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Octo PI’s Top 10 Viper Recordings Tracks


Please tell us a bit about yourself. What have you been up to lately?
I’m Jon aka Octo Pi, a DJ/Producer, I’ve been making Drum & Bass for about 12 years now and slowly and steadily getting my name out there.

How did the release on Viper Recordings come along?
I had a previous release last year on the 2015 Summer Slammers Compilation with my track ‘Matter’, I sent it to Brendan aka Futurebound and he thought it was great, since then I’ve kept sending him my tracks. ‘Pay off’ was originally an instrumental, and Brendan responded saying he loved it but maybe it would work with a vocal. That’s when I thought of Sam aka Modify Perspective, he’s a great friend and also a great producer with an amazing voice, we had always talked about him singing on one of my tracks, so I sent him the tune and in my opinion he absolutely nailed it!

What are your plans for 2016?
I have a lot of sets coming up over the next few months, including a few back 2 back with Sam. I’m currently writing an album, so lots of music to get out of my system, and a few more releases lined up too.


The Sound Of Drum & Bass 2016 Viper Recordings is out now buy here


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