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Indigo Virus- Repetitive Beats EP [36 Hertz]



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Who can say no to a fresh set of ‘Flashback’ style bangers from Indigo Virus?  His new EP on 36 Hertz ‘Repetitive Beats’ includes the Ibiza Recs influenced Jungle Tekno style ‘Take You Back’ and Rising High Recs/Interface style ‘Vital Signs’. 4 tracks in total, all ravey bangers, go and buy them!!

Indigo Virus- Audio Stimulation EP (NuSkool Breakbeat Hardcore)


Four brand new NuSkool Breakbeat Hardcore or ‘Flashback’ style tracks from Indigo Virus on 36Hertz Recordings.

‘Rock The House’ opens with 1992 style Hardcore/Jungle Techno pads along the lines of the Production House imprint of that era. Energetic ‘Party People’ vox and stripped back drums lead into filtered hoovers, a call to ‘Rock The House’ and some pure 92 craziness!!!

‘All Crew’ is more on the Reinforced Records tip with Manix/4 Hero circa 92′ style riffs and breaks. Loads of atmosphere on this fine roller with uplifting pianos

‘Caffeine’ kicks in with 4×4 beats before switching into vibey uptempo Suburban Base influenced manic oldskool ‘ardcore antics

‘I C 93′ as the title suggests dips into the 93 era with T99 mentasm style pads and darker skanking basslines, a great ode to one of the most innovative times in the formative years of Jungle & DnB

Indigo Virus is absolutely on fire with a first class EP, one of his best, we urge you snap it up now, once you’ve listened you won’t even need our recommendation, massive!!!!

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Catching Up With Indigo Virus



Tell us a bit about yourself

EZ all ! I’m Brett aka Indigo Virus , I’m From a small town in Berkshire where there’s not a lot to do really. I prefer to keep to myself in that regards
Wasn’t a lot to do growing up except hang around smoking and chugging down white lightning in parks. That wasn’t my idea of fun so I spent most of my time with close friends playing games and listening to music, because of that I developed a real love for all kinds of music. They way it can take you away from your surroundings and get to you to feel so many emotions, It’s a fantastic form of expression.

I have a real passion for making all kinds of music so I’m honoured to be able to share my work with people!
I love spending time messing around with my synths and drum machines, probably too much time and not enough music making really ! Heh!!

During my late teen years I had amassed a huge collection of synths and back then I hardly ever went out. It was going in that room as soon as I woke up then I’d stay there all day and night.
My hobbies seem to be far too expensive as It’s either studio gear or the dream of buying an R34 GTR!
I’m a massive lover of studio hardware especially synthesizers (hence where my name came from!) and I’m constantly having to hold myself back from spending money I don’t have on more!
Moving forward I’m looking forward to being able to share more of my music with everyone!

I also really………..really hate following trends  (more…)

Indigo Virus- Machine Language EP [36Hertz Recordings]

36HTZ 051
One of this writer’s current fave producers returns to 36Hertz with 4 more tracks of ‘Flashback’ a varied but 100% oldskool style excursion into breakbeats and when I say ‘oldskool’ I am of course talking oldskool ‘ardcore/jungle tekno, check out the intros and drops on these badboys!!!!


Indigo Virus- Digital Rain [Top Drawer Digital]



Fresh off some great releases for 36Hertz Recordings, Indigo Virus joins Top Drawer Digital for ‘Digital Rain’ 4 tracks of what they refer to as ‘Flashback’ a sound that takes in elements of oldskool hardcore and jungle and here translates into dark treats like ‘Plenty Of Fish’ and ‘End Of Days’ not sounding a million miles away from the J Tek sound of a few years back, big grimey basslines to sink your ears into, very gratifying to this writer who is a big fan of both this artists and Top Drawer Digital.

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VA- The Perception EP [36 Hertz]



Since label owner DJ Vapour released his ‘1992’ track in 2012, he has been taking his label 36 Hertz in a direction he refers to as ‘Flashback’ 130-145BPM tempo music built around the 91-93 Breakbeat Hardcore/Jungle Tekno sound. Since then there have been a string of releases on 36 Hertz in this style from the likes of Vapour, SR & Digbee & others and theres still a lot more in the pipeline including several artist albums. The Perception EP features DJ Vapour taking it way back to the 91′ Nasty Habitz/Doc Scott style ‘Beat Root Juice’, ESP’s ravey revist to Chic’s disco classic ‘Good Times’ and two darker Jungle Tekno style offerings from Suspect Chin & Indigo Virus, you can grab a copy and stream the tracks from their bandcamp linked below:

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