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Highly Anticipated Vol 2 Exclusive Pre Release Review

Highly Anticipated Vol 2 Exclusive Pre Release Review

One label that has been bringing it with quality fresh Garage across the spectrum is Highly Swung. Having already set a milestone with Highly Anticipated Vol One, Vol two sets to raise the bar even higher with a packed roster of talent and a selection of tracks to suit a wide range of Garage, House and Bass Music tastes. Lets unpack this excellent album and talk through what to anticipate on the second installment of Highly Anticipated!!!

1Point5 ‘Bullet’

Big carnival vibes on this one! Off to an ultra lively start with grimey keys and a repeated vocal refrain ‘bullet.’ The beats bounce and rebound in fierce fashion. 1Point5 finds the meeting point between bashment, grime, bassline and UKG.

8th Note & Marlon Williams ‘Different Place’

Who doesn’t love a bit of Tuff Jam style 4×4 chugginess? ‘Different Place’ is a loving tribute to the sophisticated and shuffling sound championed by industry standards and Garage legends to this day. Chopped up vocals galore, swinging kicks and a bassline smoother than silk!!!!

99dB ‘Down South’

If you haven’t heard the brilliant 99dB until now, you’ve been missing out. ‘Down South’ works some crisp filtered 2 step beats and sweet sweet sub bass vibrations into the mix for a ragga tinged excursion into the deeper side of garage.

Anonymous People feat Manny G ‘One More Time’

‘One More Time’ is the soul shaker of Highly Anticipated Vol 2, a pure slice of R&B style Garage cut from the D&G cloth of circa 2000. Manny G has an amazing voice and the ladies will love this one but it’s absolutely fine for the lads to love it too!!!

B1G PR0J3CT ‘Make It Hot’

B1G PR0J3CT, the dons of today’s Garage scene lock n’ load the sweet strings for a weighty dancehall stepper with oldskool New Jack Swing vocals a la Mary Jane/Janet Jackson.

Christian Jules & Matt Vinyl ‘Keep It Real’

Christian Jules & Matt Vinyl take it back to the 90s House music sound, all about the warm pianos, bouncing beats and sun kissed feel real good vibes. These guys bring it in bucket loads with a timeless formula and high class production.

Guezz Who ‘Man Ah Badman’

No garage compilation is complete without a good old moody skanker and Guezz Who makes sure ‘Highly Anticipated Vol 2′ has it’s own percy skanker!!! ‘Man Ah Badman’ is a playful stepper with electro bass synths woven into the bouncing beats, a pure party igniter!!

James Lavonz ‘Till the Morning’

We’re back in vocal 4×4 territory for this Jazzy bumper from James Lavonz. The swinging beats blend brilliantly with dub reggae and classic soul funk influences and a superb vocal.

Jawjii ‘Safe Bet’

You’ll want to prime your speakers for this one! Jawjii gets dark, brutal and piles on the sub bass like a stockpile of explosives. Here is a tune that slots nicely between UKG and Bass Music sets, be warned, those subs are deadly!!!

PDV ‘Trust Issues’

Trust Issues’ opens with the kind of tension and dread usually reserved for a Metalheadz Techstep tearout tune. The lurking riffs and minimal beats and bleeps gradually and cleverly morph into a more soulful sound. The term ‘Future Garage’ gets used rather a lot but here the glove fits perfectly, this a futuristic sound that will grab your attention.

Pressure & JC ‘Bad Dreams’

Pressure & JC take us back to the sound of the legendary Niche venue in Sheffield for a Duggan et al style bassline slammer full of grimey wobs, urgent vox and big, bad n’ heavy drops!!!!

Tigs ‘Push Em Up’

Mutant Bass native and renowned production don, Tigs sees that this second volume of Highly Anticipated goes out with a resounding bang!!! A large dose of fist pumpin Hip Hop inspired swagger drives this badboy along with feet firmly on the gas! A riotous party anthem that may start riots!!!

