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PRofit- Booking Hot feat. JFB [Premiere]



Pre-order PRofit ‘True Colours’ LP from iTunes

We are very pleased to premiere ‘Booking Hot’ from PRofit‘s ‘True Colours’ LP due out 7/11/16 on Defcon Music.

For this big party track full of swagger, PRofit teams up with 3x UK DMC champion JFB for a funk filled banger of a tune. Full LP review to follow, stream the premiere below and pre-order the LP from iTunes 


Profit - Never Trouble Cover

Profit teams up with an array of vocal talents for an EP of cutting edge Reggae Bass, there’s plenty of carnival shakers here in a variety of styles and tempos and with lyrics that will get you hyped!!!

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PRofit – I Rise featuring David Boomah



Fresh U.K Hip Hop from Profit with guest vocals from David Boomah, tight electro/funk influenced production from Apex2010 and a strong positive lyrics, the message being to stand up because every day is a fresh start. Check out the video below.

Shaka – Spring/Summer Mixtape Feat.PRofit

Spring - Summer Mixtape Feat.PRofit


Fresh mixtape from the unstoppable sounds of Shaka Loves You. Rammed full of funk and hip-hop party vibes plus loads of their own tracks, edits with some exclusive material thrown in too. This really is a flavour of what you can expect from their live sets and should definitely get you in the mood for the festival season.

They have also enlisted the help of the MC PRofit to add his unique style and rhymes into the mix!

1. Quantic X Rob Life – Hot Soul (Nick Bike Edit)
2. WBBL – Run Along
3. A.P.S – I Cant Wait (Pickster Do-Over Edit)
4. Ozomatli – Cut Chemist Suite (Second Hand Audio Remix)
5. Q-Tip – Breath & Stop (Shaka Edit)
6. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (Shaka Mash)
7. DJ Numark – The Fever Ft. A.Skillz
8. Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard (Shaka VIP)
9. Shaka Loves You – Work At It
10. Shaka Loves You – Party like we do (Forthcoming on Tru Funk)
11. Mr G – Money Happening
12. Shaka Loves You – For the love of Shaka
13. Shaka Loves You – Automatic
14. Second Hand Audio – Got it like that (B-Side Remix)
15. Tom Booze & DJ Agent 86 – Downside Up
16. Shaka Loves You – Where’s the party at?
17. A.Skillz & Beatvandals – Beat Don’t Stop VIP
18. Shaka Loves You – Turn this thing around
19. The CB’s – The Finding (Featurecast Remix)
20. Aretha Franklin – Respect (Shaka Edit)
21. Uncle Louie – Full tilt boogie (Slynk & Stickybuds Remix)
22. De La Soul – Me, Myself & I (Shaka Edit)
23. Shaka Loves You – Mylo Banger
24. Breaking Bread – Get Lucky

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PRofit Interview & Exclusive Competition


Profit is one of a few emcees to have successfully transcended musical genres. He began his career as a Garage emcee and successfully navigating the ranks to earn the respect of clubbers and his peers as a quick tongued lyricist with a conscious thought pattern. With his album True Colours set to drop, I caught up with him to find out a little more…

1. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, please introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about where you’re from and how you got started in making music and MCing?

Yep! I’m PRofit, from South-East London.
I suppose from my Dad, he used to be the drummer in a load of bands when I was growing up. Both of my parents are artists and I am rubbish with visuals, but love writing.  From rapping along with other tunes to hearing an MC called Steppa on the radio one night – I had the set on tape for years, I was always listening to it. I started writing lyrics and with my first DJ, D-Time, used to practice together and then went onto to pirate radio and clubs from there.
I got into production simply for one reason, when I first started MCing you could get shows from a tape or CD of your mix. But then it came that you needed to have a tune of your own that had done well to get the sort of bookings and work rate we were after.
Remember my first studio session making a tune with these girls who had heard me on the radio. We went to a studio in Lewisham, where a label was being run from as well. After the session the label boss invited me back and put with a producer/engineer who turned out to be Lennie De Ice – badman! I didn’t end up taking the deal that was offered after, but that I who got me into producing tunes.

2.  You’ve worked with a lot of breaks producers over the years. Are your roots in hip hop, breaks or what?

Hip Hop was the first type of music I gravitated to, so I would say yes my roots are in Hip Hop. But the first time I began rhyming was to Garage, at its rise, when it emerged from House music, with the help from the likes of Todd Edwards. I really liked the speed and vibe of the vocal stuff. I had a stint in Drum and Bass which lead into Breaks. Things in Breaks just seemed happen a lot quicker – shouts to The Dirty South, Sonz of Mecha & Ken Mac for the support.

3. You’ve recently released the Push Back EP. Tell us a bit more about that project?

Push Back is the first single from my album True Colours. It features David Boomah and Shortston, with Dr Fish on the cuts and Kid Digital on the buttons.
KD had remixed a few of the singles I had worked on previously and we had talked about collaborating for a while.

I contacted David and Shortston as I thought they would both additions of their sounds would work well in expressing the attitude and energy I wanted from the song.
I signed the single to Sub Funk and they reached out to Nick Thayer for the remixes, he smashed it. I was seriously head banging when the label send the first runs of it over!

