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Davina Moss- Fineplay

Davina Moss-Fineplay


Globe trotting Spanish DJ Davina Moss stops the plane in Italy to deliver a world class Tech House EP for Lapsus Music!

Right off the bat, Davina pitches a frothing drum assault to the dancefloor with ‘4u’ Feat ShatZ. This banger will bowl you over with the energetic lyrics and intense beats. ‘Fineplay’ has a different kind of intensity. A kind of retro bassline that calls back to late 80s House music and the electro roots of that sound. The retro electro vibe continues to seed it’s way through with nice weighted kicks. ‘Always Missing’ completes this trio of tunes. This final track lays the subs on nice and heavy while blasting off into a dubby stratosphere. Fine play from Davina Moss!!!


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