Highly Swung ensures the final quarter of 2017 moves along to the sound of superior grade garage n’ bass beats from some of the scene’s finest proponents so put down those rehashed comps full of the same old anthems and get some fresh tunes on your speakers with ‘Highly Anticipated Vol 2′

Radical DJ – Madman EP

Radical DJ - Madman EP

Fresh from one of the best Garage/House compilations, HIghly Swung Records present Radical DJ ‘Madman EP’

Radical DJspares no horses with the fast and intense rave inspired 140BPM slammer ‘Madman’, a squelchy and snappy blend of 90s rave, Mutant Bass and skankin’ UKG.

‘Mainstream’ takes a quirky vocal sample, no doubt from a thoughtful artist somewhere and lets this sample form the basis for a tasty Breaks/2 Step riddim with some really nice breakdowns and a purist 90s/00s Garage sound design that works on multiple levels. Definitely one that the oldskool Garage fans and DJs will love. Most definitely another first class release from one of the scene’s finest hubs for new talent, check it!!!

Highly Anticipated Volume 1 [Highly Swung]

HA1 3000sq

Highly Swung Records have flown the flag for quality Garage, UKG, 2 Step and Bass Music for almost 2 years. The label has been host to top class releases from Kindred Soul, B1G PROJ3CT, 2 Rotten Scoundrels,Tigs, Ayrton Hood, Impact, Pud & Dan, GWM, Scott & Nick  and many more. In May this year, Highly Swung will take things to a whole new level with a various artist compilation called ‘Highly Anticipated Volume 1′

Lets take a deep dive into the tracks on this album starting with Bad Habit ‘Nightlife’, a modern 2 stepper that incorporates elements of Future Soul and classic UKG rhythms- 2 Step 2.0 for the nowties

Of course, there is nothing wrong with going completely oldskool and 4×4 Garage chugger, Danny Phillips ‘Light Of Love’ basks in the warm sun of late 90s/early 00’s Garage with a Disco flourish

Of all the many sub-genres to come out of the musical style rooted in DJ Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage DJ sets is one very unique sound that owes as much to UK Hardcore & Jungle as it does to New York House music. We are of course talking about Speed Garage, the style that blew up in 1997 due to Double 99’s ‘Ripgroove’. Now that little history lesson is out of the way, Highly Anticipated has its own slice of Speed Garage thanks to Dista with ‘Feel Me’, the Sheffield native has done much to revive this sound and he really hits home with this pure and authentic track.

Next up, label boss iMPACT teases some nice melodic guitar riffs into a bouncing 4×4 heater ‘Flex Factor’, a track that bridges the sound of two decades combining the original UKG sound with a fresh Bass music twist.

Now, we all know about Craig David, the guy has a great voice, no doubt about it. But another great voice you should hear is the voice of Martin Carr and we get a taste of it with ‘Stronger’ Proper UKG needs some soul and  Martin Carr – Stronger has bucketloads of it!!!

More fast paced oldskool influenced action comes from Switzerland’s Radical DJ with ‘Hear No Evil’, a combo of uptempo skipping beats, well-rounded grimey bass and eerie strings. Save Link As ‘Concrete’ furthers the theme of golden era beats with a sparse 2 stepper that keeps it brilliantly straight to the point with chopped up vocals and Techy synths.

Germany’s Zemon ‘Block’ opens up carnival-style before going on the attack with an intense mother load of buzzing like bees bass and pounding kicks.

Lamont Dex serves up a nice cold ‘Brandy N Coke’, a great blend of classic 4×4 Garage organs and thumping beats. Midi Logic Ft Karen B ‘Forever’ is the proper song of the album with R&B style keys and spectacularly sung lyrics.  Mikey Smith makes sure his contribution of ‘Simplistic’ count, it’s a real galloper with speaker pleasing subs and a busy arrangement with Nice N’ Ripe undertones. Oldskool ravers will love Californian Rob Bliss ‘Gift Of Life’, the crunching amen breaks and 1992 hardcore pianos touch on that all important Uk connection that links the warehouse sound of the early 90s to the UKG, House & Bass sound.

