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Jem Stone – Stone Grooves Vol 1

Jem stone

We first saw Jems infectious swing alter-ego surface back in 2004 with some low key remixes for Jalapeno Records and a single release on Finger Lickin Records, but the sound we’re hearing now only really surfaced in 2011 with his debut release on Freshly Squeezed, the “Electric Circus EP“. Since then Jem has let loose a plethora of swing tinged toons on some of the best labels in the scene today. He has recorded a huge collaboration with super funker Kid Creole (ask your parents kids), got down and dirty with “Lick The Spoon” and hit the top (o the town) with MC Mouthmaster Murf and MC Goldseal on Ghetto Funk.

After all the hard work it was inevitable that Jem’s consistent output would form a long player and “Stone Grooves Vol 1″ is the result. The album kicks off with bumping jazz vibes of “The Jem Stone Express” which sets the scene perfectly with smooth, spaced out synth licks and classic swing samples intertwined with beefy kick-snare combo and all kinds of sound effects. Can just imagine walking through some space punk inspired city with this as the soundtrack.

“Well Oiled Machine” throws down some steppy broken beats with a sparse bassline and off kilter synths. “Holy Smoke” (ft. Roxanna Panufnik) (gotta be a relation?) is lush balearic material done right, perfect Ibiza beach music. “No Place For A Lady” sees the swing vibes come out to play again with a bouncy house beat and plenty of horn action. “Sweetpea” marks the halfway point of the album and is almost an album itself. At 10:45 you could squeeze four modern day trap bangers into its time slot (don’t play trap, please). It twists and turns through many sonic soundscapes and ambient noise spheres, bringing the listener on a proper journey with leisurely hip hop beat interludes and organically twinkling pads.

“Hot Dog Supreme” is another slo mo swing-house meld that combines all elements nicely leading into “Storm In A Teacup” which hammers out tribal techno rhythms with disco licks and filter fx. Would love to hear a Soul Of Man breakbeat remix of this! “Penshala” sees the trip hop sound creeping back upon us with great results. On “You Are Nothing Without Me” Jem breaks out the breakbeats on this dark-swing-tinged roller, “Fake Ghost” is a percussive, tech house ride leading into the last track, the aptly named “The Final Curtain”.

Jem has achieved what many dance music artists mess up and has written a proper album. With many twists and turns, highs and lows and a diverse mix of dancefloor beats blended with downtempo grooves and just plain old good music. Full support from Free Breaks Blog.

If you’re feeling any of the tracks they are all available to purchase separately, as an entire album, as a mixed, hour long showcase and if you’re just to tight/skint/poor to muster up a couple of £/$ to support, then the whole thing can be streamed from Soundcloud or below :).


Jem Stone – PENSHALA

jem stone

Mr Jem Stone, (aka Soul Of Man, Jem Panufnik, Finger Lickin Records) is soon set to release a brand new album entitled “Stone Grooves Vol.1″. If you’ve been following the exploits of Jem via Bandcamp you will be familiar with his eclectic styles so will have some idea of what to expect from the long player. Those that don’t can expect (in Jem’s own words) “a deep, gentle, scruffy, stompy, bumpy, flappy and downright scrunchy beefcake musical journey into the depths of my soul.”

The freebie on offer today is a teaser called “Penshala”. It’s a mellow, slow burner that is perfect late night, chill out material and has got us all excited for the full long player.  Check back to these pages soon for full album review.



Jem Stone has unleashed one of the stand out tracks from his “Well Oiled” Ep for free download. “Storm In A Tea Cup” combines elements house, funk, swing and bass to create a wicked dance floor bumper.

Check out more of Jems music over at

B-Roll’s Bassbins #2

Morning breakers!  Couple of belting releases for you this week, and in a new addition to this column – I flick back through my breaks vinyl to highlight a tune from what I consider to be the golden age of breaks.  Not to take anything away from the releases these days, but I seem to hear a lot of older mixes cropping up again online, and the tunes still do the business.  Nothing wrong with looking back and reflecting how we got to where we are today!

B-Roll's Bassbins #2
Gotta be careful about not putting too much Finger Lickin records stuff in here, but it’s hard.  Looking at my collection, I have loads and loads of their records, white labels too.  Part of what makes these records so awesome for me is the great artwork by Jem Panufnik.  Serious talent.  If I had my way, my flat would have every one of his covers framed up on the walls.  Not sure what Mrs. B-Roll would think about that!  Both tracks are absolute corkers, Foxy Moron is a serious acid-tinged banger, but you they both still hold up real well.

Buy it here.

