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Electro Swing Roundup – May 2014

Swingamajig 2014

Hello! First up, I’ve got to give some apologies. I’ve been trying to get this roundup into a regular pattern however outside work pressures have been making it hard (I’ve been juggling launching a new vintage DJ business (Vintage Wedding DJ if you’re interested) with holding down a normal job and gigging at the same time and it’s all got a bit hard to manage. As such for the next few months I’m going to do each Electro Swing Roundup on the first of every month so that everyone knows exactly when to expect it.

Right plenty to catch up on so let’s get into it!

Swingamajig 2014

It’s only a few days to Swingamajig and there’s a really good buzz about the festival going on. I know that it’s almost sold out and once again there will be the cream of the electro swing scene meeting up in Birmingham. If you come down make sure you say hi – look for me on the main stage between all the headliners. To get you in the mood check out The C@ In The H@’s rather smashing mixtape:

Free Music

Top of the class goes to this deep disco groover from The Swing Bot and Johnny Lectro:

Here’s the first of two remixes messing with Parov Stelar. First up the Swing Bot again:

And Phibes adding some definite glitch n bass:

Pugzilla is celebrating getting an impressive 75000 plays on soundcloud by this unusual swinger:

Butler Reeves has been nicely retouching this vintage swing original:

This has a nice swing feel mixed with a 60’s style sample which grooves rather nicely:

This may split a few people when it drops, but I have to say that the build always puts a massive smile on my face. I might wait until after midnight at Swingamajig and see if it’s the right time to drop it in.


Electro Swing Roundup

Swingamajig 2013

Swingamajig 2014

It’s that time of year again and in the UK we’re building up to the biggest electro swing festival going, Birmingham’s Swingamajig. Following off from last years truly stunning event, this year they’re bigger than ever with a really strong lineup including Molotov Jukebox, Electric Swing Circus, The Destroyers, Renegade Brass Band, Fresh Dixie Project, Smokey Joe & the Kid, Sam Green & the Midnight Heist, Jenova Collective, Lunatrix, After Hours Quintet, Temple Funk Collective, loads of DJ’s, swing dancing, lindyhop, circus performers, vintage cinema and much much more. Oh and some chap called DJR…

You can check out the full lineup at the Swingamajig website and tickets are a bargain at only £20 so don’t waste time and get them now!

Free Music

Here’s a great remix of Bart & Baker’s Swing Phonmenon – free to download from the Pep’s Show Boys facebook.

JPod getting funky with the Andrews Sisters! Sweet.

Sammy Senior has been bringing his ghetto funk and old style flavour to K7’s Hi De Ho. Recommended.

New from Future Swing Stories…

Johnny Lectro has been adding delicious blues licks to a grooving 130bpm beat. Nice.

Nuno Endo has stuck up a new edit of Ella Fitzgerald’s Teardrops From My Eyes:


Electro Swing Roundup

Electro Swing Ball Feels The Love

Well we all had an incredible time at the latest Electro Swing Ball. Shout out to all our incredible performers, the Electric Swing Circus, Bertie Dastard, Supabad, White Rose, Luna Diosa, CircusMASH and Jazz Jive Swing. It’s such a privilege playing for such a gorgeous and glamorous crowd who embrace the music so enthusiastically and who make each Ball such a special event.

Now that it’s done it’s time to get back to normal service and come through with another roundup of all the new movers in the world of the swingers…

Free Music

Top of the class goes to the C@ in the H@ who’s been adding a nice little bassy wobble to Nina’s timeless classic:

Here’s another classic getting a tweak, altogether now, you give me fever all through the night…

Wolfgang Lohr puts together some really nice productions and this freebie has a nice house groove with a bit of a swinging twist. I’ve no clue what the German vocals are saying though!

Here’s a grooving house number from Madame Electrife. Particularly like the jazz style walking bassline which appears at times:

Here’s a nicely produced remix of Atum:

If you like the big room EDM sound then you might like this from new on the block Dotse:


Electro Swing Roundup

Electro Swing BallHello hello. The latest Electro Swing Roundup has been held up by her majesty’s thieving tax monkeys demanding some accounts being handed in. But fear thee not normal service has been resumed and we’ve got some blinding tracks for you!

As I may have mentioned, sumptuous preparations are in place for the Electro Swing Ball Feels The Love – and it’s going to be truly  exquisite. Come and join us for a night of vintage glamour at a Valentines Ball featuring the Electric Swing Circus, DJR, Bertie Dastard, Supabad, live circus acts, burlesque, boylesque and much more.

