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Mike Millrain- Don’t Make Me Wait

Mike Millrain- Don't Make Me Wait

You will find yourself impatiently and eagerly awaiting Mike Millrain’s new Garage groove by the name of ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’

We look forward to anything new from House & Garage bona fide legend, Mike Millrain and you will be glad to know you can pre order his new track on Soul Revolution via the Traxsource link below. We wouldn’t blame you if you initially imagined the infamous Altern 8 ‘Come With Me’ (I know that’s not the original source) vocal would be a major part of this tune. However, we get a totally different vocal, a really good one and what a tune!!!

‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ is Mike’s signature sound in full effect, a lush progression of organ keys and oldskool Garage beats that simply can’t be beaten. add in some sweetly sung vocals and you have a pure garage groove that you should add to your buy cart without delay, don’t wait, don’t even hesitate!!!

Mike Millrain- Inside Your Soul

Mike Millrain- Inside Your Soul

From the opening keys, Mike Millrain ‘Inside Your Soul’ (Soul Revolution Records) is Mike ‘s signature classy Garage sound to a tee and in full flow. You might have thought tunes like this just don’t get made anymore. If you did, you’ll be relieved and soothed of mind listening to the pristine bumpiness of ‘Inside Your Soul’

Quality music production speaks for itself and it’s often those subtle flourishes that lift a tune into the stratosphere of greatness. This indeed the case with ‘Inside Your Soul’, a tune that opens with those mellow piano licks that are the essence of Garage, compact and crisp beats plus strings and cut up vocals that capture the sound of the original underground with style. Mike Millrain works the musical magic once again with yet another astoundingly good tune.

Mike Millrain – Treat Me Right

Mike Millrain - Treat Me Right

Mike Millrain ‘Treat Me Right’ marks this prestigious artist’s (not to mention top DJ & sound engineer) first solo release for Unique2Rhythm and wouldn’t you guess? It’s an absolute diamond!!!

Mike Millrain has provided mastering and remix services for the label already but it was surely just a matter of time before he treated us to one of his classy productions under the Unique2Rhythm banner. Mike has featured on many of the best labels in today’s House & Garage scene (Unique2Rhythm being one of those top labels) and the reason why is clear. It’s that precision smooth classic garage sound, whether it’s soulful and bumpy- as is the case with ‘Treat Me Right’ or the many other styles this man does so well.

‘Treat Me Right’ takes us back while looking foward, you will think of currently active producers like Grant Nelson & Jeremy Sylvester i.e purveyors of the pure Garage sound that precedes UKG, 2 Step & Grime. The sound can’t be beaten especially when Mr Mike Millrain is at the desk!!!

Bruno Kaufmann & Barbara Douglas- Higher [Unique2Rhythm]


Buy This Release Here

It’s always a good day at the office when we hear fresh new House Music sounds on the paragon of quality House, namely Unique2Rhythm.

We can thank Bruno Kaufmann and synonymous with house diva, Barbara Douglas for the awe-striking ‘Higher’. The disco-tinged grooves combined with that legendary voice make for a luscious and classy combo and then there’s the remixes, oh my!!

Mike Millrain & Mick James transform the original into a breaks/2 Step Garage bubbler that goes in deep!!

And it’s not over yet, two more gorgeous remixes are included for the classic house lovers courtesy of Rob Hayes & JC Unique. This just made our day!

Bass Fueled Fridays New Tunes Round Up 10.6.16

Free-Breaks-Blog-logo-with-black-background-and-with-name-819x1024 resized

The bass o meter is off the scale today. We’ve got some awesome House, Bass n Breaks for you. All these tracks are out in the download stores, most have buy links in the soundcloud players, otherwise just google their names, lets proceed…….. 

Alex Agore- What U Need

What a truly talented producer Alex Agore is and how awesome is his new 4 track EP for Closer To Truth. What we love about this EP is the attention to detail, the uplifting bumpy vibes and classic garage sound updated for 2016

Jeromy Nail- Farewell Dialogue

Featuring remixes from the likes of Jay Tripwire, Jeromy Nails’ ‘Farewell Dialogue’ is a brilliant slice of dubby techno/tech house with deep deep vibes!!

Pud & Dan – Tear The Club Down/Ghetto Blaster

Highly Swung Records keep bringing the good good bass and what a hefty dose we get with Pud & Dans’ club smashing rolex wearing stylin n profilin 2 tracker, wooooo!!!! Proper Bass Garage bizznizz just the way we love it!!!

Hansgod- Etheric Bells EP [DETONE]

Taken from a wonderful deeper than deep EP of dreamy techno out now on Detone

Ovis – Click Clack EP

And for our weekly dose of all things Simma Black n Red, Ovis leads the way with a 3 tracker that’s a firm favourite of ours. This is the absolute definition of gangsta house, ruthlessly stripped back techno style kick drums meet gangsta rap and bumpin house, click clack!!!

Animst – Simma Down EP

A tidy EP of tracks from Animist plus colabs with Moshun, our fave on here is the vocal mix of Thumpa which combines classic house diva vox with some thumpingly good beats!!!!

Gold Teeth – Drop Emma EP

Good vibes all round from Gold Teeth with a 3 tracker thats, well.. gold!!!

Bobby Harvey – Drop That

We like our beats phat, phunky n chunky and Bobby Harvey ‘Drop That’ satisfies all those bass needs and then some!!!