‘Highly Anticipated Volume 1′ affirms the standing of Highly Swung as one of the premium Garage labels both locally and globaly while showcasing real talent and continuing the legacy of one of the most popular sub-genres to come out of underground dance music. You won’t want to miss out on this massive LP when it hits the download stores this May.



Pud & Dan Ft Marvel-Marvel Man [Highly Swung Records]


Buy Here

Pud & Dan pull a classic vocal 2 stepper out of the bag for Highly Swung Records. ‘Marvel Man’ featuring rhymes from Mc Marvel is a pure 00’s style UKG track in the style of the legendary ‘Fly By’, pure vibes!!!

Free Breaks Blog Sunday Top Picks #001

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Time for a Sunday round of big beats!!! For your Funky Breaks fix Rory Hoy Vs Kitten & The Hip have just the medicine with ‘Dirty Little Secret’ on Super Hi Fi Recordings. The Fort Knox Five remix of ‘Dirty Little Secret’ is No1 on our playlist.

And for the lovers of House Music we have plenty of goodies for your ears. The rising talent that is Chris Sammarco dazzles us with a dreamy slice of oldskool US House on the Kidology imprint, it’s called ‘I’m A Fool’ and we love it!

Black Tantra ‘Big Trouble’ on the We Jack imprint is a delightful number with summery pianos and husky vocals. Tough Love have a suitably tough number out with big whomps and twisted vocals called ‘Friday Night’. Rhythm Staircase ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ out on motion has a mid 90’s Tribal House thing going on with a hypnotic thud, Garage style beats and hypnotic horns.

When Skapes is in the joint you know the ‘Music’s Pumpin’ and it most certainly is on this nice thumping roller. And to get the warehouse party heaving is Glen Coombs on the excellent Criminal Hype imprint with the essential ‘Warehouse Jams EP’ featuring remixes from Leon & Vibe Killers.

Next up on our playlist is another great warehouse jam, namely Eyes Everywhere‘s ‘FiveO’ taken from the ‘Family & Friends Vol One’ compilation on Desert Hearts Records. Then from the warehouse to the Garage we go with Kindred Soul ‘She’s Got It’, quality classic UKG sounds out on Highly Swung Records.

Simma Black have some of their signature chugging Tech House out, this time Maur take the reigns with their ‘Nocturnal Volume EP. W.H.A.T.A.M.I spread the feelgood grooves with some bright and warm piano house called ‘Domino’ out on MVMT. On a deeper tip is the wonderful sounds of Black Coffee with ‘Buya’ remixed by Loco Dice out on Get Physical.

On DeFunkt Recordings, Stayin’ Low & Chinooq go in with big euphoric pianos just the way we love ‘em. Check out their ‘Al Fresco EP’, it’s a gem.  Kryder whip up a ravey storm with a stomping remix of Bob Sinclair ‘Someone Who Needs Me’ on Spinin‘. Fat! Records provide some ‘Late Night Chill’ with their new compilation featuring material of a laid back nature from their back cat plus some fresh new tracks too.

Staying in more of a chilled mood we have Oxen Butcher with their melodic ‘Chills EP’. and from chilled to Funky, Karmic Power Records funks us up with FunkyOne‘s ‘Behind The Love’. No18 on our top picks playlist is a huge collab between Lupe Fuentes & Todd Terry ‘Jack In The House’ out via In The Loop.

Our House Music picks draw to a close with some choice cuts from Project Soul on Exhilarated Recordings, the sparkling soulful vocal house of ‘Question My Love’ is a must for your ears. Layout & Maverik‘s ‘Hot For You’ buzzes with electrifying synths and tough beats. It’s out now on Substance.  Hoodrat‘s ‘Come Back EP’ on DeFunkt Recordings features the gorgeous Garagey groove ‘Love Me Because’ featured at No21 in our playlist.

