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City Sample Pack (Bear Fresh)

Bear Fresh


Lending itself to the future bass and garage styles that are so hot today, City Samples is packed to the brim with go-to sample material. The included drums are definitely quality over quantity and you can tell each sample was chosen for it’s particular range rather than bombarding you with a bunch of shitty ones that you’ll never use. Drum loops are separated into each element too, giving you a lot more combinations to work with if you’re just in need of a top loop in your current tune to fill it out.

There’s some interesting Massive Presets to be had, some beautiful and haunting music loops that leave you wanting more along with the included MIDI, Vocals and FX. With all that said, the drums are the star of the show here. Recommended if you’re looking to update your drum sample collection to the new hotness or get some inspiration if you want to try your hand at a new style.

3.5 / 5


Gella – Exclusive mix + Interview



For the first of our relaunch exclusives we have this killer mix from UK bassline bad man,  Gella. Stacked full of dubplates and forthcoming material, he takes us on a one hour 20 minutes ride of the freshest breaks, garage, 2 step, D&B and all places in between.

Gella has been a long time favourite of mine and many others for his very unique take on the electronic music he produces. His early releases and remixes on Fat Records secured him as one to watch and he didn’t disappoint with massive tracks on Bassrock, Valium and Sub Slayers. Whilst being known as a breaks producer, his music takes in all kinds of bass heavy influences that just happens to be glued together with the sickest broken beats you’re ever going to hear.


1. Caper – The Heist (Gella Remix) [Dub]
2. Gella – Flatline [Dub]
3. Sirkus Sirkus vs March Against -The Tempest (Gella Remix) [9G]
4. Gella – The Bomb (Cut Crystal) [Dub]
5. Shut Up & Dance – Nova [SUAD]
6. Mosca – Bax [Numbers]
7. Abe Duque feat. Blake Baxter – What Happened? (Gella Remix) [Dub]
8. Luke’s Ange – Warble Tone [Bonus Round]
9. Ingen – Snap The Tilt (Gella Remix) [Digital Distortions]
10. Gella – Darkacide [Dub]
11. Noise Factory – Breakage #4 (Gella Edit) [Dub]
12. Journeyman & Barcode – Criminal Minded (Gella Remix) [Mutate]
13. Si Begg – Losing It (Gella Remix) [Noodles]
14. Gella – Soundclash [Dub]
15. Zinc – Hello [Bingo Beats]
16. Spookhouse – Desk Pop [Digital Distortionz]
17. Aaron Spectre – Say More Fire [Dub]
18. Elixir – DNA (Si Begg Remix) [Muti Music]
19. Hyper On Experience – Thundergrip [Moving Shadow]
20. Full Spektrum – You Got The Love [Dub]
21. Kid Whatever – Lenny Dee [Noodles Discotheque]


I caught up with Gella to find out a little more about him and the music…

1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, for those that don’t know, who are you, what do you do and what style(s) of music do you play?

Hello, my name is Andy Gella and I make noisy, bassy and kind of weird electronic music, usually featuring a breakbeat or two.


La Roux – In for the Kill (FFS’s ‘140 Jungle’ Re-Rub)

La Roux FFS

Strange Rollers – Small Things

Strange Rollers


Next up on Held II Ransom we have something a little different from Strange Rollers Aka Ritchie K , who drops his debut album Break it Down , 13 top tunes that really showcase his sound !!!
Firmly ensconsed in the breakbeat sound , Richie brings to bear all his talents across a wide range of 140 music . From the deep dark sounds of Small Things , to the upbeat dancefloor action of Break It Down , He draws on influences from the golden era of rave , fusing them into his tightly honed modern sound .
No newcomer to the game Ritchie has been producing music in one form or another since the 90’s , from hardware based setups right through to the modern day all in one box solution and it shows in the depth an variety in his sound and techniques .
Not just an album full of dance floor smashers , this selection of tunes from Ritchie is more of a journey , a journey through his experience of music !! intriuged ? Then get to know !! Strange Rollers be Rollllllin !!!

Go Check out the album here:

H2R034 : Strange Rollers – Break It Down – Album by Held2Ransom


Makoto ‘Hurts So Much’ [Apollo Records]


Beautifully deep future garage track from Makoto on Apollo Records. Check out Apollo releases HERE.

   Makoto ‘Hurts So Much’ [Apollo Records] – Free Download by Apollo Records

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