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GL0WKiD’s GenerationX Radioshow – Dred Collective Vol 4 Special

GL0WKiD's GenerationX Radioshow - Dred Collective Vol 4 Special

Our good friend Glowkid recently hosted a special showcase of Dred Collective Vol 4, you can hear all 27 tracks on the new album ranging from bass to footwork to some bangin’ techno with an oldskool theme. Take a listen to the show and grab a copy of the album from the hyperlink whilst your listening!!!

Hertz Couture- Aim + Fire EP [Dred Collective]



Get ready for a visit from the future, Hertz Couture’s next EP for Dred Collective ‘Aim + Fire’ blends Techno, Footwork and Jungle over 6 bubblin’ tracks including our pick ‘Stern Warning’ which makes great use of a famous sample made popular by 94 Jungle classic ‘Warning’ by Firefox & 4 Tree, walls of bass leap out at you with the feel of classic bass pioneers such as Tek 9, out 08/07/15




Dred Collective returns with a MASSIVE 48 TRACK COMPILATION!!! Yes, you did read that right, probably the largest single compilation to date of Footwork, Juke, Ghetto Bass, ‘NuSkool’ Hardcore/Hardcore/Rave Breaks, Jungle & Techno, theres just so many great tracks on here such as Mojikun’s ‘Rave Gen’, Sideswipe’s ’92 Dub’, the excellent reworking of Liquid Crystal’s ‘You Got Me’ by The Renegades, Beach Club & Relic’s foot tappi9ng footwork remix of the classic ‘Anthem’ by N Joi and just so many others, its a name your price release on Bandcamp, go support!!!







Dred Collective Vol 2 brings together 27 tracks of upfront multi genre bass music, some may be familiar with the label’s regular Thursday giveaway tracks and EP releases that have been featured on some of the biggest EDM blogs on the net. Highlights from this essential LP include offerings from Machine Girl, Lynch Kingsley, Arthur Tixhon, Heavee, DJ Mel Gibson (I kid you not!), Nikes and many more. Many of the featured artists are part of the Teklife community founded by the late DJ Rashad. all in all, if you’re after some fresh footwork, juke, jungle, bass, you name it, this is your go to LP and its totally free too.


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