JONO dons some shiny Techno boots for the dark pumping ‘Knocking On The Sky EP’ on DualOrbit Recordings, get your stomp on for this one!!!  Raveskool Recordings have only gone and released the best NuSkool Hardcore track of 2016. You can thank the talented duo of Monks & Mort for the rushin’ ‘ardcore of ‘Don’t You Want’, it’s massive!

Another incredibly talented artist, one we have tons of love for is Motivbreaks. He has a new EP out on VIM containing two lush tracks that combine 92 Rave, Breaks, House & Garage all in his signature haunting yet euphoric style.

On the mellow mid-tempo bass tip is Eliphante whose ‘Catching On’ gives Major Lazer a serious run for the money when it comes to downright catchy sounds. The Art aud imprint has the second of it’s ‘Secret Rave EPs’ out featuring oldskool hardcore style tracks by Anybody Anytime,  G-23 + RivetMylerTextasy who clearly loves the classic video game ‘Streets Of Rage’

We go into some futuristic Footwork and plenty of Drum & Bass kicking off with a great experimental track from Fekix‘s new EP on Good Street Records. Gradual & Impak have a huge EP for free up on Technique Recording‘s Soundcloud page. Beat Assassins ‘Deny’ opens with a striking intro leading into organ driven vocal DnB plus a remix from DJ Rap!

MC Fats has a brand new EP of awesome collabs with Alibi, Brother, Mini M, Squarewave & Serum continuing his excellent series of releases on his U Understand Me imprint. Caspar & Rusko team up for an EP of slickly produced cutting edge Grime/Bass music titled the ‘Fruity Loops EP’, it is of course fiyaah!!

Out on Rasta Vibez for lovers of Vinyl & Ragga Jungle, Mystic Pulse & Gunman provide the fiyah beats and vocals that will have crowds jumping! North Base‘s latest release is the stunning big room vocal DnB of ‘I Found You’ out on Audioporn. And we conclude this round-up with some deep ground breaking DnB from Ed:It, Handra & Mystic State on the cutting edge Addictive Behaviour label.

Enjoy what remains of your weekend. If you’re lovin the tunes we featured here they are all available to purchase from reputable online retailers. Give this post a share and let your friends know about the tunes!

Impact- The Cole Train VIP (UK Garage)

Impact- The Cole Train VIP (UK Garage)

Originally part of a free release DJ Impact’s ‘Cole Train’ gets a VIP from the man himself which is a sick 138 Trek influenced rolling breakbeat garage banger.

Further remixes are supplied by Moony with a skanking grimey UK Funky style refix. A machine gun delivery rapid fire grime refix from Tigs picks up the tempo while Pud & Dan revisit the Dubstep sound of the late 00’s reliving some great memories.

Buy ‘The Cole Train VIP’ here

The Big 10 Bass Music Releases Round Up 29/07/16

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Fresh Bass Music from Jay Tripwire, The Reign, Catchment x No Artificial Colours plus more in our ten picks of the day

1.Jay Tripwire – Cascadia Represent

Jay Tripwire’s back on Viva Recordings with the  Cascadia Represent! EP. as with his previous EPs for the label we get that fertile ground of dubby goodness somewhere between House and Techno. 3 tracks that personify underground club music for real tastemakers

2.The Reign – Are You Missing Me

Big anthem time from The Reign, take a huge catchy vocal, sprinkle in some infectious club primed piano house and you have a feelgood track for those summer nights!!!

3.No Artificial Colours & Catchment Feat Alex Mills – Sweet Release

Two hugely talented producers come together for a whopper of a house tune out now on Get Twisted Recs. Deep and delicately dark with a dazzling vocal sung by Alex Mills

4.Alex Roque- Let Me Do This

Some lovely US style house from Alex Roque. The beats thump and the chords rise and peak in true house fashion on ‘Let Me Do This’

5.Housego – Get High

Here to get you high, Housego turn up the euphoria dial to plus ten with the epic ‘Get High’ out now on motion Recs

6.BUKA! – Up

BUKA! presents a filling dish of slapping drums and sweeping urgent chords on essential house music stepper ‘Up’ out now on DeFunkt Traxx. Nice tribal style big room feels all the way!

