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Jedi Recordings #20 – Hardcore Unity EP

Jedi Recordings #20 - Hardcore Unity EP

Jedi Recordings #20 is a mixed artist release that will have oldskool hardcore & Jungle lovers chomping at the bit. The Hardcore Unity EP is made up of quality true rave music from DJ Jedi, Revert Project, Try Unity, Mac Attack & Skeme.

Lovers of Vinyl, Digital and most importantly, the oldskool hardcore/jungle sound, get ready and get your pre-orders in for this upcoming EP on DJ Jedi’s imprint.

We are immediately off to a flying start with DJ Jedi’s ‘Brainwashed.’ Fresh off a release for the much loved Kniteforce label, this new track carries much of that sound and vibe via the uplifting keys that dominate this pure rush-a-thon.

The Revert Project contribute with a tune that captures perfectly that once neutral zone between breakbeat hardcore and jungle somewhere between 1993 and 1994. The synths have the unmistakable ‘happy’ sound of what later became Happy Hardcore while the breaks are pure early jungle and an amazing production to boot.

Next up, we welcome another tune of 2017 contender from Try Unity. Not long back we covered their own debut release which you must buy. This track ‘Together We Rize’ is another perfect example of that rare gem, the vocal rave tune, once a staple of 1992 hardcore/rave anthems on labels like Suburban Base. Pure positivity and a brilliant tune that will make you smile!!!

Finally, there is this amazing cut up late 92 style track that takes elements from the Slammin’ Vinyl sound. Mac Attack & Skeme ‘Junos (Armour Mac & Nunny Remix); splices a well-known piano riff, adds in some hefty mentasm riffage and analogue drum beats for a real flourish of a finish to this latest instalment in a brilliant series of releases from a superb label. Keeping the oldskool more than just alive, rather taking it forward!!!

Worldwide Epidemic- Telemechanique & Contrast

Worldwide Epidemic- Telemechanique & Contrast

Proper Jungle Techno from Worldwide Epidemic who appears on Jedi Recordings with ‘Telemechanique & Contrast’

‘Telemechanique’ is a thing of elegance and splendour, a continuation of a sound that went away too soon. The aesthetics of quality Techno combined with oldskool hardcore with a 4×4 kick applied with precision and brilliance.

‘Contrast’ is indeed that, melodic uplifting pianos juxtaposed to the tough rumbling Jungle Tekno sounds in a perfect and pleasing unison. NuSkool Rave at it’s very best

8 Awesome New Bass Music Releases

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Tuesday’s fix of fresh Bass Music sounds like these gems listed below……


1.Rob Bliss “Listen to the Sunshine” EP

2 tracks of oldskool rave influenced Breakbeat Garage and 4×4 Garage plus a full on Jungle/DnB roller from Rob Bliss, the latest dose of fiyah from Highly Swung Records


2.Mark Cava – Musical Bliss / Snakecharmer

2 BIG snappy funky tech house slammers from Mark Cava’s production lab. The beats are thumping and the synths energetic and powered up. Made for sending clubs into a frenzy!!!



3.SR- The Forgotten Era

When SR does oldskool he does real authentic oldskool that sounds like it jumped in the Delorean from 1992/93. Tracks like the original 93 Jungle Tekno sound of ‘MC DJ’, the 94′ style rollout of rumbling Jungle bass that is ‘Tremor’, the 92 style proto Jungle of ‘Sapphire Wing’ and finally the 91/92 Reinforced Recs dark breakbeat hardocre of ‘Vampire’


4.Sofaboy-Playing Subs EP 

Sofaboy blends together many styles ranging from Techno through to Garage and Breakbeats on this futuristic 4 track EP out now on Bad Habit Muzik. Pure underground for those know



5.Dave Fogg & The Bumpy Fool- 2 Shots

Out now on Onefold Digital, the dark gangsta rap meets house of ‘2 Shots’ and bassy Redlight influenced sounds in the club heater ’80 Proof’. A BIG release in every sense of the word


6.VA-Ammo Box V2

Natty Dub recordings return with the second volume of their Ammo Box EP series. The quality of production is incredibly high with tracks from Saxxon/Cabin Fever, Sureshock, Version, Kenji & DJ Hybrid.

