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Nayim- Sounds Of Nayim

Nayim- Sounds Of Nayim

Nayim makes a debut on KLP Records with an EP of pure oldskool hardcore in a variety of styles and tempos.

Release Date 31/07/17

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We’d like to congratulate Nayim for making his debut on an original oldskool heritage. DJ Monk’s label is responsible for numerous stone cold classics and while the label specialises in Jungle & DnB, for the ‘Sound Of Nayim’ it’s pure oldskool hardcore all the way.

We start with ‘Can You Feeling’, a Noise Factory circa 91′ sty;e Jungle Tekno barnstormer with furious mentasm riffs and kick the door down funky drummer breaks.

‘In My Soul’ reworks the Todd Terry House anthem into a fire fueled Jungle tune with cool 80’s funk/soul style samples.

‘It’s Time To Fly’ wings its way back to 1993 for a Bukem/DJ Junk influenced minimal brew of ambient bleeps and tough amen breaks.

‘The Key’ goes out to all the 1992 lovers, a full on happy roller with bouncing beats and punchy drums reminiscent of Urban Shakedown.

‘You Are The One’ sees the EP out with another 91/92 era Jungle Tekno style slammer packed with plenty of rushy pianos and chipmunk vocals.

This entire release has a really nice analogue style sound that feels thoroughly authentic, as if these tunes really were produced back in the glory days of rave. All the rawness and all the fun. Lover yer ‘ardcore? Get ready for this!!!!

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