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DJ Fav/HWND Exclusive Mix For Free Breaks Blog

DJ Fav HWND Exclusive Mix For Free Breaks Blog

Hardcore Breaks pioneer, DJ and host of one of the longest-running and most popular online oldskool hardcore/jungle archives-DJ Fav has put together an exclusive mix for the blog packed with forthcoming tracks like his contribution to OSRT Records non-profit/charity release and unreleased dubplates. Enjoy this trip to the darkside of breakbeat hardcore, may the force be with you!!!

DJ Fav – Highlander (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – Sunrise (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – No Surrender (Unreleased)
Intense – Paradox (HWND Remix)
The Invisible Man – Twisted (HWND Remix)
DJ Fav – I’m So Scared – Switchblade Digital
DJ Fav – Take Shelter (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – Headhunter – Paranoid Recordings
DJ Fav – Hear Darkness (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – Music For The Future (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – Nightfall (Born Into Darkness Mix) (OSRT)
DJ Fav – Badfellas (Unreleased)
DJ Fav – Trailer Wars (Unreleased)

DJ Fav- I’m So Scared [Switchblade Digital]



DJ Fav is a producer and DJ that has been there from day one of the Breakbeat Hardcore revival, his Hardcore Will Never Die label was a home to numerous NuSkool anthems in the 00’s and still puts out quality tracks to this day including this fine debut on one of our favourite labels Switchblade Digital, keeping with the label ethos this is an axe wielding mask wearing piece of 1993 darkcore with rolling amens, horror samples, nasty mentasms, plenty of variation too with lots of different stabs sections, fans of the darkside should and will revel in this melodic madness!!!


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