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Eames- Deep City

Eames- Deep City

Eames ‘Deep City’ on Open House Records is an attraction we want to keep on visiting!!!! This is a two track release with the title track offering some on point and modern UK Garage/Deep House sounds with plenty of nice key changes and what about those keys!!!

‘Timelapse’ reaches into the areas occupied by Bass/Tech House. A nice funky ensemble with a catchy as catchy can lead hook in the oldskool motor city style a la Inner City. Tunes to get you warm even when its cold outside!!!

Open House Records Spring 2017

Spring Album


Pre-Order Here Release date: 13/03/17

Open House Records Spring 2017 features a diverse range of House music styles from top artists like Mismatch, Aaron North and more

R&B meets Deep/Future House on the uplifting stabs of Crpl3d ‘All You Need.’ Aaron North revisits a manic House classic from 1999 with ‘Boy Wunda.’ For something a bit more quirky and atmospheric, try on Anto ‘Cloud 9.’ Eames straps us into the backseat for an enchanting ride to ‘Deep City.’

Everyone loves a piano and will love the pianos on Jack Buck ‘Find Us.’ Then you will adore the jazzy guitars and timeless house grooves and vocals of Kay Barton ft. Jared KF Jones ‘I Adore U’ (this guy has a great voice!!!)

Bit of Bass House? Luke Preece ‘What Are You Recording’ will fill that craving. Bit of ‘Ibeefa’ style chunky beats and cowbells? Martin Green ‘Step 2′ will have you in the big room in mind and body!!! Next is this writer’s pick from the LP, Mismatch x MC Blenda ‘Promise Land’ has massive crossover tune written over every kick, stab and MC Blenda bar. If you took the vibe of golden era UKG and sprinkled it on some upfront Tech-House you would struggle getting it as on point as Mismatch. And that leads to a very close second fave, that being  Rob Evs ‘I Love You’, a track with pulsing Techno style riffs and bouncing beats plus the most gorgeous and tranquil of keys. You need this album!!!

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