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Distortionz live @ Animalia’s 17th Anniversary



More classic heavyweight breaks sounds now with Distortionz. He was booked to play at Animalia’s 17th anniversary party and threw down an insane set stacked with the biggest basslines and hardest beats you’re ever gonna hear. If you were ever a fan of the tearout sounds then this is for you. Check the video for a glimpse of the chaos


Distortionz Live @ Fuse In Manchester

Distortionz Live @ Fuse In Manchester


This is a massive tearout mix from one of the best producers of the genre. Sadly no longer making tunes, the tracks on this mix still rock hard and deserve to be played at maximum volume. Some absolutely legendary tunes in this. Get on the download!

Intro (taken from the US documentary “UNCOVERED – Why Bush REALLY attacked Iraq”)
Revolutions – Backdraft – Bassrock
Rock Da House – Distortionz vs Deep Impact – Bass Invaderz
└Bring the Noise (Acapella) – Public Enemy – Def Jam
Buss Diss – Baobinga & ID – Hardcore Beats
└Milkshake (Acapella) – Kelis – Virgin
Doppelganger – Shodan – Funkatech
└Insatiable (Acapella) – Thick D – Sondos
Infectious (Distortionz VIP mix) – ED209 – Ollywood smells
Crazy – Breakfasterz – Cyberfunk
└Spit it out – Breakfasterz – Cyberfunk
1 Armed Bandit – Pete samplers vs Mando – Downbeat
Monster Black – Peter Paul – N-Mity
└Fucking Society (Acapella) – Reeloop – Digi White
Demonz – Distortionz vs Deep Impact – Bass Invaderz
└Aint Nobody (Acapella) – The Course
Get Down (Breakfasters Remix) – Koma & Bones – Lot49
└Thats my Style – Freq Nasty – Skint
Got no time – DJ Mutiny – Sub Frequency Funk
└Dictionary (Acapella) – Baby Cham
Help Me (Rennie Pilgrim mix) – Timo mass feat Kellis – TCR
└6 Million ways – Deep Impact – Broke Records
Dangerous – Agent K vs Factore E
└Your not alone (Acapella) – Olive – BMG
The Only Trip (Distortionz Remix) – White Papoo – Bass Invaderz
Nitrology (Transformer man Rmx) – DJ Nitro – Groove Master
└The Slammer – Raw as Fuck – Against The Grain
Saison Africain – White Papoo
Better late then never (Backdraft Rmx) – Pink Elephant – Bassrock
Gravel muncher (Distortionz VIP) – DJ Quest – Cyberfunk
└Keep Rockin (Acapella) – Donica Thornton – Vicious Grooves
Midnight – Breakfasterz – Against The Grain
Rock Me (Steve Lathers Remix) – Move Ya & Steve Lathers – Audiobug
Oxygen – DJ Mutiny – Sub Frequency Funk
└Take it (Vocal Mix) – Krafty Cuts & C5 Joyriders – Against The Grain
Hitman – Distortionz – Hardcore Beats
Some Justice – Unknown
This World – Autobots feat. Teri
R U Ready – Backdraft – Passenger
Pure Play – Distortionz – Bass Invaderz

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