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Pursuit – A Rave Nu-World

Pursuit - A Rave Nu-World

Pursuit, DJ, producer and label owner based in Hull, York’s has spent decades mixing up the best in oldskool hardcore and jungle. He also makes some of the best modern breakbeat hardcore and jungle.

A long time fan of the legendary DJ Seduction, Pursuit has released on labels like Paranoid, put out countless free tracks and releases on his own label, This Is Nu-Rave.

This new double CD album features a fresh selection of tunes from the prolific Pursuit ranging from the dark tearout jungle style of his Switchblade Digital signed productions to deeper Jungle Tekno circa 93 inspired sounds. On CD 2 we get a mix of all the tracks from CD One.

If you’re just a little bit tired of the same old 90s rave anthems and fancy some crisply produced new tunes in the style you’ve loved since that golden era, this album has a wide range of tunes to keep you more than happy!!!

Pursuit- Let’s Do It Now


DJ Pursuit’s tracks are now available on  Musical Umbrella, this is one of several tracks currently available, an uptempo 92/93 Breakbeat Hardcore track in the style of the classic “Grand National” by Rhythm 4 Reason, a nice banging track to get the crowd hype!!!

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DJ Pursuit goes on the 93-94 basement Records tip with this awesome slice of 4×4 kickdrum Jungle Tekno out now on XTRAHard, some great synth action going on here and a drop that will blow your mind, old skool crew, you know what to do…. Buy Now

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Pursuit- Untitled #1



Prolific NuRave/NuSkool producer has a brand new banger up for free download, ‘Untitled #1′ takes a full on ravey piano loop and some skipping beats and puts them together for just over 5min of 92 style euphoria!!!!




Prolific DJ/Producer from Hull, Pursuit has had releases out on Paranoid Recordings, Rave Stylee, Hardcore Lives, Good Times, Ravenoyze and others  plus numerous popular free tracks on his soundcloud page, this is his debut EP on Kode 5 and its a banger!!! ‘Take Me To Heaven’ features a familiar piano loop that old skool fans will recognise, stomping 4×4 kicks and breaks and mentasm riffs, ‘Sing It’ is a darker number on late the 92-93 tip, expect plenty more from Pursuit in 2015 including the launch of his new label and further releases/remixes on Kode 5.




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