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Lavery- Jungle Badness (Forthcoming 12″ E.P)

Lavery- Jungle Badness E.P

Lavery’s forthcoming vinyl EP ‘The Badness’ is reason for every true junglist to get seriously hyped!!!!

Lavery makes Jungle music so authentic, you anticipate the crackle and pop of well-worn vinyl whenever you hear one of his tunes. ‘Jungle Badness’, side A1 of this EP combines gliding Detroit synth notes and oscillating amens with the famous ‘sound business’ vocal made popular by the Phuture Assassins back in 92′, this tune runs the scene!!!

‘King Of The Beats’ is the Junglist answer to that very Mantronix tune from back in the day. Sirens blare over some seriously dexterous drum programming and subs that will re arrange your chin for you!!!!

It’s time to turn the record over to side B and get dark for the first of two tracks ‘Badman Nuh Test’, a track in the time honoured dark vs light tradition. Bouncing amens and scary synths a la Neil Trix contrast with the warmer sounds and R&B vocals for a weighty soundclash!

In closing ‘Shaolin Style; is a fine way to end things for this EP. Kung Fu samples, slick cut up and reverse breaks plus some gold 94/95 style warp bass!!!!

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