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Neveready- Rejections: (The Remixes EP2) (Bass Music)

Neveready- Rejections (The Remixes EP2) (Bass Music)


NexGen Music release a fresh set of multi flavoured Bass Music remix of Finnish DJ/Producer, promoter and vocalist Neveready’s ‘Rejections’ LP originally released in 2012

It’s vibes all the way from Earth Leakage Trip dubby  treatment of ‘One Eyed Empress’ to D.A’s lush liquid DnB refashioning of  ‘Auringonlasku Sunset’ to Totrox chilled downbeat take on ‘Smokers Delay’.

Those vibes continue with Kachina’s sparkling and breezy remix of ‘Consumption & Lies’ , off kilter funkiness in the shape of C.O.U.G.H.’s remix of ‘Rejections’, Physics’ luvdup remix of ‘Deep Listening’. Bluesy c/o Juho from Narva Falls Remix of ‘Haarlem Joint’ then finally Rob Sparx’ old skool dubstep of ‘Trouble Bubbles’

There’s more than plenty to delight hearts and ears right here

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NexGen Music Competition

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NexGen are doing an awesome competition where people submit their music and to win $250 and a release on the label. We caught with Dan, owner of NexGen for a chat about the label, read on for details of how you can enter the competition and what you can win…………

Hey Dan, can you tell us a little about how NexGen music started and how its progressed?

Well, like most aspiring DJ/producers it all started in my bedroom studio back in ’95. My underground musical influences started in early Dance, Rave, Hardcore, Breakbeat, and later Jungle/Drum & Bass, which when I started producing.

I first started dabbling with music management when I set up a mini-audio production company on a local college campus in London, where I went on to be quite successful at producing TV commercial/advertising jingles for a few recognized British brands. One jingle I produced in 1997 ending up being used by the #1 washing detergent company in the UK at that time, which ended up running for nearly 8 years!!

In the late 90’s I really started getting into the new sounds of Downtempo and Deep/Chill-House which essentially inspired me to expand the audio production company into a record label that would eventually include the wide array of style and genres that NexGen Music represents today. In 2001, I re-branded the audio production company to NexGen Music, and in 2003 I moved the company across the pond to Brooklyn, NY where I officially incorporated as a record label in 2004.

It’s now been 13 years since that happened, and I have to say today the label is stronger than ever musically. We have 3 labels under NexGen: NexGen Records, Migration Recordings, and Affectionate Grooves – which all have and serve very different and distinct sounds in underground music. We are still very much doing projects closer to our roots in film, TV, and interactive, however our focus today is very much on evolving our artists, brand, and blend of sound.
Who are the core artists on the label that people should look out for?

I would say our “core” artists today are Earth Leakage Trip, Rob Sparx, Kachina, Neveready, Wigz, and myself — representing all three of our imprints.
You have released some massive EP’s in the last 6 months from the likes of Digital, Rob Sparx & Kachina across the label group. There is obviously a strong focus on quality. What are you looking for in the competition entries?

I’m REALLY looking for music that pushes the boundaries of sound… And, I’m not talking in a “who can make the gnarliest bass” type of way. Today, underground music genres are so intricately divided — yet still very connected — that for me the platform of these genre are really just defined by the tempo. What I hear all day long in most new music is producers that are simply following the ‘blueprint’ of the genre in terms of its typical sounds, samples and arrangement. I’m looking for producers that are striving to create NEW blueprints. So, in other words we are seeking music that is out-of-the-box, non-formulaic, envelope pushing, but yet still groovy and melodic.
How do people enter the competition?

It’s super simple. We are looking for 3 to 4 original tracks in one of the following genres: Drum & Bass, UK Garage, Bass Music, and Downtempo. All we are asking from entrants is a follow on our Soundcloud.

What can the entrants win?

The lucky winners will have their release backed by a strong PR and social media campaign, and also receive $250 in cash! On top of this, the submission that we are feeling the MOST out the four winners will receive an extra $250 cash. The total package is worth a couple of of thousand dollars per entrant as well as place on our growing roster!

Finally, what does the next 12 months look like for NexGen Music?

Its an understatement to say that we have got so much good music lined up its ridiculous. I mean it really is. Even though we’ve been around for a while now our sound never stops evolving. We’re always challenging each other to push those boundaries that I was referring to earlier, so we still consider ourselves in “build” mode right now and through to around this time 2017. By the summer of 2017 we will be looking to take the labels on the road making some festival appearances and getting some tours going by locally in the US & UK, and internationally.

Soundcloud W/Fangate:­ ­

Competition page:
T&C’s page:

YouTube Video:­ ­

3 Questions For Digital + New EP On NexGen Music

NXG025D_WEB 800 X 800


According to Discogs, you have been producing since the mid 90s, what was your calling to the studio way back when?

As a kid in the mid 80’s I never thought about producing because all I wanted to do was play records, records aka vinyl. The eureka moment struck while out raving to DJ/Producers like Doc Scott and Simon Bassline Smith. I knew them through their amazing music on Reinforced Records and Absolute 2 so I figured they were getting mad love because of their work. It was a good feeling because I knew then I had something to aspire too.

My first release was back in 1994, a collab with Danny C under the name ‘Authorised Riddim’ on the legendary Certificate 18 Records. I got a huge buzz out of it because Dj’s I raved to like Storm, Bukem, Simon Bassline Smith were playing it. So my thoughts were, making beats push you as Dj, I get kicks out of it because when I’m raving my own track might get played (What a buzz!!) and furthermore, this could be my job! It sounded like a WIN, WIN, WIN situation.

You have featured on some of the biggest labels, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware & Creative Wax to name just a few. Your sound is distinct from a very large pool of DnB all over the globe. Is it something you aspire to to be so different and have such a stand alone sound?

No I don’t aspire to that, I make music with the musical influences I’m armed with, while others might let their new bit of equipment shape their sound.

Lastly, can you tell us a bit about the ideas that went into this new EP Of yours for Nexgen music.

 ‘Brain Damage’ was born in the middle of a 2 day bender with the big man, Drum Cypha. I won’t tell you any details about it but you can imagine what is was like because of the resulting track name.

‘Let Them Live’ was me getting my alien on. I don’t really use  huge amount of synths in my tracks but this track has heaps throughout. I have loads of tracks like this as I’m doing a different kind of project at the moment…..

The ‘Brain Damage EP’ with Cypha on NexGen Music is out now. Buy It Here>>>


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