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Cadence Recordings Head Honcho Talks about The Amazing New Project 15 Compilation


We caught up with Cadence Recordings boss and all round awesome guy Ste Gould to talk about the amazing forthcoming DnB compilation ‘Project 15’…..

Tell us about the concept behind Project 15

Project 15 as a concept was born after celebrating 15 years in the business.

The idea was to represent the different shades of d&b through a selection of artists on our roster from the past present and future. All artists submitted a piece with the aim of encapsulating what Cadence as a label stood for and their take on things sonically.


Where would you say is the ideal place to listen to this gorgeous album?

Well, it’s pretty wide open to be honest..the feedback we’ve received Is that it’s perfect to drive to relax to or obviously dance to. The release is typically deep and emotive.

I’d say it’d work perfectly as a soundtrack to a late nite round a campfire whilst stargazing or watching the sunrise over the beautiful ocean but hey I’m a contemplative hippy



How would you describe the overall sound and feel of the album?

Well from a personal perspective project 15 is very close to my heart as I patiently compiled it over 3 years choosing each track carefully after working through the submissions…my aim was the same as always to release what I love and emotionally connect with from genre or micro niche haha!

…it’s a niche as opposed to an obvious dancefloor weapon but saying that it really does have the ying yang thing going on…deep beautiful and emotive but equally furious in places with well placed faithful amen breaks to ignite the dancefloor. Like all good albums track order and selection is key and it really can make the difference between a good and a superior listening experience.


What’s next for Cadence Recordings

We have plenty of new releases in the pipeline keep an eye out for new artists appearing on Cadence as well some new material from artists already on the roster. Keep an eye open for the return of the different perspective mix series.

There’s Lots to look forward to.


Any final words and shout outs?

Final shout outs are tricky so rather than list a massive load of names and risk forgetting anyone I’d like to say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who is a part of the music we all love. Our musical family from the people behind the labels continuing to push things forward, the talented artists to the fans the DJs and the deep thinkers. Music unites us always…a shout out must go to Jay le roc the legend that brought so many of us together. Always in our hearts. One love ❤


Thanks to Ste for a great interview. You can check out a full review of ‘Project 15′ via our good friends at DnBMuzik

Project 15 is out now at and in all good stores

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