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Pianohead- Yo! Check This Out

Pianohead- Yo! Check This Out

Pianohead a.k.a Retropolis drops another classic piano house jam with ‘Yo! Check This Out’

For this blogger, you just can’t beat the positive and uplifting House/Rave sound of 91-93 and Pianohead does it so well. Familiar vocals mix with lively pianos, organs, a smattering of breakbeats and tough Euro style synths. If like this writer, you loved (and still do love) Dream Frequency, Cappella & DJ Professor then Pianohead’s ‘Yo! Check This Out’ is a joyful blast from the best of times. Be sure to check it out!!!

Pianohead-Never Cared

Pianohead-Never Cared

Pianohead is back with ‘Never Cared’, some serious hands in the air retro Northern House music vibes!!! Those spirit lifting pianos and chugging beats along with big diva sing along vocals will have you looking back to the glory days of Dream Frequency & co!!! There’s even room for a bit of ravey synth action midway. Its because of music like this we get goosebumps!!!




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Retropolis’ latest track is a slice of hyper euphoric and uplifting breaks. The classic vocal tells us to ‘Let it feel alright’ while ‘shining in the extasy’ and the ravey pianos lift you from the seated position to a place where you can dance and be carefree!!! Joyous sounds to brighten up your day (or night) any place, any time!!!

Dakeyne- B-Funked (Retropolis Remix) [Octotrax]



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Retropolis & Pianohead Remix Dakeyne’s classic ‘B-Funked’ and it’s all for a great cause!!!

Dakeyne may be better known for the Nirvana sampling UK top 40 smash ’18 Strings’ but also made other tracks like the huge ‘B-Funked’

Retropolis gives an uplifting Rave/electro Breaks rerub of the original while Pianohead go for an oldskool Northern House rerub Bowlers, Manchester stylee. All proceeds for this release go to the RSPCA, get on it muckaaaaa!!!!!

Sparky- Rock Ya! [Octotrax]


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Sparky will ‘Rock Ya’ with this massive slice 0f 90’s Euro Rave influenced House/Techno out now on Octotrax. Not only do we love the Nintendo NES style artwork to this track but we find ourselves being pulled back in time to the era of names like Anticapella, DJ Professor and Mig 29. For those who know this is a melodic bleeping banger of a track and it’s definitely rockin’ our speakers!!!

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