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Martin Hellfritzsch – Dope Groove

Martin Hellfritzsch - Dope Groove

Martin Hellfritzsch drops a ‘Dope Groove’ Tech House style on Onefold DGTL. A swaying lead hook holds over proceedings with dreamy synths, scat style vocals and a great big amen break breakdown that occurs mid track, dangerously dope!!!

Martin Hellfritzsch- Ghetto Talk

Martin Hellfritzsch- Ghetto Talk


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Tech House legend  Martin Hellfritzsch brings some ‘Ghetto Talk’ to Onefold DGTL. He’s in good company too with Matteo Rosolare providing a remix.

The mood on ‘Ghetto Talk’ is no messin’ with subtle shades of Bass House and Hip Hop vox. Matteo Rosolare hits the funk accelerator, adds some petrol to the beats and revs up the drumrolls for a club cruiser of a remix!!!

Ankous – Believe In House EP

Ankous - Believe In House EP

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Swerve Digital continue their juggernaut run of unmissable House & Techno with Ankous’ ‘Believe In House EP’ featuring colossal remixes from Martin Hellfritzsch & Thijs Haal.

From the land of the maple leaf comes Ankous with some truly North American House music sounds. The track after which this EP is named contains levels of excitement that will turn the walls of any club to H20.

Martin Hellfritzsch & Thijs Haal provide remixes more than befitting of their incredible track record. We particularly love Thijs Haal’s version of ‘Believe In House’ packed with the characteristic bulky beats and exigent synths we associate with said artist’s productions.

Ankous also includes two more tracks ‘Feel The Funk’ & ‘Ladder’. Both tracks are clear indications of the impending meteoric success that lies in store for this talented Canadian.

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