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Maxim – Where Do We Go? Ft. Kestra

Maxim - Where Do We Go Ft. Kestra. Kestra


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For this blogger, Maxim – Where Do We Go? Ft. Kestra is Maxim’s best work yet. The uplifting pianos recall the best of the 90’s Rave & House era and distill that energy and emotion into a bassy rumbler of a DnB tune with great vocals. Where Do We Go? Straight to the buy link to snap up a copy of this HUGE TUNE!!!

Maxim- Dub Chemist

Maxim- Dub Chemist


Maxim continues his string of firin’ DnB releases with a free tune!!! ‘Dub Chemist’ is all about boomin’ out ya’ speakers!!! A hard, abrasive dubby smasher for the festival revelers and those who love their DnB with plenty of Tobasco!!!!

MAXIM- U Ready Ft. Daddy Freddy

MAXIM- U Ready Ft. Daddy Freddy


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Maxim’s new track featuring Daddy Freddy is H.A.R.D!!!! Raw skanking DnB energy with hard hitting drums, lethal energy and Daddy Freedy’s cut throat vocals, one for the mentalists!!!!

Maxim- Respect [Death Drum Rebel]


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Maxim gets his new label off to a fire starting first step. His track ‘Respect’ is a blistering fusion of Reggae, Bass & DnB that lurches out of your speaker ready to lay one on you!! Furious, fun and funky!!!

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