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Sven Tasnadi, David Jach – Panic

Sven Tasnadi, David Jach - Panic

2 Deep/Tech house meisters, Sven Tasnadi & David Jach become brothers in arms for the Mack Daddy of Tech House imprints, Lapsus Music. It’s time to ‘Panic!’

Sven Tasnadi & David Jach establish the fact this is their house and their house is warm!!! With monumental heaters like ‘Panic’ and ‘Crazy Talk’, A couple of effervescent off the wall smashers with incredible far reaching inertia- crowds will become putty in the DJ’s hands.

Italian bros, Tucci get hold of ‘Panic’ and ‘Crazy Talk’ and rework them both into atmospheric fire perfect for fueling late night shenanigans. An efficacious offering of an EP!!!

2 Sides Of Soul- Say Mama

2 Sides Of Soul - Say Mama EP [Lapsus Music]

2 Sides Of Soul ‘Say Mama’ on Lapsus Music bounces like a ricocheting bullet, a top and front loaded swift blast of crashing rhythms, rubbery basslines and rap vocals, the stuff that makes you wanna dance!!! ‘Next Trip’ spits out hats, kicks and snares in rapid fire fashion allowing waves of urgent synth to glide across a 6 bar funky loop of frenzy.

Vincenzo D’amico takes the Bpm up some considerable notches for their remix of ‘Next Trip’, it’s hard not to notice the very clear and crisp drums that continue to advance right to the end.

ME & Her go full on Techno for their reworking of ‘Next Trip’ seemingly out to prove that their beats hit hardest (which they do) while swapping funky riffs for hypnotising melodies and back to Detroit dreamtime drops proving you can go deep and hard without sacrificing either!!!

Dario D’Attis- Bogaloo

Dario D'Attis- Bogaloo

Dario D’Attis continues the march to house music greatness with the ‘Bogaloo EP’

Drums shuffle and echo on ‘Bogaloo’ while we are urged to get our club on. A shiny circular synth pattern emerges from the beats with a call and response stab on side.

‘Try Moon’ gets out the gates early with confident kicks, firm claps and subtle sassy riffs. House music with class, exactly what we have come to expect from the tremendous Lapsus label!!

Channel X- Under Pressure

Channel X- Under Pressure

Channel X are all about the big striking keys and hypnotic kicks with ‘Under Pressure’, a strong riff takes the lead all the way through on this epic thrill ride. ‘Unchained’ is the deep tech companion to the electrifying Techno of ‘Under Pressure’  Piem & Luca M work those drums to the bone with a crunching remix of ‘Unchained’ then Sante Sansone gives ‘Unchained’ a rework that can rightly be described as a slammer!!! This is the version that will have the Tech House freaks losing their proverbials!!!! Lapsus Music fire as per their impeccable standard!!

VA- Lapsus Music Miami 2017

VA- Lapsus Music Miami 2017

Lapsus Music present the brightest and the best Tech House sounds for ‘Miami 2017′ Featuring 13 tracks from the likes of Alvaro Smart, Supernova, 2 Sides Of Soul and more

Highlights on this essential release include lead swinging weighty banger ‘Feel The Rhythm’ by Di Chiara Brothers, 2 Sides Of Soul’s oldskool style ‘No Fight’ and FreedomB/Juanito’s fashionista sampling slammer ‘Roots Of My Soul’

Fex – Ground EP

Fex - Ground EP


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Hip Hop inspired Tech House action on Lapsus Music, its Fex with the ‘Ground EP’

‘Ground’ has plenty of pound and a ton of 80s B Boy style sounds going with big breakdowns and frantic beats!!! ‘Desorder’ goes down the current Tech House route of a busy rhythm with oldskool elements. ‘Why’ ventures into Jackin’ territory while Shosho’s remix pulls it in another direction more on the dark atmospheric Techno tip. Fex has hit the ‘Ground’ running with an excellent EP!!!

Di Chiara Brothers- Backing in Back

Di Chiara Brothers- Backing in Back

Di Chiara Brothers bring ten years of rockin’ the house to Lapsus Music and they do it with the BANGIN’ ‘Backing in Back EP’

The title track is a lesson in why proper Tech House music is the best thing since sliced bread right now, all those essential ingredients cooked and prepped to perfection before being served to the DJ’s platter where taster’s taste buds (their ears) explode with joy!!

‘Make It’ and ‘Treacker’ are no slouches in the straight up house banger department. Each with their own flair and feel but all equally club-centric,  another winning release on Lapsus? well of course!!!

Thabo Getsome- Hot for You

Thabo Getsome- Hot for You

The ever excellent Lapsus Music presents a new EP from Thabo Getsome ‘Hot For You’

The title track is hammering fusion of House & Techno with a dubby feel and oldskool tension filled keys. ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ is destination white isles wrapped in just over 6min of piano bliss and throbbing kicks. Black Loops refine the kicks for a filtered retake of ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ with under the surface amen breaks. ‘Training Day’ is a squishy sweaty banger with influences from Green Velvet, Ruben Mandolini remixes ‘Training Day for deeper persuasions but even in deeper waters, its still a banger!!!

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