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Pilgrim Talks J-Tek on Kemet FM

Pilgrim Talks J-Tek on Kemet FM


Check out this short snippet of an interview on Kemet FM where Joe Nebula talks to Midlands oldskool legend DJ Pilgrim. Pilgrim talks about the J Tek scene back in 2009 and some of its pioneers including Lucas (Top Drawer Digital). Like us, he would love to see/hear a return of that sound. In fact, towards the end of the interview, Pilgrim mentions that he is back pushing the sound again so there is at least hope of a potential revival, lets wait, hope, see and push!!!

Joe Nebula- Feels Right/Enough Papers [Back2You]

joe nebula nov 15


Two stunning slices of DnB due out 1st November, breezy melodic soul at 170BPM with the spirit of Sterling Void, Masters At Work and the late Frankie Knuckles, theres an unmistakable late 80s/90s feel to both ‘Feels Right’ and ‘Enough Papers’ and yet its totaly 2015. Get some real music which is also going towards a nobel cause, a school project in Gambia be sure to grab these from 01/11/15

KillaQueenz- Break The Rules (Joe Nebula Back2You Remix) [Grindin Records]



Little bit of a hidden gem this one, we’re going all the way back to 2009 for this Old Skool style remix by Joe Nebula dropping some classic breaks over summery licks and 90’s style rhymes from Killaqueenz, switching midway into some nice looped disco style house, this will bring some happy memories back if you were a child of the 90s, 6 years on, its still sounding great but then timeless sounds are exactly that and this gem of a remix deserves your attention!!!


Joe Nebula Ft Ms Breeze-Repeated Instance-Back 2 You



Soulful vocal DnB just doesn’t get any better than the shimmering greatness of Joe Nebula Ft Ms Breeze ‘Repeated Instance’, bringing a classic Detroit House feel to some super smooth Jazzy, Liquid DnB with incredible vocals, Duoscience amps up the jazziness and drops in some old skool low rolling subs and skippy drums to make for a fine package, great work from all involved, fans of quality DnB should get right on this!!!


@Drum and Bass Joe Nebula

Ms Breeze

@Duoscience ®






In the run up to the holiday season, there is quite a few releases you might have missed but worry not, Free Breaks Blog is here to keep you in the loop, not everything is free of course and many things are worth buying, here’s a selection of the latest Future Jungle & DnB for you…..


First up, Kode 5 have a whole load of current releases out from the phat 140/Future Jungle EP from DJ Twista….



To the full on oldskool hardcore rave up that is Inspector Sands-‘Begin The Dance EP’


Bass heavy Nu Jungle excellence from Ash 2K


And Ragga Jungle  from the man like Nicky Allen


Theres plenty more to come too with upcoming releases from Economix, Retropolis, Stormski & Mark C


The latest release on Held II ransom will get heads rocking, 3 tracks that cover upfront 140 Jungle and revisit the Nu Skool Breaks sound of the 00’s, check out Sticky Fingers’s phenomenally good new EP…




On Top Drawer Digital, Lucas pulls out a masterpiece of a Future Jungle track with a marked difference, sounding comparable to Underworld, a simply amazing combo of 140 jungle breaks and Indie style Guitars with a haunting vocal hook


Futurizm debuts on Passenger music with 2 melodic 140 Jungle bangers, ‘Set Me Free’ & Don’t Break My Harp’, as always with Futurizm, production is of the highest standards and these 2 tracks will set your DJ set and the crowd alight!!!!




20 years ago, it was the year 1993, a game changer in the rave music scene where the Hardcore & Jungle sounds became faster and a clear split beyween dark and uplifting appeared leading to sub genres like 4 Beat & DnB, DJ Owl takes us back with a remix of a classic from seminal Hardcore Imprint Kniteforce in a 140/Future Jungle fashion…



Simon Harris drops another of his famous 140 bootys, this time it’s the time stretching Proto Jungle banger, 4 Hero-Journey From The Light



Put on your raving shoes for this glowstick waving, shape throwing revisit to Nebula II’s ‘Atheama’ by JMT



And check out these 2 great freebies from Strange Rollers & Peacemaker  as a taster  for the mammoth forthcoming compilation from Warehouse Wax ‘We’re Not Dead: The 3rd Chapter, 50 tracks from a global collective of the finest Bass, 140 & DnB producers, we’ve heard tracks from the LP and let us tell you, it’s a must for your collection!!!



Dephonix makes the first of 2 appearances in this blog feature, this first one is 2 of her own tracks out today on her imprint, Rinse Repeat Recordings, futuristic 140 with one track playing homage to Edge #1 ( There was hashtags back in the raving days!!!) and the other a deep, dubby vocal track with a rather interesting sample!!!!


Its been a great year for DJ Flow with releases on Kut Off & Paranoid Recordings and to finish off in style, we have this devastating, beat creating EP of banging NuSkool Hardcore & Jungle



Hi Headz deliver yet another great free EP of upfront Jungle & DnB from Default & K Jah, rinsing bizznizz!!!!



And Propaganda Music continue with the onslaught of dance floor smashers with its 3rd release going for some upfrfont DnB with great vocals by Dennean and for the 140 heads theres a cheeky free booty by Menace up for grabs too!!!






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