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David Hopper – Muzik

David Hopper - Muzik

When Phunk Traxx isn’t putting out the finest Techno, it puts out quality Tech House like David Hopper ‘Muzik’

David Hopper’s  ‘Muzik’ tells a story of discovery via the funky elasticated basslines and spoken word samples that make it so unmissable. Vanity Crime brings it back to the Techno with a monster remix that will have monstrous ramifications when dropped in the club!!!

Elia De Biase- Dress Casual

Elia De Biase- Dress Casual


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A techno advisory from Elia De Biase who urges us to ‘Dress Casual.’ Actually, this is a Techno slammer on the Phunk Traxx imprint and it comes with a chunkier than a Kit Kat Chunky remix by Drumbeat. More pounding drums for your ears!!!

Lakvaba – Intruder EP

Lakvaba - Intruder EP

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Lakvaba lets a welcome ‘Intruder’ into our speakers c/o Phunk Traxx. a dark baleful intruder who wants to lure you in with their jackin’ box of pounding drums and mind of the machine bleeps and synths. Kreisel weighs in with a subterranean barrage of unsettling sounds on the remix. A second ‘Extruder’ follows in hot pursuit to force its way into your cranium. It came, entered, assaulted and left you dancing!!!

Concha, Sam Saw – Rooms

Phunk Traxx


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Concha & Sam Saw invite us into their ‘Rooms’. In these chambers, you’ll find fluid techno beats, dislocated floating stabs and hair-raising synths. You will also find two excellent remixes from Hassio (COL) and Gabriele Strada. ‘Rooms’ with a nice view and great sounds!!!



Rolann Veier, Uko Jay – Madness EP

Phunk Traxx


Rolann Veier & Uko Jay get tough and uncompromising with a two track techno release for Phunk Traxx.

‘Madness’ sounds like it should, a Techno alarm clock that wakes up the senses with Belgian rave riffs and bleeps


‘F**king World’ is particularly sinister, all sparse chest thumping beats and spacious reverb.

We all want a peaceful state of mind but the occasional bit of ‘Madness’ can act as a release, make your ‘Madness’ the kind served up by Phunk Traxx

Andrew Fontana- Land

Phunk Traxx


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Andrew Fontana ‘Land’, out now on Phunk Traxx, explores the art form known as extra-terrestrial techno. Eerie visuals are created in the mind by the lunar beats, echoey keys and strange buzzing sounds.

Phunk Investigation constructs a big room destroyer of a remix, tough funk for the most decadent dance floors

Richie Markz reworks the original into an engaging, orchestral sci-fi style sound. Techno music that stands out in a very large crowd!!!

IDR3N, Buitrago- Killer EP

Phunk Traxx


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IDR3N & Buitrago’s latest results from the lab are 3 slamming slices of Techno for Phunk Traxx,  the ‘Killer EP’

The title track from this stellar EP sounds like a swarm of Killer Bees jamming on the keyboard with heavy off-kilter snares and rolling breaks

‘Drugs’ is pure big room style Techno, minimal, moody synths, militant drums and a big drop/breakdown right bang slap in the middle. Dance floor mayhem personified!!!

‘Beyond’ drops the tempo for a crunchy industrial-tinged psychedelic workout of a track

This EP is all killer, no filler!!!

Stoked – Irenaa’s Song

Stoked - Irenaa's Song


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Stoked cross cyberspace to supply Phunk Traxx with two fresh slices of Techno, ‘Ireena’s Song’ & ‘Skyfall’

The title track is a bubbling Blade Runner esque slice of pumpin’ Techno goodness while on the flip ‘Skyfall’ combines bright, piercing psychedelic synths with crunching beats to tumultuous effect!!!

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