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T3N Volume One [Cubism]


‘T3N Volume One’ [Cubism] is a big compilation, a double CD in terms of volume of tracks, 26 in total plus an excellent DJ mix of those tracks by Mark Gwinnet.

This writer is pretty new to Techno, it was just last year in fact that this very label (Cubism) turned me firmly in the direction of the sound.Tracks and remixes on ‘T3N Volume One’ include contributions from Dantiez, Barber, Lunacy Sound Division, Copy Paste Soul & Saytek. Every single tune on here is phenomenal. If you’re an old Techno warrior or a newbie looking to get some choice Techno tunes in your collection, ‘T3N Volume One’ is what you’re after!!!

Saytek – Live Sessions Volume 1

Saytek - Live Sessions Volume 1

The follow up to Saytek’s sensational Lp on Cubism is ‘Saytek – Live Sessions Volume 1′ and it’s more of that mind-blowing Techno!. The tracks are recorded live,  six tracks in total-full of energy and atmosphere plus lots of spooky Techno style spoken word vocals. Over this EP the style varies from deep bleeps to proper stompers but one things for sure, they are insanely good!!! Go get ‘em!!!

Barber & Lunacy Sound Division – Crystalise

Barber & Lunacy Sound Division Crystalise Cubism

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Barber & Lunacy Sound Division come laden with fresh Techno straight from the lab, still piping hot and sounding sweet!!! ‘Crystalise’ flashes with pulses of precipitation, a sense of impending excitement that raises the heartbeat. Pounding beats and rave era synths go into the blender for this recipe for disarray, like the voice says, you might just ‘lose control!’ Copy Paste Soul get in on the remix action and it’s a case of game over!!!! Carnage in it’s best stomping boots!!!

Sequence Lab – Requiem / Flybeat



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Club ready Techno from Sequence Lab in two big doses, ‘Requiem’ & ‘Flybeat’ out now on Cubism Records

It’s funky, hypnotic looped Tech House for ‘Requiem’ and dark dubby, bleepy Techno straight from the warehouse for ‘Flybeat’

So, Sequence Lab provide a ‘Requiem’ for our dreams and some ‘Flybeat’s to feed our Techno cravings!!!

And if you love that, be sure to cop the new ‘Square Dancing 4′ compilation, 10 essential tracks from the likes of Saytek, CDC, and more. A fine retrospective of the excellent content Cubism gave us in 2016

Saytek – Machine Jams LP (Techno)

Saytek - Machine Jams LP (Techno)



One of the UK finest Techno producers Saytek shares his new LP with the world of digital downloads. All tracks produced representing his live performances. Prepare for your jaw to drop listening to the sheer class and skilful production of ‘Machine Jams

While we do love a bit of Techno you don’t even need to be a fan of the genre to appreciate the classiness of Saytek’s ‘Machine Jams LP’

The journey begins with the propulsion effect of ‘Putting The Pieces Together’. Tracks like ‘Analogical’ and ‘Hood Jam’ intensify the vibe with strong shots of melodic synths and marching Techno drums.

It gets ravey and house music esque on tracks like ‘Asymmetric’ and  ‘Groups And Scenes’ while the ‘Acid Jam’ series of tracks work the 303s taking us back to 88′

This Lp is work of club friendly art with lovely Bleepy thumpers like ‘Subtractive’ and ‘Engulfed’. The outro to this masterpiece is the epic pounding ‘Stretching Time’ which fittingly takes us out on a euphoric wave.

Trust us when we say fans of dance music in a general sense will love this LP, We do and if you love Techno then ‘Machine Jams’ is a DJ’s weapon and an opus at the same time.

Saytek- In My Heart EP [Cubism]



Hypnotising And mesmerising tech House From Saytek

Saytek will positively hypnotise you and lock you into their groove with the mystic roll of the title track to this great 2 track EP on Cubism, ‘Stories Of The Mind’ on the flip is a slinky psychedelic groove perfect for 2am moments, more Cubism classiness!!!

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My Own Mind- Lemon Top EP [Cubism Records]


Top drawer techno out now from My Own Mind who have a new EP out on Cubism, 3 tracks of funky synths and ravey action that your ears are need of, grab it quick!!!!

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