Right let’s get into it. First up an exclusive from Dr Cat…


The Real Tuesday Weld. “Me and Mr Wolf (Dr Cat Remix)

Dr Cat

Green Queen Music’s Dr Cat has kindly offered us the exclusive on his remix of The Real Tuesday Weld. It’s available for free from his facebook – in exchange for a quick like. Go do it!


Copperdollar, the award-winning performance company known for their cutting-edge and mixed-media immersive theatre productions inspired by Mexico’s Day Of The Dead have released a 15 track CD Copperdollar on Freshly Squeezed Records. Here’s the video from their shows and the album sampler is below. Available from Juno.

Free Music

Loving this funked up remix of Elvis’ A Little Less Conversation:

House grooves and swing always seem to be a winner and I’m enjoying this with Don Mescal on remix duty:

Here’s a fun edit of Baked A Cake from DJ Tomahawk:

This ones good fun too. It’s called Slapstick and all it’s really missing are the clowns…

Extra Medium are building up for their album release on the 24th. In the mean time they’ve released this freebie:



Electro Swing Roundup

White Mink London

The big news on the live front is that White Mink are returning to London with a quarterly residence at Village Underground. They’re kicking off on 8th Feb with an all star lineup of Bart & Baker, Kid Kasino, Nick Hollywood, Chris Tofu and many more. If you’re in the capital it’s got to be the place to be.

Of course up here we’re getting ready for our next Electro Swing Ball. If you wondering what I keep going on about, check out our latest promo video here:

Finally make sure you check out Free Breaks Blogs new sample pack Beat Juice Vol. 1. With over 500 expertly crafted original breaks loops this is a must for any producer, remixer and DJ.

Beat Juice Vol 1

Free Music

Oh my god I got excited when this turned up on my soundcloud feed. The Phantom has become such a classic in the swing world, and any excuse to play it again has to be a good thing. Plenty of festivals are going to be hit by this beauty this summer!

This freebie from Cee-Roo is supremely funky and will fit nicely into many a set.

Grant Lazlo has been celebrating the festive season by being really generous. He’s given away a tasty remix of Stevie Wonders Superstition, three tracks off his album, and one older track. The quality of all of them is really good and if you like these check out his album here.



Electro Swing Roundup

Electro Swing Ball Feels The Love

Wow, isn’t life busy! There’s lots going on at the moment… big releases coming out, NYE parties to plan, and festive cheer is in the air! Over at Swing Towers we’re getting ready for our next event (shameless plug – poster is above) where we’re delighted to be welcoming the mighty Electric Swing Circus. If you’re in the West Midlands area of the UK come on down – I guarantee it will be fabulous. I’ve heard a few whispers about Boomtown and once again the lineup is looking incredible and tickets are flying out. For all readers of Free Breaks Blog it has to have the best lineup going. The other big announcement is that Swingamajig is back again in Birmingham on the 4th May with arguably the best electro swing lineup of any festival, well, ever I reckon! Apart from that we have heard that there may be a bit more competition in the blogosphere, but forget the young upstarts you know where the best info is…

Free Music

Ahead of their first EP which is coming out very soon, the Jenova Collective have given away two swinging stompers for free:

Ghetto Funk have released a great free EP from Howla which features this banger for free. Aren’t they kind?

Enjoying the drum & bass grooves on this swinger. Great stuff.

Ecklectic Mick has been having fun mixing up the Andrews Sisters:

There’s a nice swinging house groove on this from Electro Swing Stuttgart:

I seem to have missed this one when it came out a bit ago, definitely worth a repost though. Great funky grooves!

Here’s a nice bluesy remix featuring Howlin’ Wolf, download from facebook.

And last up is this, entertaining if slightly strange version of Jingle Bells from Skeewiff. It does slightly remind me of happy hardcore in places, which is well disquieting to say the least…

New Releases

White Mink Black Cotton 3

The release of the moment is certainly still White Mink Black Cotton 3 on Freshly Squeezed. DJ Switch has provided a mashed up version of it which gives me a great excuse to post it again. Highly recommended and available from here.

The WooHoo Revue – Remixed Vol.1

Ragtime Records have been busy gathering together a rather fine EP remixing Australias The WooHoo Revue. I road-tested a couple of these on last Friday and I have to say they go down really well. The remixes range in style from gypsy house to glitch hop, breaks to minimal from artists such as Skeewiff, donJohnston, Sound Nomaden and Audioprophecy.