Jon Sweetname – Loretta EP

We love Myriad Black, an imprint that has carved a niche for quality deep underground house & techno. Jon Sweetname keeps up that niche with three tracks that will lock you in their captivating grooves

Amy Mcknight – Deep End

Amy McKnight has an amazing voice, her new track ‘Deep end’ features diverse and top notch remixes from DnB to Garage and we love this Polar Bears Can Dance remix in particular

B-liv – So High

Beta Rebels continue to push the boundaries of house and techno yet keep it club ready with a new release from B liv that is totally intense in the best posible way

Alex Aleman – Plastic House

Nothing plastic about Alex Alemans’ new track on MonkeyFish, it’s prime time Tech House that will send a rush down your spine!!!

Sam Sky & Tony Soul & Joris Dee – America

Rather like the  S of A this track is deep, vast and full of shock and awe albeit in a positive way all down to the deeep griniding rhythmic vibes and cool spoken word vox. This one’s gonna heat up the white Isle nicely we think!!!

Amaar Baz Ft Whydee- Sugar

Onefold Records raise the bar with a great vocal club track from Amaar Baz Ft Whydee. ‘Sugar’ is one incredible tune, like so many before on the label it quite simply should get national airplay and cross over in a big way. Fact is you can’t keep a great label down especially one that perseveres and finds great tracks like this, oh and there is an awesome remix from Tempo Elektrik too, nuff said!!!

J Russell – Lovely

Lovely stuff from J Russel. Another top slice of underground house from motion recs UK, a label you need to get to know if you haven’t already, proof, awesome house heaters like this one!!

Corbo – Mission EP


2 swirling slices of funky underground techno/tech house from Corbo, here’s an artist to watch out for with two tracks to seriously wet your appetite

Facebook Vid

Click here to buy ‘Mission EP’

Otter – Funk It Up (Adam VYT Remix)

Adam Vyt takes Otter ‘Funk It Up’ and sundries it with a funky breaks remix straight outt Californai beach!!!! A massive track for breaks lovers and a sure fire heater for a long time to come, out now on Bad Habit Muzik

Ed 808 – Root Cause E.P

root cause

Future Junglistic bigness from Ed 808 on Audio Science, an EP filled with crisp amen break fueled heavy duty bass weightiness!!!

Stream and buy here

Dosage – Panama Peppers

First there was the Panama papers now Dosage reveals ‘Panama Peppers’ it appears they and their associates at Saucy Recs have been harbouring offshore bass holdings but now have kindly redistributed these saucy bangers for public consumption, just go easy mind, there is  LOT of bass here and high grade bass at that!!!

eSquire & Petch ‘Losing My Mind (Remixes)

How to make a huge club anthem even bigger? get the likes of Rare Candy & Co on the case for some classy vocal house shenanigans to lose your mind to!!!

DJOKO & Luca Secco – Solace Rhythm

When DJOKO is on the case you can expect nothing but the bumpiest most organ grinding and bassy house brilliance. Thier new track with Luca Secco is all that and then some plus massive remixes from Jeremy Juno & Dennis Quin

Golf Clap & Mike Millrain – Forget The Past

The brilliant Mike Millrain and Golf Clap unleash their conquering house anthem ‘Forget The Past’ with brand new remixes from Skapes and a 2 step re rub from Mike Millrain, big!!!!

Eskuche & Nu Sky- All We Do EP

Just one of the many things we love madly about this new EP on audio Rehab is a house rethink of the clasic ‘The Message’ ah huh huh huh!!!! Awesome!!!

Maff Boothroyd- Dreams Come True

We’ll say it now, one of the best house tracks of 2016 from the incredibly talented Maff Boothroyd plus remixes that include the likes of Greco!!!! Huge with a capital H!!!

VA- We’re Autastic

were autastic

A ram packed LP of many different shades of house (and a touch of Paul Woolford style breaks) that includes luminaries such as Rob Made on the tracklist and al for an awesome cause? No brainer, get your copy now!!!

Click here to buy ‘We’re Autastic’

EMPHATROIT- Dazed & Confused

Just in time for the white Isle annual antics, 18 09 Records give us ‘Dazed And Confused’ by Emphatroit, whether your a techno head of or a house lover, this ones got you covered, big, bold, bright and brilliant!!!

Sakke- 4 Love

Late night lovers and house music heads get ready, Sakke has this gorgeous groover ready to fix that dancefloor craving with atmospheric vibes, melodic strings and deep down low beats n bass

Kzee Mchunu & Floyd La Lunar­ Ejaculate

More chilled almost lounge esque house action from Floyd La Lunar this time teaming up with Kzee Mchunu, it’s chilled, funky, light and fantastic, it’s a whole frsh new take on house music and belongs in your buy cart!!!!

DDOG ­ Anthem / Burning The Way
Grimey bass house and firing DnB from DDOG on Bass=Win, a brand new artist to the label showing huge promise with these two dancefloor scorchers!!!

Dirty Secretz- Freakin Weekend

Funky house action for your weekend, if you love labels like Defected et al then this finely crafted groove is just made for you!!!

VA- Floor To Floor

The best techno and house you will hear this year, a massive comp featuring huge tracks from Dusky, Mella Dee and a heap more

Adam Hyjek & Tommie Cotton- The River [Unique2Rhythm]


Looking for real soulful house/garage with depth, with feeling, with class? Look no further, I’m serious, Unique2Rhythm is a standard bearer for all those attributes in modern house music. So we have rising talent Adam Hyjek showcasing his stunning production sounding like Sounds Of Blackness or The Reese Project with a superb slice of true Deep House featuring the amazing vocals of Tommie Cotton. Remixes come from two absolute legends, Mike Millrain & Lamont Dex who respectively bring classic garage and 2 Step excellence to the fore. Real house music for real house music lovers.

Buy Now

Buy Now

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