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Lu York- Down To Love

Lu York- Down To Love
Lu York gets ‘Down To Love U’ on Pogo House. Sharing the love on remix duty is 4Tek & Groove Riddim. The mixture of classic garage on Lu York’s original productions ‘Down To Luv U’ and ‘Give Me Luv’ are contrasted nicely by the chugging Lo-Fi influenced remixes by 4Tek & Groove Riddim. Yet another ultra-fine package from the impressive roster at Pogo House!!!

Michael Johnston – Untitled

Michael Johnston - Untitled

It’s great to hear a fresh release from the talented Michael Johnston, his ‘Untitled EP’ on Pogo House sounds and feels like the warm feeling of listening to the classics of the 80s and 90s

Michael has previously featured on Pogo House. He also featured on one of our absolute favourite labels, Unique2Rhythm which is a telling indication (if you even needed one) of this artist’s credentials. Both tracks on this new EP combine the old (lovely piano riffs and melodies) with the new (upfront and on point production) making just the right balance. In listening to the ‘Untitled EP’, we are reminded of the initial house music bug that grabbed hold of us all those years back and how it still rings true, great work

4 Tek- Lawyer EP

4 Tek- Lawyer EP

4 Tek’s ‘Lawyer EP’ on Pogo House features 3 glorious bursts of the true house sound. ‘Lawyer’ is a joyful jaunt through the valleys of organ stabs and bouncing beats. ‘Duleey’ invites us into the smoke filled Garage nights of late 90’s London with mellow off-kilter keys. ‘Venom’ is anything but venomous, rather a sweet breeze of pianos and 90’s house diva vox, exquisite!!!

Dr. Shemp- I Keep Hangin’ On

Dr. Shemp- I Keep Hangin' On

2 dreamy cuts of timeless house music from Dr. Shemp on Pogo House-‘I Keep Hangin’ On’ & ‘Tha Organ Trak’

Dr. Shemp’s ‘I Keep Hangin’ On’ takes the tiniest vocal snatch from a certain house music classic and fashions it around some uplifting and uptempo piano action. ‘Tha Organ Trak’ is a tougher edged mid 90’s style Garage chugger with heavy beats, heavy subs and snatches of horns. More fiyah from team Pgo House!!!

Peka – Freakin Girl

Peka - Freakin Girl

Pogo House Record’s latest entry into the realms of oldskool house is a slinky 2 track EP BY Peka. ‘Freakin’ Girl’ is a full on 90s Garage bounce that wears its vibrant colours with pride. The synths sway gently over a skipping beat and ‘Freakin’ Girl’ vocal. ’99 Punch Pump’ comes as an additional bumpy groove to get you in the dancing mood!!! Great tunage!!!

TOUGH GROOVE- Harlem Renaissance EP

TOUGH GROOVE Harlem Renaissance EP


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TOUGH GROOVE‘s ‘Harlem Renaissance EP’ is awash with radiant 90’s House music organ riffs and jostling beats that will fill you with joy!!!

The title track takes a little bit of vocal R.E.S.P.E.C.T and sprinkles it over gleaming synths-pure US  house music style. ‘Get Down’ is totally for the Oldskool Garage lovers, right down to those perfect shuffling beats and a very familiar vocal refrain. Jizz completely strips back ‘Get Down’ for a deeper than deep late night heater. Pogo House Records continue their onrush of top class releases.

Leandro Di- Changing Rhythms EP

Leandro Di- Changing Rhythms EP


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Leandro Di’s ‘Changing Rhythms’ EP on Pogo House Records will hold instant appeal with people from a certain era, namely the 90’s and specifically those who love their organ-driven House music!!!

With that being said, the resplendent rhythms of ‘Changing Rhythms’ and ‘Sensation 90’s’ are certainly not limited to the tastes of 90’s House music lovers. Any fan of choice 4×4 kicks n’ jackin’ keys cannot but fall in love with the perpetual brilliance of this EP.

The title track to Leandro Di’s latest offering on Pogo House is a spellbinding blend of subtle stabs and loops that peak and trough continuously. ‘Sensation 90’s’ is all about that classic house ingredient, the piano and it is quite simply wonderful. You cannot but love this EP!!!

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