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LongPlay- The Get Up EP

LongPlay – The Get Up EP

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Longplay’s latest EP for Simma Black  features 2 tracks of melodic House music goodness including the hugely supported (and rightly so)  ‘Lood Flute’

‘Coke No Ice’ and the Timmy P remix that acompanies sound like they were crafted from the very soul of the windy city (Chicago) itself. Mellow jazzy riffs, bouncing beats, the works, press play!!!

‘Lood Flute’ as the title suggest features a swingin’ Flute sample set to lush loops and oldskool beats, if you haven’t copped this one already, do so now!!!

Cotterell – Feel The Bass EP



Cotterell is an artist who has featured on some of our favourite House music labels such as Gents & Dandys. His latest release comes on another one of our faves, Simma Black. Both ‘Feel The Bass’ and ‘Praise The Day’ faithfully reconstruct the sounds of mid 90’s Garage a la Dansa Records. You can practically feel the soulful organs and prototype beats. This EP will take you back, in a good way.

As an added bonus to this high-class release, Longplay remixes ‘Feel The Bass’ for a more U.K centric take on the original.

If this EP was on vinyl, it would be highly sought after!!!! Be sure to load up the cart with this one!!!

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