7.S3aN J4Y, Hayley J Brown- The One

S3aN J4Y’s back on Sweep The Floor Recs with another massive vocal house tune ‘The One’ sung by Hayley J brown and packed with excellent remixes including our fave version by Dots Per Inch

8.Gribzy – Sunken Soul

A fine mixture of 4×4 Bass House and stepping Grime influenced bass music from the rising talent Gribzy out now on Future Follower

9.S.Chu- Secret Player EP

Right from the start of ‘Subwalker’ the beats pound pleasingly, the vocal snippets set the tone and mood with deep bassy atmosphere. ‘Going Down’ ventures into Ghetto House parts for some tough n funky dancefloor action. Be sure to snap up S. Chu’s ‘Secret Player EP’ out on Simma Red

10.Rob Bliss- Listen to the Sunshine EP

Rob Bliss relives the raving days of the 90s with one breakbeat garage banger, one 4×4 chugger and a full on Jungle/DnB heater all with big ravey sounds and the unmistakable much loved oldskool feel


8 Awesome New Bass Music Releases

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Tuesday’s fix of fresh Bass Music sounds like these gems listed below……


1.Rob Bliss “Listen to the Sunshine” EP

2 tracks of oldskool rave influenced Breakbeat Garage and 4×4 Garage plus a full on Jungle/DnB roller from Rob Bliss, the latest dose of fiyah from Highly Swung Records


2.Mark Cava – Musical Bliss / Snakecharmer

2 BIG snappy funky tech house slammers from Mark Cava’s production lab. The beats are thumping and the synths energetic and powered up. Made for sending clubs into a frenzy!!!



3.SR- The Forgotten Era

When SR does oldskool he does real authentic oldskool that sounds like it jumped in the Delorean from 1992/93. Tracks like the original 93 Jungle Tekno sound of ‘MC DJ’, the 94′ style rollout of rumbling Jungle bass that is ‘Tremor’, the 92 style proto Jungle of ‘Sapphire Wing’ and finally the 91/92 Reinforced Recs dark breakbeat hardocre of ‘Vampire’


4.Sofaboy-Playing Subs EP 

Sofaboy blends together many styles ranging from Techno through to Garage and Breakbeats on this futuristic 4 track EP out now on Bad Habit Muzik. Pure underground for those know



5.Dave Fogg & The Bumpy Fool- 2 Shots

Out now on Onefold Digital, the dark gangsta rap meets house of ‘2 Shots’ and bassy Redlight influenced sounds in the club heater ’80 Proof’. A BIG release in every sense of the word


6.VA-Ammo Box V2

Natty Dub recordings return with the second volume of their Ammo Box EP series. The quality of production is incredibly high with tracks from Saxxon/Cabin Fever, Sureshock, Version, Kenji & DJ Hybrid.

Each track on the EP is unique touching a variety of production styles skillfully often in one single track. In a time where there is a constant stream of new DnB tunes Natty Dub gives us tracks that you’ll be playing long after the release date.



7.Danuba – Took My Love Away

Two bouncing house rollers with plenty of low end from Danuba debuting on the always excelling imprint Dolphin Friendly Tunage. Deep bassy garage house flavas and a top remix from Chunk on ‘Took My Love Away’



8.Mega City 2 (Remixes)

Remastered originals and fresh remixes of a big release from the oldskool hardcore days. ‘Mega City 2′ features brand new remixes from Beardy & DJ Jedi. Pre Order coming at the end of this month Vinyl & Digital via Jedi recordings, top banana!!

Pre Order Vinyl/Digital


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