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Stickybuds – Whalestep Remix Kit


I made this track a few years ago to poke fun out of theDubstep movement that took off here in Kelowna where I live… You have probably heard of Excision and Datsik, 2 massive dubstep producers and good friends of mine who live here in Kelowna with me. I bought a T-Shirt that said, “Dubstep Sounds like Whale Noises”… all the Dubstep kids loved it. That’s what started it.

When it was time to play a show at Jeff’s night Elevation I decided it was time to mock their genre a little bit, so I created this song as sheer entertainment for myself really.

I made this track in a day, and it’s supposed to be a joke, I didn’t really spend a lot of time on it. I was really surprised to see this track end up in about 50 Dubstep and breaks mixtapes and get caned all over the world. Jeff (Excision) even made a remix using the acapella, it’s become quite popular and sought after, and I think he will eventually release it on his label Rottun Rocrdings….

This tracks porpoise is to make you smile and have a laugh, so I hope you enjoy… It starts out at 88 BPM, then goes into 134 BPM back and fourth between half time and full time.



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