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FLeCK- You Got Me/When We Used To Chill

FLeCK- You Got Me & When We Used To Chill-Sub Slayers


Fleck is back on Sub Slayers with two truly breathtaking slices of DnB ‘You Got Me’ & ‘When We Used To Chill’

‘You Got Me’ begins with a picturesque ocean glide that pays reverence to the roots of Jungle/DnB. The Debbie Malone vocals hark back to the 90s rave era, a prelude to the beautiful storm of 808s and amens. For the rest of this year and beyond, you will be hard pressed to find a DnB or Jungle track as good as ‘You Got Me’

‘When We Used To Chill’ is Fleck’s modern take on Chuck’E’s ‘Smokin’ A Blunt’ that maintains the raw junglist aesthetic while injecting tranquillity and grace into the mix. The ‘smokin’ a blunt vocals are stunningly resung, the addition of melancholic keys and horns give the track a rich and powerful pathos further enhanced by classic late 90’s subs a la Ganja Kru/Zinc. Fleck’s last EP for Sub Slayers was amazing, this is on a level of it’s own and has to be heard.

Fleck- Man A Badman & Refugee [Sub Slayers]

Fleck- Man A Badman & Refugee [Sub Slayers]


Athens Junglist, Fleck has carved himself a well earned and deserved reputation, the latest chapter being ‘Man A Badman’ & ‘Refugee’ on the mighty Sub Slayers!!

‘Man A Badman’ revisits a Fleck signature of deep melodic opener acting as the percussor for a blitz of Ragga Jungle fiyah. ‘Refugee’ is a pognant fusion of sounds with a far reaching message and ethos. Some artists speak through their music, Fleck is most certainly one of them and he speaks a positive and powerful message that cannot and should not be ignored.



Warehouse Wax continue the quality output with vol 4 of ‘Ruffneck Rydims’, the trans global colab of Gold & Fleck produces a dubwise 140 roller in the shape of ‘Organic’ while Sanxion unleashes the uplifting electro bass with the excellent ‘Tears Of The Robot’, Protune’s ‘Melancholia’ lures you in with melodic chords before slapping you across the jaw with some pulverising bass, enough to go ten rounds with Floyd Mayweather!!! Lastly Traffik’s ‘Here Once Again’ fuses dark hardcore techno like sounds with some 140 amens for some assured mayhem, pure perfection from beginning to end!!!

Buy Here:


Bass, 140 & DnB Round Up 14.2.14



OK, so its time for yet another round up of the latest bangers in the bass, 140 & DnB genres respectively, how about a little deep house freebie from Transcode

And how about some deep soulful midtempo tunage from the 13th Tribe & Apple Juice Kid, check out their free remix of Janelle Monae & Eryka Badu’s ‘Queen’

In 140 territory we have this sick remake of several Prodigy classics by Paul Cronin, we’re absolutely lovin’ this!!!

Now for an EP you definitely should go out and buy, especially if you’re a future jungle fan, Boomsha Recordings make their stamp with the first release of 2014, consistently one of the best imprints of the genre since their 2012 inception, this EP features 3 tracks plus a remix and vocal version by the incredibly talented Athens based producer, Fleck who has appeared on various EPs and LPs for Boomsha prior to this latest release, if I had to summarise this in a few words then timeless beauty is how I would describe tracks like the sweet ‘Losing You’ and the simply amazing ‘A Place For Us’, the vocals on both tracks make the heart soar and Bay B Kane’s ‘Million Miles VIP’ takes it to the next level of greatness, on the flipside if you’re looking for a darker and heavier 140 workout then ‘Jungle Tales’ has the bass you require and also features a vocal version with bars by Tiwadi, Boomsha delivers yet another instant classic.


On the subject of instant classic, the mighty Kode 5 pulls yet another banger out from the growing roster of talented NuSkool artists, Scratch N Sniff revives the mid 00’s rave breaks sound with the absolutely massive ‘Want Your Love’, without a doubt one of the finest tracks to date on Kode 5, you will just lose it to THAT PIANO!!!! One to take the roof off at the raves and festivals, a certified banger, go get it!!!!

Bad Habit Muzik also returns to continue its success of the last 2 years with an outstanding EP of Future Jungle from Tribesteppaz & Mr Sir who smash it with the high energy drum workout ‘Circa Rave 94′ and the ragga tinged ‘Slabba Gabba’, a U.K/U.S colab featuring L.A’s Mr Sir and Bristol legend Tribesteppaz who some of you may know as part of oldskool hardcore duo Bunjy & Cridge


To round things up in DnB fashion,Asbo Records today releases the Love Dub Remixes EP, following up from the original EP from last February, a quick glance at the artists on remix duties is enough to tell you what a quality package you are in for here, Ray Keith, Gold Dubs, Liondub and remix comp winners DJ Narcs & Sureshock plus Daffy’s own VIP of the track, theres something for everyone from the stripped back bass workouts by Gold Dubs, Sureshock  & The Dread to DJ Narcs’ fantastic Nu Jungle rethinking of Love Dub and the uptempo vibes supplied by Liondub & Daffy himself, if you know your DnB, you will already know about Asbo, the imprint that simply every reputable DnB DJ is supporting and you will know exactly why they do, each release is of the highest quality and Love Dubs continues the trend, its also available on vinyl if you’re a vinyl head and it is without doubt, an absolute must have, an essential




Renegade vs Dead Dread – “Terrorist Bass” [FLeCK mashup]

Renegade vs Dead Dread - Terrorist Bass FLeCK mashup


Wicked mashup of two classic jungle cuts from Fleck. This one’s a definite crowd pleaser. Play loud!


Fleck (Future Jungle)


Love finding music like this on Soundcloud. Serious vibes on these tunes all the way from Greece courtesy of Fleck. Really showing what the Future Jungle scene is all about you can find 140 breaks, jungle, dubstep, future dub and more on his profile, all melded together with the essence of jungle music, dub reggae!

Below are my picks of the best but make sure you check out the four pages of music HERE and find your own favourite. By sure to check the free downloads on the right hand side of his page featuring three free albums!

   FLeCK – “All I need” featuring Denman by FLeCK

   FLeCK – “The real Don Dada” – [Free Download] by FLeCK

   FLeCK – “Smokin” -OUT NOW! by FLeCK

   FLeCK – “NO SEEDS” (It’s out NOW!!! – released 14/6/2012) by FLeCK

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