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Di Chiara Brothers- Backing in Back

Di Chiara Brothers- Backing in Back

Di Chiara Brothers bring ten years of rockin’ the house to Lapsus Music and they do it with the BANGIN’ ‘Backing in Back EP’

The title track is a lesson in why proper Tech House music is the best thing since sliced bread right now, all those essential ingredients cooked and prepped to perfection before being served to the DJ’s platter where taster’s taste buds (their ears) explode with joy!!

‘Make It’ and ‘Treacker’ are no slouches in the straight up house banger department. Each with their own flair and feel but all equally club-centric,  another winning release on Lapsus? well of course!!!

Thabo Getsome- Hot for You

Thabo Getsome- Hot for You

The ever excellent Lapsus Music presents a new EP from Thabo Getsome ‘Hot For You’

The title track is hammering fusion of House & Techno with a dubby feel and oldskool tension filled keys. ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ is destination white isles wrapped in just over 6min of piano bliss and throbbing kicks. Black Loops refine the kicks for a filtered retake of ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ with under the surface amen breaks. ‘Training Day’ is a squishy sweaty banger with influences from Green Velvet, Ruben Mandolini remixes ‘Training Day for deeper persuasions but even in deeper waters, its still a banger!!!

Sante Sansone – Street Stuff EP

Sante Sansone - Street Stuff EP

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Lapsus Music’ latest release,  Sante Sansone’s ‘Street Stuff EP’ has all the hallmarks of a trendsetter for 2017.

We’re off to a potent preamble with the quirky samples and momentous bassline of ‘Take Off’. Pulsating drums and a vocal ode to the great producers of the past give a classy distinction to ‘Lost’. The sweet cinematic lead on ‘Set Me Free’ makes for a contender for 2017’s answer to ‘American Dream’ (for those who know!).

This leaves the title track, our absolute stone cold favourite on this EP. Shades of the Simma Black sound on this chunky banger complete with scratch/Hip Hop samples and pumping beats to indeed rock the house!!!!



Various Artists – Lapsus Bpm Sampler



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There is a marked Latin flavour to the 16 track strong Lapsus Bpm sampler curated for the annual Mexican dance festival. You can enjoy tracks from Supernova, Jack Swaffer/Cardiac, Sante Sansone and more…

Just a few highlights on this indispensable compilation include Sante Sansone’s ‘Blow Up’, a track that proves new life can be breathed into well-trodden samples in the hands of the right artist, Horatio’s Belgian Rave style tech house stomp ‘Spektrum’, and Jack Swaffer/Cardiac’s fantastic bumpy ride ‘Seven Eleven Club’

Here is an album that packs more heat than a super size tub of Habanero’s! If you didn’t make it down to Bpm, you can relive the best of it’s beats and some of the biggest tunes to work their way through 2017!!

Supernova – Revelation

Supernova - Revelation

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Supernova get us warmed up for 2017 with a brand new EP on Lapsus Music. First up is a vibin’ Disco/Funky/Tech stomper called ‘The Reef’. Things get ravey for the title track with cool 90s ‘Handbag House’ style keys and the looped ‘Bass’ refrain.

‘Up To Venus’ builds to a frenetic crescendo of uptempo keys set to a euphoric backdrop. ‘Open Monday’ features a full on Orbital ‘Chime’ style riff, chunky percussion drops leading into a drum filled DJ weapon. A ‘supernova’ of explosive multicoloured House beats and another top class release on Lapsus Music!!!

Brett Gould – Rise Up

Brett Gould


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Brett Gould wants us to ‘Rise Up; and check out his new EP for Lapsus Music, we comply!!!

We start with the eerie skank of ‘What Does That Mean’, intense sparkling chords with weightless snarling stabs, manipulated white noise and the inquisitive refrain ‘What Does That Mean?’

Next up in line to jack to is the title track, a peak time tribal stomper with a fist pumping aura-inducing vocal and melodic Blade Runner esque keys

Track No 3 on this excellent EP is our definite fave. An expertly constructed minimal stepper with something we love here at the blog, classic rave diva vox set to a busy backdrop of bleeps, bumps and beats.

Considering the exceptional quality of this great trio of tracks, we’re certain Brett Gould will continue to ‘Rise Up’ in 2017!!!

Electronic Youth- We Are E.Y. EP [Lapsus Music]


Here’s a great new EP by the mega talented Electronic Youth out now via Lapsus Music, for the title track, the vocal sample made famous by Lennie De Ice back in the ravin’ days loops, filters and twists around a swirling tower of techy bass and funky drums for a sinuous groover of a track. F.E.X go a bit darker and more in the direction of the G House sound with their remix. ‘Nowadays’ is a tough minimal workout with ragga vox and militant rhythmic 4×4 kicks, a track that will go down well with fans of Simma Black & Lupe Fuentes/In The Loop Recs, Supernova go for a full on heads down hypnotic techno reworking, You will need a good sturdy pair of shoes as these are a couple of real floor burners!!!


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