Each track on the EP is unique touching a variety of production styles skillfully often in one single track. In a time where there is a constant stream of new DnB tunes Natty Dub gives us tracks that you’ll be playing long after the release date.



7.Danuba – Took My Love Away

Two bouncing house rollers with plenty of low end from Danuba debuting on the always excelling imprint Dolphin Friendly Tunage. Deep bassy garage house flavas and a top remix from Chunk on ‘Took My Love Away’



8.Mega City 2 (Remixes)

Remastered originals and fresh remixes of a big release from the oldskool hardcore days. ‘Mega City 2′ features brand new remixes from Beardy & DJ Jedi. Pre Order coming at the end of this month Vinyl & Digital via Jedi recordings, top banana!!

Pre Order Vinyl/Digital


Detox & The Mighty Atom- 100% Pure/Waterworks! [Jedi Recordings]



2 tracks by Detox & The Mighty Atom originally released in 1993 are getting a remaster, re release and new remix from the original artist & DJ Jedi, originally released on Extra Terrestrial Recordings, both tracks are very rare, thankfully there is a limited 12″ Vinyl repress and a digital release too, pre orders are now open here, dark experimental breakbeat hardcore that goes down a treat and sounds fresh and unique even now in 2016, be quick on the draw to grab some wax!!!!

Out 13/05/16 Pre Order Now

DJ Lien- The R.V.S EP [Jedi Recordings]


DJ Lien was a popular and much loved producer, label owner and contributor to oldskool forums such as BV2OS, sadly he passed away recently and in memory, Jedi Recordings have launched a non profit vinyl release with proceeds going to the Royal Voluntary Service where DJ Lien volunteered. The R.V.S EP features 4 of DJ Lien’s finest oldskool themed tracks

Vinyl Available For Purchase Here


Kniteforce Remastered


The legendary oldskool label Kniteforce is known to all die hard ravers and oldskool collectors, as Luna C, label bos and producer of countless hardcore classics. Here is a chance to own brand new remastered gems from the Kniteforce back cat on reasonably priced vinyl, not scratched and warped stupidly expensive discogs listed vinyl, BRAND NEW, big ups to DJ Jedi for putting this together, we will have another new Jedi label release featured on the blog hopefully tomorrow  but for now be quick and snap this up!!!

Buy Vinyl Here


DJ Jedi- Here It Comes/Utopia [Jedi Recordings]

DJ Jedi - Here It Comes - Utopia - cover


It’s time for the next vinyl and digital release from DJ Jedi and there’s a real treat in store, 2 slammin oldskool tracks, 92 style Impact Recs influenced “Here It Comes” and faster tempod 93 style Fantazia esque “Utopia” Both would be reasons alone to cop this great EP but then there’s a certain legendary producer and owner of seminal imprint Kniteforce on the remix of “Here It Comes” Boom!!! Pre Order Here

Stream Clips



nostalgia insomnia down to earth jedi recordings


Another absolute treat for fans and lovers of vinyl and classic 92 era breakbeat hardcore c/o Jedi Recordings. Insomnia were the production duo of DJ UFO & Chris Rossi, both tracks were originally released on C.S.I Records and famously played by Top Buzz and Ellis Dee respectively, to buy the original vinyl is a matter of finding it (its rare) and will cost an arm and leg unless you make the right choice and pre order this vinyl repress with the blessing of Insomnia themselves  and at a very reasonable £9 with the added bonus of DJ jedi’s excellent remix of ‘Down To Earth’, its a no brainer really, support real oldskool by real oldskool artists and get to own to rare and much sought after rave classics!!!

Pre Order:

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