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Nuphlo – Digital Culture Clash

Nuphlo - Digital Culture Clash

Nuphlo ‘Digital Culture Clash’ is an absolutely amazing fusion of Jungle, Footwork, Bass, Dub and Classical South Asian music that truly needs and deserves to be heard

Nuphlo shows some incredible talent  on his ‘Digital Culture Clash’ LP. Through the course of this album you will hear a mind blowing array of sounds seamlessly fusing with each other. Decades of sound, numerous sub genres all expertly crafted into the fantastic tracks that make up this sound clash.

The clever blend of traditional South Asian music with a variety of contemporary sounds and tempos is something rare, this writer certainly can’t think of another example. If you love Jungle, Footwork, Hip Hop and Bass music in general, there is so much to be loved on ‘Digital Culture Clash’

So many styles are on display in this wonderful collage of music and rhythm. Included on this 14 track grand opus are collabs aplenty including ‘Mountains’ with Sukh Knight but the Free Breaks Blog fave has to be the 92/93 Junglistic vibism of ‘Rumba Box’

Dive into this musical delight, one of the best albums to have graced the speakers of Free Breaks HQ!!!

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