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Rhythm 4 Reason- Rock The Beat [Unique2Rhythm]


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This is our second Unique2Rhythm review of the day and it’s a very special track indeed. A surefire contender for one of the best House music tracks of 2016. be sure to check our review of the awesome Bruno Kaufmann & Barbara Douglas release whilst you’re here but let’s talk about about why you need to support this track…

Along with U2R as a label, artists like Phil Maher & Wayne Dudley turned this writer back towards the realm of good House Music. One of the things I love about both producers is the way they integrate oldskool 90s sounds into their tracks. Take a bit of 91-94 era Rave/Hardcore, add in some classic Defected style House, and a hefty dose of UKG/Speed Garage a la Double 99, The Dreem Teem et al

These guys have their roots in those very scenes, as Phil Maher himself says:

My roots pretty much started way back in the early 90’s. I got introduced to the Hardcore Rave scene via my sister’s boyfriend at the time, who was also a DJ. Back then, I was living in Birmingham, and my Saturday’s pretty much consisted of spending most of my time in the city, in what was then “Don Christies”, “Pure Records”, and believe it or not, “HMV” when they used to have a tidy collection of Hardcore.

It was there I got to know the likes of MC Lennie, one of my good friends Rob Wilson AKA “Charisma”, and got put on “Needle To The Groove”, the same agency/books of the likes of DJ Rap, Charisma etc.

I started playing a few small venues, as well as a fair few underground warehouses, the kind where you had to knock on the door to get in, if you know what I mean lol!

It was around the same time that I started producing. With an Amiga 500, a Technosound Turbo Sampler, and Octamed as a sequencer, things were pretty basic, but with plenty of vinyl to sample, it was here where producing really started for me.

I worked along side Rob Wilson at that time, and we were producing tracks not too dissimilar to the “Slammin’ Vinyl” anthems. Real fast paced hands in the air breaks & pianos. It’s from here we caught the attention of Reinforced Records at the time, who were interested in signing us up, but being young and thinking we knew it all, we opted to go it alone. Unfortunately this never panned out, and shortly after, we both went solo, but remain to this day, real good friends.
The rest as they say, is history.

While Phil might not have been signed to the seminal Reinforced imprint, along with Wayne Dudley, he now makes memorable house anthems including those under the Rhythm 4 Reason moniker. This track ‘Rock The Beat’ combines timeless Italo Pianos, rushy synths and a jaw-dropping Rave Breaks style breakdown. You may also notice the remix title in brackets. This is in loving memory of House DJ Alan Weston’s late mother. In loving memory of Maura

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7 sick new Bass Music Releases

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The weekend is upon us, therefore you need a hefty dose of fresh new Bass Music, we got you covered with 7 sick new releases!!


1.Jay Kay – Spirit

Jay Kay takes it back tot he classic early 90’s house sound albeit up to date with one of the best House tracks of 2016, strong oldskool vibes, nice warm bass stabs, big uplifting keys a la Gat Decor, this…is…. HUGE!!!!


2.Rhythm 4 Reason – I Thought It Was You

Wayne Dudley & Phil Maher give a 90’s funky house classic their Rhythm4Reason style rerub adding in some ravey pianos for a great cheeky free download, positively hostile!!!


3.Jay Kay & Phil Maher – Yeah, Alright

Jay Kay & Phil Maher revive the breakbeat house sound with this hand raiser of a tune check out those uplifting pianos and the big Meat Beat Manifesto break in the drop, whoooo!!! Alright!!!!


4.Twin Fingers – Want Me To Be

Twin Finger inject some of those Chicago vibes into this big club ready house jacker out now on Yoo’Nek Recs, this’ll get ‘em jumpin!!!


5.Cardiac-Get Ready Don’t Stop

Some of that good old US style House on this 3 tracker by Cardiac for Rhythm Control Recs, 3 tracks of thumping grooves and funky keys just how we like it!!!


6.The-Wolf ‘Purple Smokescreen’

Another House track of the year in the same blog post!!! The Wolf weaves something extra special, big pounding Techno bassline, sounds akin to classic 70s/80s cinema and then there is the flutes, those flutes man!!! This is the kind of track where you really get lost in the groove and not only that but there’s a ton of quality remixes for every house/techno fan’s taste. Out soon, keep your eyes on this link


7.HUD – Feel Good Tonight

And here to truly make you ‘Feel Good’ is House Of Dice radio show host, DJ & Producer HUD debuting on 18 09 Records with a thunper of a tune you won’t be forgetting any time soon. Building from a funky foundation into some squelching acid house style sounds, it’s a potent club weapon as the Graeme Vass remix also included

New Tunes And Releases Round Up

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Rhythm4Reason – Rock The Disco Tek

When 92 ‘ardcore’ meets 2016 Tech House the results are ‘Rock The Disco Tek’ The Rhythm4Reason take a classic rap vox, uplifting rave pianos and pumping techy sounds for a big weekend weapon to quite literally rock the disco teks!!!!

Layla Ley- BOY EP Sampler

That great voice resurfaces again with a new track and new remixes from established and rising talent on the house scene, New Politics shine a light yet again with another unmissable house music release

Ryky – Underground Perspective [18-09 Records]

Super cool underground vocals and underground bumpin’ house beats served up by RyKy plus good company in remixers Alex Descarada & Fake Self

Jakkin Rabbit – The Climax EP

A fusion of breakbeats, electro and filthy house from the Jakkin’ Rabbit on the mighty simma Black, aaaw yeeeah!!!

Dominica – Gotta Let You Go (SameSelf 2016 Rework)

SameSelf rework this early 90s house classic into a uplifting 2016 deep house track that keeps the vibe of the original while adding a bit of signature class

United States Beat Squad- Lovin’ Everyone EP

USBS on the money again with 2 tracks to raise your spirits out now on Music Rascals, there’s nothing quite like the USBS sound, you have to hear it

DRIFT- Our Beat

Melodic deep house action destined for the white isle and beyond, anthemic house sounds from Drift that will lift you up anytime, anywhere


RHYTHM4REASON- Drop The Bass [Word Of Mouth]


Two top UK house artists have teamed up to form RHYTHM4REASON, their mission is to relive their oldskool rave/hardcore/jungle roots through teach house heaters like ‘Drop The Bass’, all you 91′ ravers will lose your mind to the drop on this essential tune, drop drop drop drop the bass1!!!

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