Jemstone – Well Oiled Machine EP

After getting truly hooked on his Pack Your Trunk release with Kid Creole it’s great to have Jemstone back with some more bass heavy groovers. There’s three tunes to check here on his latest EP available from bandcamp.

The Young Punx – Kowloon Kickback (Gramophonedzie Mix)

Really loving this – it has to be worth £1.73 of your money – big horns, loads of excitement – dancefloor gold. This weeks essential release.

Leygo – Raggy Mop

If you like your harder edged ghetto swing then you should check out the new remix EP of Leygo. Available from Juno and personally I reckon this is the one to pick out:

BadBoe – Hit It Maestro

My ears certainly pricked up when I heard this on BadBoes Pump Up The Funk Remixed LP. The rest of the album is more straight ahead ghetto funk, but this one certainly has a bit of a vintage flavour to it. Available from Juno.

Dutty Moonshine – Rauchester EP 2 (teaser)

It’s good to see a follow up for the Rauchester EP is on the way:


DJ Mixes

Been enjoying this all round mix from The Swing Bot. Plenty of chilled stuff mixed in with party bangers.

Gramophonedzie have released for me the pick of this roundups releases above, and so they earn a place for their recent DJ mix too. A bit of swing and plenty of house.

That’s it for this week. If you’ve got anything you’d like included in future roundups hit me up on soundcloud. To find out more about my own events check out the Electro Swing Ball.

Kid Kasino – Exclusive Interview + Free Download

Kid Kasino


We are very pleased to bring some exclusive material and an upfront interview from one of the hottest producers on the Electro Swing circuit today. With every track he puts out landing in the sets of DJs from the top of the Ghetto Funk, bass and swing scenes he has secured himself as a serious talent and one to watch.

We caught up with him to find out a little more. Read through to the end of the interview for your exclusive free download of the Kid Kasino remix of Kelis – ‘Milkshake’


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, for those that don’t know, who are you, what do you do and what style(s) of music do you play?

I’m Kid Kasino, i’m a producer/DJ from the south-coast of the UK. I produce music that has a vintage feel mixed with modern beats and big basslines. I take influence from all genres of music whether it be Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Broken-Beat, Funk, Soul, anything that i listen to that i really dig just goes into the melting pot and comes out in my music. Being a trained jazz musician and arranger though, one of my big loves is the sound of Big Band and Swing music and i’m lucky enough now with the emergence of the Electro-Swing scene to now be able to add that into the mix as well.

Your first single is coming soon – could you give us some more info?

It’ll be out this year, it’s a cover of an old Eartha Kitt song that i picked up and started messing about with, doing my own thing on it. Then i got my mate Shea Soul to re-vocal it and she nailed it as you’ll hear, she’s got a great character to her voice which really captures the vintage sound and works great with the modern production.

How’s the album coming along?

Great. I’ve got a whole heap of tracks, actually probably about 2 albums worth sitting on my hard drive and i’m still making more all the time. The thing is, in this day and age with music being so accessible and instant, people tend to try and meet the demand by rushing stuff and just throwing it out there, which is cool, but there’s a danger that the quality suffers. That’s not my vibe, i’d rather take my time and release a quality product that i’m not going to look back on and go “i wish i’d taken more time over it..”
As the great Dr Dre says “Still..taking my time to perfect the beat..” (more…)

Electro Swing Roundup

DJ Eliazar - Sounds of the speakeasy

We’re spoilt by free music this week so we’re going to dive straight on in with an incredible  full length compilation…

Free Music

The Electro Vintage Sounds of the Speakeasy Vol. 2

This 40 track compilation has been put together by DJ Eliazar of the Speakeasy Electro Swing crew. All available totally for free this compilation includes the whole range of electro swing, plus electro blues, gospel, and soul. There are tracks from Cheshire, Defunk, Dunklebunt, Swingrowers, Electric Swing Circus, Jenova Collective, Bobby C Sound and many more. Really, there’s simply too much to describe in this great compilation so get yourself straight over to their website and dive straight on in…

You can download it from here and in case you missed it there’s also Volume 1 which is also available for free from here.

Here’s a nice little remix adding a bit more oomph to Caravan Palace:

It’s great to get a remix of this track because it’s one of those that will happily cross over between the most mainstream party going and a more discerning audience. Plus the original is only about 2 minutes long and so it was always over too quick!

Liking this a lot! Brass, beats, bongos and a bit of Superstyling. Nice.

Here’s a rather nice swinging remix of Just The Two Of Us:

The Jenova Collective are straying a little from the swing sound with this but a remix of Ain’t No Sunshine is always welcome…

Jeeves and Wooster brought back to life. Yes!



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