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DJ Wislov- The Sound Of My Silence

DJ Wislov- The Sound Of My Silence

You really couldn’t get more authentically oldskool hardcore than DJ Wislov’s 5 track EP ‘The Sound Of My Silence’ on Ravenoyz

Over the 5 tracks including title track ‘The Sound Of My Silence’, ’31 Seconds’ and ‘Psychedelic Sex’ we are placed in the transporter where are molecules reassemble on an M-Class planet where bleeps, epic strings, 140-150BPM breaks and dark techno stabs inhabit. If you loved the early Jungle Tekno sound of Reinforced, Ibiza and Labello Blanco, this unmissable EP from DJ Wislov is a continuation of that journey, we thought it ended too soon but we’re pleased to say Hardcore is alive and well!!!

DJ Wislov – Keep Alive

DJ Wislov - Keep Alive

DJ Wislov wants to thanks all the supporters of his Ravenoyz Recordings, By way of thanks, he is giving this pure 92′ style oldskool hardcore track ‘Keep Alive’ for free. If you, like us love the true oldskool sound you can’t say no to this tune!!!

DJ Wislov- DAT Demos (Oldskool Hardcore)

DJ Wislov- DAT Demos (Oldskool Hardcore)


DJ Wislov shares some oldskool hardcore gems found on DAT tapes from his days of analogue production. This slammin 7 begins with the pounding acid of ‘Acid Rain’ then gets dark n nasty with some 93 dark breakbeat hardcore called ‘Brain Killer’.

‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ is a deep atmospheric trip back in time to 1992. ‘People C’Mon’ breaks out the euphoric pianos to get you rushing. ‘Kicking In The Beat’ gives a well known and much loved dance music classic some tough rave breaks treatment.

‘Technology’ slows things down for a dark and scary breaks workout and we come to an end of this EP with a melodic piano breaks number in ‘OPen Your Mind’. This is a great EP for lovers of breaks and oldskool hardcore, snap it up!!!

Stream & But the ‘DAT Demos EP’ here>>>

DJ Wislove- So Free (Re Edit)


Old skool delight from DJ Wislov, a great re edit of his airy and atmospheric deep romp into the vaults of 93 proto jungle/breakbeat hardcore, some serious stabbage going on in here, push up your lighter and blow ya whistles and horns!!!

Buy Here

DJ Wislov- Space [Music Rascals]



Old Skool Hardcore and Bangin’ Bass House all in one, coming soon on Music Rascals, the 18th of January 2016 to be precise is DJ Wislov “Space” Starting with a rolling Jungle break, continuing with the break made famous by Manix “Try To Love Me” leading into a hard Belgian Techno stab, more classic breaks and raw 91/92 style keys n’ pads. If you loved the style of Reinforced Records in their hardcore era you will love this, the 2nd drop is dark and scary, this is true oldskool down to a tee!!!

The Silverfox Sub Zero remix strips things back for a darker more techn like feel while keeping with the breaks.

Cronin ramps things up with his 92 remix which will go down well with fans of The Prodigy’s seminal first album, think of the insane 155 & Rising version of “Everybody In The Place” or early Slammin’ Vinyl productions to get the idea.

Underheadz put their trademark stamp of style on “Space” with a remix that fuses breaks and fidget influenced sounds, a tight bassy affair, you can pre order this right now, we know you won’t be disappointed!!!

DJ Wislov “Space” is out on Music Rascals on 18/01/16 Pre Order Here

DJ Wislov- Hardcore School EP [Ravenoyz]



Prepare to get schooled in the NuSkool by DJ Wislove with his new ‘Hardcore School EP’ on his Ravenoyz imprint, the title track is a pumping rhythm in old skool DJ Seduction style, ‘XTC’ is a darker drum workout with hard beats and techno style pads, ‘Your Love’ is a huge epic piano anthem with hyperspeed breaks 93/94 style, this is one school we don’t mind attending any time!!!!


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