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Glowkid Generation X Show w Liquid Interview 4/04/17

glowkid liquid interview planet rave


Glowkid has a huge guest for his Planet Rave Radio show ‘Generation X’ on 04/04/17/ Joining him will be the man behind ‘Sweet Harmony’, the one and only Liquid!!! As you can read in the Facebook post below, Liquid has a new album out on Music Mondays. Ltd edition vinyl copies are fast running out. Be sure to tune in ‘Generation X’ on Planet Rave from 17:30 (UK time) on 04/04/17

Glowkid Pres 2 Bad Mice 25yr Anniversary Tribute Planet Rave Radio 08/11/16



Glowkid interviews Si 2 Bad Mice for Planet Rave Radio and plays a selection of classic, new and upcoming 2 Bad Mice material in a unmissable show for all true oldskool ‘ardcore & jungle lovers!!!

Download This Show For Free Here

Glowkid 2 Bad Mice 25Yr anniversary Tribute Show (Planet Rave Radio) 8.11.16


Glowkid’s radio shows on Planet Rave are always full of energy and liveliness and this particular upcoming show is not to be missed!!! The ambassador of all things oldskool and nuskool hardcore & jungle is celebrating 25yrs of legendary duo 2 Bad Mice who coincidentally have just released a new EP

Anyways, details are below in this SoundCloud teaser, be there 8.11.16 17:30-19:00pm Uk time for a trip down memory lane. Expect plenty of Kaotic Chemistry and Bombscares!!! And make sure you @Hold It Down’ for the duration of the show!!

The Planet Rave Podcast Summer Special

Planet Rave Podcast Summer 2016


The Planet Rave Podcast Summer Special on Mixcloud features a selection of Deep/Tech House, Techno, and UK Garage old and new. Some of the artists included are Lee Pearce, Skeleton Army, Wayne Dudley, and a track by Phil Maher out soon on charity album ‘Help Ben Walk Without Pain’. More info on that charity LP can be found here.

There’s even some seminal oldskool rave from way back when tucked away in there, can you spot the track? If you like the show give this post a share.

Glowkid ‘Generation X’ Show w Xenophobia Tomorrow 19 07 16


Be sure to tune in to Planet Rave Radio tomorrow as Glowkid will be doing an album showcase of Xenophobia’s remastered and re released classic oldskool hardcore LP ‘Bring On The Rush’

Along with the album showcase will be an exclusive interview with Xenophobia frontman DJ Terminator aka Sid Truelove. Expect some great tales from the early to mid 90s, the infamous Spiral Tribe raves and more

Be sure to listen live as free copies of the ‘Bring On The Rush’ LP plus a brand new album of fresh material will be given away during the broadcast

“Go to the flow with an ooooooh rush me eeeeeeee rush me!!!”

Generation X [RadioShow] pres.
XENOPHOBIA ‘Bring On The Rush’ Special
Tuesday 19th July 2016
17:30-19:30 (UK TIME)




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