While we are on the subject of Jem Panufnik, here is his tasty release from his musical alter-ego – Jem Stone.  Its a tip top, Hip Hop /Ghetto Funk extravaganza with a slick vocal from Mouthmaster Murph & MC Goldseal. Definitely one for the funked up party floors. With remixes by the one and only GF master Featurecast , you need this in your box.  Digital exclusive, available from Juno here.

Grab the accompanying freebie HERE.


Morlack – Loose Booty

French funk blaster Morlack brings a 14-track album of Nu/Ghetto/Glitch and swing style funk.  Nice mix of styles and vocals, an album you could actually listen to, not just for the dancefloors!

Buy it from Juno here.

Janette Slack & Some DJ Feat. Tuhin Chisti – Kut Me Sum

Renowned breaks DJ Janette Slack recently upped sticks and shifted to the other side of the world.  London’s loss is Hong Kong’s gain though, and here we have her first EP release from that side of the pond.  Solid package here.  Original track is a nice rising breaker, but there are some super remixes too.  Funkanomics turn in a trap-esque re-work, while B-Side brings it to the Ghetto Funk side of things.  The Chamber version though, is the one that sent shivers down my spine.  Deep rolling bassline, total winner.

Lots to like here, can’t wait for the next release!  Buy now from Juno.



Bush Doctors Medicine Show / Jem Stone

Bush Doctors Medicine Show


Unless you’ve been living deep in the jungle you probably already know that Bush Doctors is the highly potent fusion of two of the main players in breaks from the last decade: TCR founder Rennie Pilgrem and Finger Lickin’ Records co-founder and Soul of Man, Jem Panufnik.

Bush Doctors Medicine Show is the fruit of their dangerous travels, an intoxicating elixir in which you can smell the funk and taste the souls of a thousand brazen banshees in grass skirts and fishnets. Apply daily and marvel in the results.

And now you can find these dark, twisted disco voodoo breaks in one place, no questions asked, discretion assured, at the only place crazy enough to store it:

1. Rockin’ on a Speaker
2. Turn It On (feat. Heather McCallum)
3. Space Hoppa
4. There’s a Ghost in my House (Bush Doctors’ Bump in the Night Mix)
5. Night Train
6. Worlds Apart

If you buy the whole album you get FREE, the irresistible and delicious BUSH DOCTORS STEW DJ mix containing an hour’s worth of the hottest voodoo disco, funk, breaks and house, all stewed up the way only those naughty Doctors can. (Preview Below)

And as if that wasn’t enough of the finest funky beats around Mr Stone has dusted off (and I mean dusted, this is 15 years old!) the Soul Of Man classic bootleg of Prince “Kiss”. Mashed with the bassline from “White Lines” and matched with Jem’s trademark beats, this caused some serious casualties on the dance floor when dropped and has only ever been available on a limited white promo run. Its now yours in full digital quality.


Jem Stone vs Plump DJs


You know its gonna be awesome before you even hit play don’t you? Plumps vs Jem Stone can only really produce one result. Gloriously funky bass, smoldering beats and oozing with dat funk. Here’s what Jem has to say…

“Plump DJs are arguably the wickedest confection to have oozed out from that veritable sweet-trolley-of-breaks imprint, Finger Lickin’ Records, and exactly a decade ago their supersized Eddie Bo-sampling platter Funk Hits the Fan not only did what it said on the menu, it sprayed across the dining room so damn hard it’s going to take another ten years and some serious pressure-steaming to get that sticky funk out.

And on this special anniversary who better to serve up a fresh, new, completely unofficial-but-irresistible slice of 10th birthday cake than Finger Lickin’ co-founder (and the label’s second-naughtiest act, Soul of Man) Jem Panufnik, aka Jem Stone?!”

So 10 years down the road and Finger Lickin’ are arguably still the biggest breaks label ever! Join the party and get the FREE DOWNLOAD from Jem’s BANDCAMP PAGE.

Jem Stone – Well​-​Oiled Machine E​.​P

Jem Stone - Well Oiled Machine


Legendary Finger Lickin main man, Jem Stone, has a brand new 3 track Ep out this week entitled the Well Oiled Machine EP. With a varied selection of tracks he kicks things off with the classic house vibes of Storm In A Teacup. This really harks back to the classic sounds of early house music with a gracious nod to the classics but with more than enough originality and modern day swagger to secure it a place in your sets. ‘No Business For A Lady’ And ‘Well Oiled Machine’ blend slo-mo house with swing and funk to create some very unique tracks that will appeal to a wide range of DJ’s.

The Ep is available now from Jem’s new Bandcamp page, where you will find all his new material from now on.


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