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Starving Loop Machine- Free Loops And Samples From Marc OFX

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When I was young I created my own sound banks from many sources, records, Soundbank CDs, recording myself with different instruments etc…. The Internet was at the early stages and it was hard to find a lot of things. Sometimes friends of mine gave me some loops and I was so happy! I could give food for my Akai S2000 sampler.

Over the years I have built up a sound bank f my own, more of 50 gig of WAV audio.

I want to share these classic loops and samples with the younger generation.

Soundcloud was initially the perfect platform to host my collection, free and with ample time even on a free account.

Many hours were spent uploading my loops and samples to soundcloud only for them to be taken down until eventually my account was terminated. I was able to completely transfer everything on the account to

There was more than 100,000 palys and more than 20, 000 downloads before the soundcloud page was terminated. But the good news is you can find all the samples on the new page.

Marc OFX.

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