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JC Unique-Hear The Heart

JC Unique-Hear The Heart

JC Unique swaps his signature garage for a brilliant foray into proper deep house, as if to ‘Hear The Heart’ which happens to be the title of this fine new track.

JC Unique is a DJ/Artist/Label Owner with a rich history and deep love for true House & Garage, we had the pleasure of interviewing him a while back, it’s well worth a read and you can do so here. While you can always expect nothing less than a fantastic track from the Unique2Rhythm boss but ‘Hear The Heart’ is that extra special.

Forgive this bit of indulgence but hearing the nice analogue sounding beats that kick start this joyous escape bring to mind certain things and particular memories. As the breezy melodies start to emerge, the pure deep house sound championed by labels like Gents & Dandys & Different Attitudes come to mind. Memories abound of a spring/summer spent in my room in the green surroundings of Hampshire back in 1992. I had been gifted with a stereo with 2 tape decks, a radio and a CD player. I would blow my pocket money on Dance Energy CDs where I got to hear not just my current fave ‘Rave’ tunes but also classics like Joey Negro ‘Do What You Feel’ and Robert Owens ‘I’ll Be Your Friend’

I was always ready with TDK 90s to record as much as I could of Pete Tong’s Essential Selection where one minute I was listening to the rushy pianos and mind bending synths of Manix and the next a melodic mover from the Strictly Rhythm label. Those early house music sounds became as beloved to me as the ‘Rave music’ I obsessed over. These are the thoughts and recollections evoked by this brand new addition to the Unique2Rhythm digital discography. The characteristic warmth and elegant keys that all good deep house tracks should have lead into some really nice Spanish Guitars, a call back to the vast heritage of House music going back to the early 80s. You can stream a short clip and get your pre-orders in via the Traxsource embed below.

JC Unique- 100 Percent

JC Unique- 100 Percent


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JC Unique doesn’t do quality House music by halves, he always gives it ‘100 Percent’ and that’s exactly what you’re getting on this fantastic new single for Unique2Rhythm.

If you love the 80’s Soul Funk sound of Cameo, Zapp and the late Prince then JC Unique’s ‘100 Percent’ will get you well and truly in the zone with funkadelic phat synth stabs and sassy diva vocals. JC applies these groovy elements to that instantly appealing and indefatigable classic US House sound. 100 percent excellence evident to the ears!!!

Bruno Kaufmann & Barbara Douglas- Higher [Unique2Rhythm]


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It’s always a good day at the office when we hear fresh new House Music sounds on the paragon of quality House, namely Unique2Rhythm.

We can thank Bruno Kaufmann and synonymous with house diva, Barbara Douglas for the awe-striking ‘Higher’. The disco-tinged grooves combined with that legendary voice make for a luscious and classy combo and then there’s the remixes, oh my!!

Mike Millrain & Mick James transform the original into a breaks/2 Step Garage bubbler that goes in deep!!

And it’s not over yet, two more gorgeous remixes are included for the classic house lovers courtesy of Rob Hayes & JC Unique. This just made our day!

JC Unique Ft Sheree Hicks- You Give Me Fever [Unique 2 Rhythm]



Give yourself a moment of joy with this truly wonderful track by JC Unique featuring Sheree Hicks’ vocals and what can we say about that voice? The essence of great House diva vocalism and JC Uniques’ warm soulful garage production, full bodied warm pads swim underneath swirling keys and pianos with a sublime drop, press play and be uplifted, out on Traxsource from 21/03/16 and worldwide 04/04/16

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Interview With JC Unique of Unique2Rhythm



You won’t find a house imprint the calibre of Unique2Rhythm either side of the Atlantic, the label is undoubtedly one of the best with a back cat that speaks for itself with an ethos that champions pristine production and melodic goodness first and foremost. We are very pleased to share this exclusive interview with label boss and producer JC Unique, read on for some pearls of wisdom for aspiring label owners and artists…

For those who don’t know, tell us a bit about Unique 2 Rhythm Records and how it began. How did you get into music production? What were the initial steps?

As a teenager in the late 80’s I was drawn into sound technology starting out with a mates Sequential Circuits Pro One synthesizer, a Tascam cassette portastudio and a Boss hand clapper stomp box. Probably the first tracks that blew me away and made me want to produce were driven by drum machines such as Cameo, the SOS Band, Prince, Chaka Khan in fact just about anything that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis were involved with. I must have spent years trying to get record deals meeting up with A&R people and taking their ‘position of power’ attitude on the chin. None of it was particularly constructive and we all went through it, but in one such meeting, an A&R guy trying to sound clever actually provided a moment of clarity. He said “if you think your music is so effin’ good, why don’t you go and see your bank manager and put it out yourself?” – at the time I replied “You ARE the bank manager you smart-arse !” but it did make me explore the possibilities and by the late 90’s I was releasing white-labels on P&D deals and making the regular trips to Brick Lane. (more…)

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