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Freestylers- Falling/Fall Down Remixes



When the Pirate Jams get involved you know its going to be good whatever it may be, when its remixing the Freestylers its instantly in the HUGE  category and these remixes are just that, we’ll let the beats do the talking!!!

Stream both remixes here


Golden Girls – Kinetic (Pirate Jams Remix)


Jalapeno Records has just released bonafide classic Golden Girls – Kinetic the Remixes, bringing back that iconic rave riff with remixes from AOTOA, Pirate Jams and Lindoman.

We’re bringing you the premiere of the Pirate Jams interpretation which has seen massive early support from all corners of the dance scene including rave pioneers Slipmatt and Graeme Park. The mysterious duo take the classic sounds of the Orbital and Mike Haell collaborative track and under pin with a hefty breakbeat / 4 x 4 crossover whilst keeping all the rawness of the original in tact. Adding subtle edits and delicate synths they perfectly update one of the most well known tunes of the rave era for the 2015 crowds.


Deekline Ft Asha Rae & PSG – Taking It Back (Better Than Before)



Deekline takes it back to the warehouse days of glory with this superb vocal house/breaks crossover featuring a must have remix by those elusive revivalists the Pirate Jams, one listen and you’ll be hooked, trust us!!!


Pirate Jams – Happy Days

Pirate Jams

The mysterious Pirate Jams duo have just let loose their first release, Happy Days, as a free download. The track has been causing some serious mayhem on dancefloors worldwide with the acid house/breakbeat crossover sound proving popular with just about everyone in many different scenes. Grab the free track and be sure to check out their latest releases over at JUNO.

Pirate Jams-Happy Days-Punks Music


Picked up by The Stanton Warriors for Punks Music and due out end of February 2014, Pirate Jams-Happy Days takes us back to the warehouse days where it all began with this loved up breakbeat house anthem, just close your eyes and listen, imagine its the year 1990, reach out those hands, touch the lazers and feel that timeless sound, it goes without saying we cannot wait for this to come out on general release, in the meantime enjoy this video and run go tell a friend!!!!!

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