the summer I’m releasing a track called Deny ft a gospel singer called Eli Li. She has an insanely good voice which is mega loud. It took me 4 goes to record her. She smashes everything in the red when she belts it out. Eli Li is a wonderful person and a very good friend of mine and she has had to deal with some serious shit recently so I really hope this track does well for us. She deserves some good things to come her way this year.

Any Final words?
Thanks for the support and showing interest in what I do and remember, never be that person who eats plain poppadoms. They should always be eaten with chutney or other condiments.  

Beat Assassins- The Raid [Mofo Recordings]



This is a rave!!!! Mofo Recordings relaunches with a free download from Beat Assassins, illegal rave sampling and decidedly ravey DnB banger!!! Did someone say rave!?!

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