The video was directed by Ben Mason of Messrs Group, think everyone was really pleased with the final results, a lot of people mention it when we talk now which is cool. Also look out for the surprise appearances actor wise…

Also there is a re-jig of the single ‘Done with that’ (Hardcore Beats) we did that appeared on the Soundtack to the video game SSX (EA Games).
KD and I have been talking about another project to follow up so let’s see what happens.

4. You’ve also recently signed with Sub Funk. How did that come about?

I have been working with Ghetto Funk (the father label to Sub Funk) for a bit with some side projects. Will Streetwise (label boss) and I have been working together for a few years now, we and are also both members of the Dancefloor Outlaws, along with Robin Parris & Justin Harris. We have finished our first album and just prepping for the release of the first single ‘Flow’ ft Natty and Robyn Green.

When Ghetto Funk released a sample pack through Loopmasters, of ‘their sound’ with the help of some of the producers from the label, they label approached me to be the vocal element. So the link has been growing for some time.

Will Streetwise heard Push Back and was pumping it straight away. He was a big champion of the sounds from the album, so only seemed right when he came to me asking to release Push Back – just seemed to fit.


5. With your album almost ready to drop, talk to us about the tracks- are there any that stand out for you? Was it intentional to make it so varied?

Yes, I have released singles and EPs up until now and I set out to make the album more of hybrid. I didn’t want to make a hybrid album that was a straight jungle track, then a hip hop track etc. Even when collaborating with people I wanted them to get involved with vibes they weren’t necessarily known for.

Also having done more than one genres myself I wanted to bring a bit of everything I have done in the past into the present. Where I have got to now was formed from everything I have done previously so that’s me. Some people excel in one genre or show have developed their style from one style of music, which is cool, but that’s not me. So more about True Colours.  People aren’t limited to one sound anymore so all about the exploration.

As for the ones that stand out, they all bring a little smile to my face because of the stories to each of them, like the one with recorded phone conversation of an ex-girlfriend in it. Or sitting in the studio with people saying to me “Prof, you’re pushing me man stop it”

6. You have some heavy-duty collaborations and producers on the album, how did they come about?

I guess just through relationships. A lot of people on there I have worked with in the past in one capacity of another. Or they are people that I have respected and wanted to work with and the opportunity came along. For instance Skitz has produced a track on the album, we met on a beach in Malawi, when we were both playing the Lake of Stars Festival, we played the show together that night and have been doing pieces together since then met The Sea through Skitz so it’s all full circle.
Hopefully it could be seen a good sign right? Knowing your past so you realise the present to help develop your future.

Also I have to shout out the engineers on this Corin ‘The Sea’ Pennington and Dave Pemberton. Between them the experiences of Dub, Reggae, Hip Hop, Dance and Rock music have covered any sound on the album. People should Google them they are both serious!

7. Can we expect to see more remixes? Any names lined up?

Yes more remixes coming. Got some killer new kids on side for a few tracks, also just got a remix back for one of the tunes by DaVip which has been in my headphones since I got up this morning. Plus the mighty Wrongtom has just agreed to remix the NX Riddim, which I am amped about, really feeling his vibe.

8. What is your earliest memory of Hip Hop culture in general?

Scratching, rapping and B-Boys. One of the guys I used to hang with , his brother had been breakdancing for Grace Jones’ live show when she was on tour in the UK. Plus like everyone probably, I got blasted by my Dad for taking one of his records and pulling it backwards and forwards to replicate what I heard Grand Wizard Theodore doing. I swear when I first got my hands on some 1210s at my house and was practicing beat juggling my Dad would watch with an almost cringe look on his face waiting for me scratch a record to hell! Haha.


9. Give us a run down of your top 5 tracks around at the minute.

Top 5? Wow! There is a lot of great music out there!
Well, still doing the rounds Skrillex ‘Bangarang’.
Also got sent the promo for Matta’s remix of Kidnap Kid’s ‘Vehl’, been vibing to that all day. I am still bumping Alex Clare ‘Too Close’. Plus the new single from Mr Ti2bs ft D.Ablo @let Go’. Oh and course my boy William Breakspears’ remix of ‘I need a dollar.

10. Thanks again for doing the interview. Is there anything else you would like to mention that’s coming up for you?

Thank you for asking me. Just watch out for the album True Colours and all the singles, plus the Dancefloor Outlaws album Delusions of Grandeur. There are videos out there for both projects. Also there are some wicked collaborations in the pipeline with the likes of William Breakspeare, Six AM, Dubsidia and some others too. Also reach out peoples! All about hearing new stuff and chatting to peeps – it’s a people that drive all this, let’s connect. Thanks! 


So loads to look out for from one of the hardest working MC’s in the business. Keep your eyes and ears locked to Profits Soundcloud and Facebook for all updates and check out the sounds of True Colours in the mix with Dr Fish, and the sampler clips below. Its a fresh sounding slant on the uk hip hop sound with Profits passion and experience shining though. His lyrical flow fits the wide range of styles you will find on the album perfectly and with some hot names drafted in on the remix tip, you’re going to be hearing a lot more of Profit in the future.

   PRofit True Colours (Dr Fish Mini Mix) by PRofit

   True Colours LP by PRofit

We have five signed copies of Profits first EP, Documented Memories, to give away. All you need to do to win is send an e-mail to with PROFIT in the header and I will pick five winners from random. Closing date is 30/11/12

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